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Chapter 14 – The Elites of Wind Colour

[The team of Flying Feather Ares has failed to intercept the bounty mission. 300 gold coins and 3,000 experience will be deducted per person.

[This mission reward has acc.u.mulated 5,200 gold coins and 52,000 experience.]

[Love to Eat Braised Fish's team bounty mission will continue.]

Once these three prompts appeared, both sides were sent out of the instance.

The elite Flying Feather Guild was confused by the elite group being killed and the vice president who led the team didn't respond to what happened to make the six member team be destroyed.

After a long time, Flying Feather Ares' spirit returned and he said, "d.a.m.n! What is the original of this swordsman? He cuts us like he is chopping vegetables?"

The guild's healing sister, Flying Feather Frost replied calmly, "The strongest swordsmen in the old districts are all in our guild. The new district isn't very clear so this swordsman is probably a pa.s.sersby with no guild. The opposite side's elf summoner is also very strong. I was under his control the whole time and couldn't read out a healing array."

Flying Feather Frost continued, "I think these three people are a bit strange. Should we report this to the president?"

Flying Feather Ares was silent for a moment before replying, "Yes, I will go find him first. You look at the situation from behind."


On the Time Guild's side, an undercover suddenly sent a message: [President, a six member team of Flying Feathers has just been destroyed!]

"…" Time Machine suddenly started sweating and he felt it was very smart for him to take the initiative to give up on the mission!

First the Wind Colour's elite team was killed and then the Flying Feathers elite team. Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and Blossoming Tree… these three people weren't simply ordinary masters.

The majority of players in the team guilds were fans of the e-sports G.o.ds. For example, the Flying Feathers team was a swordsmen-based melee team. Many players who liked to play swordsman would join the Flying Feathers Guild, causing the swordsmen of the Flying Feathers Guild to be most powerful.

Similarly, the Wind Colour Guild had the strongest black magicians and demon summoners, while the Time Guild had the strongest elf archers.

The guilds had played with each other for a long time and they were very clear about each other's strength. The masters of the Wind Colour and Flying Feathers Guild weren't bad. Now two consecutive elite teams were eliminated and Time Machine couldn't help feeling shocked.

"Xiaoluo, what do you know about this Braised Fish?" Time Machine asked on the voice channel.

"I'm not that familiar with him. We met when leveling up in the Moonlight Forest." Xiaoluo paused before continuing. "He soloed a tree spirit three levels higher than him and was very relaxed doing so. By the way, he seems to be a fan of our vice-captain."

Time Machine was surprised. "He is really a fan of our vice-captain?"

Luo Xiaoluo nodded. "Yes! I invited him to join the Time Guild and he said he didn' t know our captain, Tan s.h.i.tian but he knew that our vice-captain is Cheng Wei. I guess that he should be a fan of Vice-Captain Cheng!"

Time Machine was happy. "Great! I have the signature of the vice-captain so use this hook to let him join our guild!"

Luo Xiaoluo couldn't help feeling envious. "I don't have our vice-captain's signature…"

Time Machine said, "Don't worry, I will help you get a signature the next time I see the vice captain and have him write: To Luo Xiaoluo, I wish you will never die. Is that enough?"

Luo Xiaoluo cried out, "It is too much!"

Time Machine went on to say, "We have very few summoners in our guild. If you can pull him in, you will certainly have a big role in the late-stage instances. Your face is thick-skinned so I will hand this matter over to you."

Luo Xiaoluo had long been excited after finding out that he could get Cheng Wei's signature. "Good! Leave it to me!"

After saying this, he realized something and asked, "Why are you calling me thick-skinned?"

"Cough." Time Machine pretended not to hear anything.


After the elite team of Flying Feathers was destroyed, there wasn't a team that intercepted the bounty for a long time. Despite the NPC's name signaling triple rewards, no one from the guilds dared move against him.

Bai Xuan wondered, "Why is no one coming?"

Li Cangyu smiled and explained, "They might be speculating about our origins and might ot be able to easily move."

