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“JiMin? Don’t you think it’s still too early for her?”

Lee HyunJi objected to KangYoon’s opinion.
This theatre was able to hold about 300 people in the audience.
For experienced singers, it wouldn’t be a problem, but for Kim JiMin… it didn’t make sense to her at all.
However, KangYoon thought differently to her.

“JiMin has experienced several stages until now; JaeHoon’s, White Moonlight’s, and there was also Jay Han’s stage not too long ago. She also has a lot of indirect experiences through me. It’s about time she experiences the real deal for herself.”
“Well, you should know the best about her… but all I feel is concern.”

Lee HyunJi showed concern. There were some cases where trainees became phobic to stages after being boo’ed on their first stage. This was why she was worried.
However, KangYoon persuaded her saying that it was alright.

“We can not protect her forever. Yes, it definitely does feel early. Although we are financially stable right now, we are still a small company. We cannot ignore the amount of money put into raising her as something insignificant. As a company, JiMin needs to grow up quickly. Of course, it’s not that I think it’s a stretch for her to show up right now.”
“If you said that,, then it must be true. Haah. I’m just worried that’s all. I’m not like this usually, I guess I’m like a mom now. And I guess that makes you dad?”
“Haha, is that right?”

KangYoon shrugged his shoulders. The two felt as though they were like parents who are discussing about how to raise their daughter.
The two left the theater in which people were currently installing speakers. They felt excited again after seeing a speaker chained into the air and the large woofers on the ground. Although the theater was small, a facility like this was hard to come by.
On their way back to the office, Lee HyunJi briefed him on the schedule of the theater.

“People are starting to reserve Lunas after HyunAh’s concert.”
“What are there?”
“First up is entertainer Sedy’s fan meeting.”
“JoonYeol did that?”

KangYoon showed interest. Lee JoonYeol had never even met him since he came to Korea as he was too busy, and now he was coming to Lunas for his fan meeting?

“Sedy really does remember his graces. He could have done his fan meeting at a bigger place, but he was the one to say that he had to do here. Sheesh, just where did he get the news from… Well, looks like we don’t have to worry about marketing this place.”
“Geez, that guy.”

KangYoon laughed. He didn’t think that he was nice to that guy. He felt rather warm.

“Looks like you’re rather blessed with people, president. Sedy isn’t an easy guy you know? And as you have said, I have emptied Fridays and Weekends for indie bands to come. That’s our main purpose after all. I also priced the reservation fee at the previous norm.”
“Thank you for all your work.”
“Aaah, forget it. Just take responsibility if I get stoned by the owners of other clubs.”

Lee HyunJi shook her head. KangYoon laughed.

“Management does not get industrial accident insurance.”
“I was in management? Even though I work like an ordinary employee? You’re so evil, president. Hmph.”

KangYoon just laughed.
Although the mood in the car was light, KangYoon was aware of the storm that was coming. He mentioned about it there.

“Speak to me if trouble comes to you. I’ll take care of them somehow.”
“Well, I’ll be fine if you just listen to my grumbles sometimes. I was prepared for this anyway. I didn’t like the people who ripped off the youngsters full of dreams either. We’re doing a good thing after all, and I feel proud about it. This time, I’ll do this myself.”
“Okay then. Come to me anytime if you need me.”

Since Lee HyunJi showed confidence, KangYoon no longer mentioned it. KangYoon trusted her after all.
The two headed to the office like that.


On a day without any schedule, Kim JaeHoon was watching as KangYoon was working from behind him. Although his own piece was delayed further, watching KangYoon working on a song like this was also rather fun.

‘that’s strange.’

KangYoon tilted his head. A simple-beat electronic music was good. However, when he added another sound, he saw a tinge of grey among the light.

‘Is it because HyunAh’s voice doesn’t go along?’

The arrangement was nearing its end already. Just in case, he removed HyunAh’s voice from the mix since it might be that her voice didn’t fit the song, but he shook his head after doing that. HyunAh’s voice didn’t make a difference at all to the song.

‘EDM is not so easy to handle.’

Kim JaeHoon was surprised at KangYoon. EDM was rather easy to become displeasing with just a slight mistake. However, the song that KangYoon was working out didn’t feel like that at all. The light electronic background music was very pleasing to the ear. It definitely fit a gir’s vlice very well.
However, KangYoon shook his head.

‘There are too many sounds.’

It felt rather distracting. KangYoon started to delete the sounds one by one. He left the most fundamental drum beats and the EDM sounds and erased the unneccessary decorations. When he did, the song became simple. KangYoon played that song.


Kim JaeHoon exclaimed. The song indeed became rather simple, but it became more comfortable as well. He even subconsciously hummed along with the melody. KangYoon paused the playback and added Lee HyunAh’s voice as well. And then…

“Hyung, that’s it. That’s the one.”