He guessed right. The Time Colour and Flying Feathers had sent elite teams of six and were actually killed. This was quickly sent to the private chat of the presidents of the major guilds. Several presidents expressed their surprise.

The elite teams of the other guilds were smart enough not to intercept the bounty mission of Love to Eat Braised Fish, so as to not be killed and thrown away.

The big guilds didn't move but that didn't mean the random players would let it go.

In the new district, there were many players who hadn't joined the guild. They saw that the NPC that Love to Eat Braised Fish's team was escorting had such high rewards and tried to intercept it.

The result was…

Three consecutive teams of random players were eliminated.

[This mission reward has acc.u.mulated 8,800 gold coins and 88,000 experience.]

Li Cangyu looked at the rewards on top of the NPC's head and smiled with satisfaction. "The harvest isn't bad."

Bai Xuan was very speechless because of this person!

Deliberately forming a team of three to do the bounty mission in order to make everyone mistakenly think that it was easier to kill three people and attract other teams to rob them. They consecutively destroyed three teams, resulting in the rewards increasing…

The rewards were too terrible! It was comparable to fighting the boss of an instance 10 times in a row, not to mention the gold coins…

Xie Shurong also sent thumbs up to the team channel: [Cat G.o.d's thinking is really good. After this mission finishes, it will be no problem directly gaining two levels.]

Li Cangyu said: [I used to do bounty missions when playing the game. It is must faster to level up than doing instances.]

Bai Xuan couldn't help saying: [You were originally this bad when you were young?]

[This isn't being bad. It is a rational use of the game's system.] Li Cangyu spoke with a straight face. [I didn't force them to intercept the NPC. They came to the door themselves.]

Bai Xuan, “…”

Well, it made sense!


There was 10 metres left until the escort mission ended. They thought there would be no more teams waiting to intercept. As a result, the three people arrived near the end and actually found a team waiting!

—Popular Land Under Heaven, Same Boat Under Wind and Rain, Wind Leaves no Traces, Wind and Clouds are Light, Wind Raises Leaves and Wind has Unmatched Style.

The six people's IDs were neat and all had the Chinese character for 'wind' in their names.

Li Cangyu might not know these people but their t.i.tles clearly told him that this was the management team of the Wind Colour Guild.

Popular Land Under Heaven had 'President of the Wind Colour Guild' above his head, while Wind Leaves no Traces, Same Boat Under Wind and Rain and Wind and Clouds are Light had 'vice president' above their heads. The other two were estimated to also be elites.

It was difficult not to see them as the management of the guild since the words containing 'wind' must be running out.

Li Cangyu smiled and typed in the area channel: [President was waiting for us?]

Popular Land Under Heaven: Yes, take the bounty.]

The president was decisive and straight-forward, aiming straight for the bounty!

The team led by the vice president were wiped out by Li Cangyu. Popular Land Under Heaven had heard from the vice president that there was an elf summoner, terran swordsman and angel priest. It was really unbelievable that the three people could really wipe out the six member Wind Colour team.

Thus, he decided to take a team to check for himself.

This time he summoned the six strongest players in the Wind Colour guild.

A demon summoner, blood kin summoner, two black magicians, a berserker and a blood kin sacrifice.

This was modeled after the Wind Colour team.

The most popular lineup in the Wind Colour team was the double summoners' control, the double black magicians' spell casting, the violent front row actions of the berserker and the healing of the blood kin sacrifice. Such a team's attack power was very terrible, especially when Wind Colour's captain Ling Xuefeng was the strongest demon summoner in the league. As long as the opponents were killed by him, the other players in Wind Colour could follow up with damage and the rhythm was basically controlled.

Wind Colour would often play this team in war situations and it was due to the strength of the double summoners.

The Wind Colour Guild had actually come up with such a luxurious lineup. It was obviously only after the team was destroyed but their opponent was Li Cangyu!

Bai Xuan couldn't help feeling sympathy for this group of people who didn't know how to live.

Li Cangyu typed in the team channel: [The management of the Wind Colour Guild came?]

Xie Shurong replied: [So much rewards have acc.u.mulated. Are you willing to give up?]

Li Cangyu didn't hesitate: [I don't want to.]

[Then kill them!] Xie Shurong replied simple. [It doesn't matter if several guild managers came. Ling Xuefeng didn't personally come so why should I be afraid?]

Li Cangyu was very calm. [I wouldn't be afraid even if Ling Xuefeng came.]

Xie Shurong: […]

Cat G.o.d's self-confidence really burst out!

In the case of Ling Xuefeng personally leading the team, the three of them could only be destroyed. Three against six was still possible in the online game. But wanting to fight three against six professional players of the Wind Colour team was simply a fantasy.

This hypothesis wasn't fun.

Xie Shurong smiled and typed in the team channel: [It seems that we have to completely offend the guild!]

Li Cangyu said seriously, [If they intercept the bounty mission, they should be prepared for failure. Their group was destroyed and the president personally led a team to destroy us. This can't be blamed on me.]

Bai Xuan, “…”

Cat G.o.d made sense every time he spoke!


In the bounty mission instance, the battle list showed 6:3.

"First kill the opposite summoner." Popular Land Under Heaven commanded calmly. "The berserker will control the opposite healer while the remaining four outputs will quickly take care of the summoner!"

Li Cangyu ordered: [A'shu, kill the opposite summoners' pets first.]

Bai Xuan typed decisively: [I don't need you. I'm not used to being protected by you and I feel like I will be killed as soon as you come close.]

[…] Xie Shurong remembered the scene of him chasing Vice-Captain Bai and couldn't help touching his nose while smiling. He raised his sword and fiercely cut the opponent protecting the healer. Since the vice-captain didn't like his presence, he would take the initiative to quickly attack and destroy the enemies.

The Wind Colour's berserker rushed over to try and interfere with Bai Xuan. He didn't know that Bai Xuan was a G.o.d level healer and his survival ability was divine. When he had been besieged by four swordsmen of the Flying Feathers Guild, he was able to quickly move while restoring his blood. Now there was only one berserker close to him.

The berserker chased after the healer and found that this healer was really flexible. He was still full of blood after a long chase!

Meanwhile, Xie Shurong had used two rushing skills to directly kill the other summoners. The demon summoner and blood kin summoner had just called their pets. Before they could use skills, Xie Shurong dealt consecutive strikes and killed the pets in seconds.

Li Cangyu himself was a summoner and he was very clear about how to deal with summoners—either control the owner or simply kill the pets. There was no need to be afraid of a summoner without pets.

Xie Shurong's techniques were very fast. He didn't need to use skills, just his fast basic attacks were enough to make people frightened.

The summoned pets weren't able to use their skills before they were killed. The summoners immediately changed their pets only for those ones to be killed by Xie Shurong.

Could they still play like this?

The most annoying thing to ranged cla.s.ses was being disturbed by melee cla.s.ses. Popular Land Under Heaven immediately said, "Boat, you quickly control this swordsman!]

The called Same Boat Under Wind and Rain was very depressed.

He had just summoned a pet to control the other person when a big fireball came and killed his pet.

"I am going!" Same Boat Under Wind and Rain couldn't help swearing. "Is this Love to Eat Braised Fish using a special software to cheat?"

The other party's fireball arrived at almost the moment he summoned the pet, as if his thoughts had been read by the other person and his IQ was completely crushed. This feeling was really creepy!

Chapter 15 – Flying Speed

Li Cangyu and Xie Shurong cooperated to quickly control the pets of the opposite summoners, which was equivalent to directly getting rid of the attack power of the two summoners.

Of course, Li Cangyu was. .h.i.t by the opposite black magicians and his blood volume dropped a lot.

Yet he wasn't worried. His blood was presently at 40% and this was enough to clear up the opposite summoners.