Kim JaeHoon shouted without thinking. Although he had no intentions on interrupting, he ended up doing so since he thought that he couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Yes. This is that song for DiaTeen, right?”
“Yeah. Is it okay?”
“Yes. It feels like it’s a good song to do a performance in. I can feel the mood becoming hotter and hotter. It’s definitely good.”

KangYoon was of the same mind as him. He didn’t need to touch the sounds anymore.

‘This should do.’

The white light from the playback was very strong. KangYoon saved the file.
Then, he called President Choo ManJi, who was dearly waiting for the song, and told him that the song was completed, and he would send him the song. Then, he sent the file via e-mail.

“That’s that done.”
“Thank you for your hard work.”

KangYoon stretched his arms out. One big piece of work was over. Since recording, ch.o.r.eography, and marketing was going to be taken care of by Yoonseul themselves, his business with DiaTeen was practically over now. Though, he would still have to work with them afterwards.

“Hyung, what about mine?”
“Uhm, well….”

KangYoon scratched his cheek in awkwardness when Kim JaeHoon asked that in expectation.
After his work was done, KangYoon headed to the company.
In his office, he talked about work briefly with Lee HyunJi, and headed to the studio right away.

“My homeland —”

When KangYoon carefully opened the door, Kim JiMin was currently donig practice. She was repeating the same song in a different key.


KangYoon was surprised to find that the key didn’t effect the white light at all. Kim JiMin’s voice was stable whether the key was high or low. This meant that her vocal techniques were very stable.

“So your vocal techniques are stable now. Though, it’s still unstable once you sing while playing the guitar… If all you’re doing is singing, you’ll be fine.”
“I can do it well if I focus on one thing, but doing both at once isn’t easy.”
“You can only practice.”

Kim JiMin grumbled lightly. Professor Choi ChanYang was very kind, yet firm in his stance.

“So you’re practicing.”
“Hm? Sir.”
“Mr. KangYoon. You’re here.”

Just as the two were about done speaking, KangYoon spoke out. The two greeted KangYoon.
Since the two were practicing until now, they sat down at the table to rest. KangYoon also sat down.

“Should I get some coffee?”

Kim JiMin left to get some coffee, and KangYoon spoke out.

“JiMin has improved a lot.”
“She never stops practicing whether it’s here or at home. I think she must be practicing harder than any other trainee out there. Not that I saw a lot of trainees, though.”
“Well, JiMin does put a lot of effort in.”

KangYoon agreed to professor Choi ChanYang’s words. He also didn’t see a lot of trainees that trained as hard as her.

‘She trains as hard as MinAh or JinSeo. It must be hard to keep up all that effort.’

Since his first recruit was doing so well, KangYoon felt powered up as well.
They conversed for a while before Kim JiMin came back with coffee. WHen she sat down, KangYoon brought up the important topic.

“Yes, sir.”
“You know that we’re opening up a concert hall soon, right?”
“Yes. HyunAh-unni and the others are going to perform there. What about it?”

Kim JiMin was also rather looking forward to it since this concert hall belonged to her company. She also dreaming about the day she could stand on that stage. But…

“How about you go up on stage in the opening event?”
“It’s just one song as a guest appearance. I think it would be good.”

Hearing that, not just JiMin, but even professor Choi ChanYang were surprised. Kim JiMin seemed especially surprised as her hand grabbing the cup was shaking.

“M… me? H… how can I stand… on such a large stage?”
“It’s only 300 people. What, you can’t do it?”
“What do you mean ‘only’ 300 people? It’s not a small number!”

Kim JiMin was very nervous. Standing in front of an audience was not an ordinary thing to do. But when KangYoon said it like it was nothing amazing, she shrunk back.
However, unlike before, KangYoon was pushed her this time.

“You can do it. Go out and do it.”
“I considered your proficiency into the mid. Think about it yourself. If you can’t do it, I will retract this statement. Can you do it, or not?”

This was the first time that Kim JiMin felt that KangYoon was so encouraging. She gulped after seeing his eyes. She shrunk back for a moment.

‘Can I… do this?’

Kim JiMin thought about it objectively. She remembered the things she had been practicing for until now. The stages that she saw directly and indirectly through videos all spun around in her head.
300 people, it was definitely not a small number. However, one day, she would have to digest more people. The reason that KangYoon was offering this to her now was because she was capable of doing it, no?
And then, she came to a decision.

“I can do it.”

Kim JiMin looked back at KangYoon’s eyes with conviction. She had come to a decision by herself. It would be impossible for her to hold a concert by herself like her seniors, but one song was definitely doable.

“Good. Then get ready for that then. You know the date, right?”

KangYoon was satisfied with JiMin’s reply and stood up from his seat.

“Uhm… you are not going to help me?”
“Try to do it by yourself. Okay?”

KangYoon patted her shoulders before leaving. He practically declared that this was a test for her.

“Nooo… a test? Uuh… siiiiir!”

Kim JiMin grumbled at the sudden test.

“I’ll also be looking forward to it, JiMin.”
“Ah! Even you’re abandoning me, teacher?”

Kim JiMin held professor Choi ChanYang’s hands tightly. She was not going to let him go now. Professor Choi ChanYang laughed since he found her cute.

A week after he sent the song.
KangYoon was notified that DiaTeen’s recording and ch.o.r.eography were done.
KangYoon was called by President Choo ManJi to have a look at the song and he visited Yoonseul Entertainment.
When KangYoon entered the practice room, the members of DiaTeen all bowed towards him.


KangYoon was surprised by the sudden greeting and took a few steps back.

“Oh, yeah, hi.”

President Choo ManJi laughed at him for that.

“Girls, you’ll scare him away. Our girls are like this. It’s a bit like the army, doesn’t it?”
“A little… I was surprised.”

KangYoon shook his shoulders. This was completely different to when he first met the girls. He didn’t imagine that he would receive such a proper greeting like this. As for the reason for that, President Choo ManJi explained it for him.

“Everyone was touched by the song you wrote for them this time. It’s the first time everyone agreed that a song was good.”
“It’s good that you liked the song.”
“You’ll be satisfied even more once you see the ch.o.r.eography.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the members of DiaTeen got into a V formation. Everyone was wearing hot pants and their thin legs were emphasized. When President Choo ManJi turned on the track, and a simple electronic beat played out.

– Oppa, do you feel excited like —

The girls of DiaTeen all twisted their waists s.e.xily according to the music. Then, they stepped forwards while moving their hands down at the same time. Of course, they were in perfect sync with each other.

‘Kang SeGyung is good at dancing.’

Kang SeGyung was the center of the ch.o.r.eography that reminded the viewers of powerful cheerleaders. Kang SeGyung’s waists movements were in a different league to the others. KangYoon did see her and Jung MinAh being compared in many articles, and thought that it was rather reasonable.

‘But it still seems like MinAh is slightly above her.’

Though, KangYoon still judged MinAh as above.
KangYoon had no comment on their ch.o.r.eography. Although he was no expert in ch.o.r.eography, he felt that the ch.o.r.eography was s.e.xy enough to make many men fall. And even for women, he thought that they would admire these pretty girls. A cheerleader theme, a fitting ch.o.r.eography, and a perfect song. Every element of this alb.u.m was complete.
After the song finished, KangYoon applauded.

“It’s very good. I have nothing to say on this.”

President Choo ManJi laughed.

“Is that so? It’s thanks to your good song that we were able to do this. I thank you, President KangYoon.”
“Not at all, I did what I was asked to do.”
Not just President Choo ManJi, the girls all thanked KangYoon. Kang SeGyung especially so. It was her that created the ch.o.r.eography, and she had it easy thanks to the song.
The practice studio’s mood was very comfortable. KangYoon even promised to partic.i.p.ate in the party after the alb.u.m was released before returning.

MG Entertainment.
The Board of Directors Room had a very heavy atmosphere. No, it wasn’t just the Board of Directors; the entire company was very dark recently. It was just that the Board of Directors was the darkest.

“So, DiaTeen is releasing another alb.u.m.”

Director Yoo GyungTae spoke in a heavy voice. Director Moon Gw.a.n.gShik snorted at those words.

“Hmph, let them. They’ll forever be second anyway.”
“The thing is, it’s not like that this time.”

Director Lee HanSeo interrupted. He was currently the director in charge of Eddios. He was also the unfortunate director in charge of Eddios, who always failed to bring Eddios back to Korea due to other directors.

“From what I heard, they dragged an external composer into the play this time. They invested a huge amount of money too. They are going the make or break route.”
“So you mean to say that Eddios’s place as the top will be shaken?”

Director Han MoonGi objected to Lee HanSeo’s words saying that they were nonsensical. The other directors also voiced that Eddios should stay in America.
Director Lee Hans...o...b..t his lips and spoke.

“There is no place for Eddios in America. Why not just bring them back to Korea and….”
“The pioneering of American market is a must for us. Someone must take the role.”
“And why does that have to be Eddios? How much money can Eddios earn in Korea? No, forget that, didn’t we consider other countries when we made the group? Why does it have to be America?”

Director Lee HanSeo shouted, but only in vain. Everyone else objected to Eddios’s return.
The reason was simple. It was because they would become disadvantageous if Eddios comes back without any achievements. Director Lee HanSeo felt as though he was going to go crazy.
In the end, the discussion about the countermeasures to DiaTeen’s comeback ended without any significant outcome.

“…Haaa… I miss the days I could drink tea at leisure.”

Director Lee HanSeo was fed up with the actions of other directors.

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