—Fireball, Fireball, Summon Thunder Spirit, Thunder's Wrath!

Brilliant flames burst out like fireworks, followed by purple thunder. There was a booming sound and Popular Land Under Heaven and Same Boat Under Wind and Rain fell directly to the ground!

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has killed Popular Land Under Heaven.]

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has killed Same Boat Under Wind and Rain.]

Wind Colour: "…"

The battle just started and the president and one vice president had inexplicably died. Fortunately, Popular Land Under Heaven was still calm and not fl.u.s.tered by his death. He immediately said, "He doesn't have much blood left. Quickly kill him!"

Li Cangyu endured the consequences of killed the two summoners and only had residual blood from the black magicians' spells.

Only 15% of his health remained!

At this moment, Xie Shurong suddenly returned from the front lines towards the healer, using Spirit Lock to freeze the berserker in place!

Bai Xuan had received the interference of the berserker and could only protect himself. Now that Xie Shurong was controlling the other person, Bai Xuan was freed and immediately used a few small healing spells on Li Cangyu, returning the b.l.o.o.d.y Cat G.o.d's health back to 30%!

Cat G.o.d immediately took advantage of his health returning and took advantage of the elf's agility, using Flying Feather Steps. He walked to the other side's healer and froze him with the water spirit, followed by summoning the fire spirits and continuously releasing Fireb.a.l.l.s.

[Love to Eat Braised Fish has killed Wind Blows Falling Leaves.]

[I will give the black magicians to you. Li Cangyu still had room to type of the team channel while killing.

[OK.] Xie Shurong also typed two letters before using his big move Light and Shadow Rotation. The white sword spun in the air, quickly killing the two black magicians.

In the end, there was only the pitiful berserker left and the two combined forces to make him fall helplessly.

[The team of Popular Land Under Heaven has failed to intercept the bounty mission. 300 gold coins and 3,000 experience will be deducted per person.

[This mission reward has acc.u.mulated 10,600 gold coins and 106,000 experience.]

[Love to Eat Braised Fish's team bounty mission will continue.]

These three system messages almost made Popular Land Under Heaven cough up blood!

Was there a mistake?

He took the guild's strongest members to intercept the bounty mission and teach these three people a good lesson. The result was a complete destruction by the three players and he also gave the other party a bunch of gold coins and experience?

Once everyone left the instance, Li Cangyu didn't bother talking to them again, quickly walking to the target's mission point.

The NPC was successfully escorted to the destination and the bounty mission was finally completed!

[Congratulations to Love to Eat Braised Fish's team on the success of the bounty mission!]

The three people each gained 106,000 experience, causing their body to glow with a continuous white light as they instantly gained two levels, rising to level 22.

The gold coins were equally divided, each person getting 3,533 gold coins.

Li Cangyu opened the parcel and watched his originally pitiful 300 gold coins before 3,833 gold coins. He was in a good mood as he typed: [Let's do another round.]

[Okay!] Both Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong agreed.


Many people at the scene watched the backs of the three people walking away and looked at each other.

Who were these people? They were strong enough to defy the sky?

The president of the Flying Feathers Guild, who had been ready to intercept the mission, looked at the Wind Colour group with a complicated expression. After a moment of silence, he said, "Withdraw! We will withdraw first!"

Flying Feather Ares made a b.l.o.o.d.y expression. "We aren't fighting?"

President Flying Feathers Liangshan said calmly, "Popular Land Under Heaven took so many masters with him and was killed. Do you think the three people team of Love to Eat Braised Fish is very simple? Since they dared to do a bounty mission with three people, they aren't afraid of being robbed. This proves they have the capital and confident to not be robbed."

Flying Feathers Ares took some time before typing: [That makes sense!]

Flying Feathers Liangshan said, "We will first withdraw and wait and see."

Among the Time Guild members who were also onlookers, Luo Xiaoluo said excitedly, "I told you that Braised Fish is a master! The Wind Colour team has been destroyed, hahahaha!"

Time Machine sent him a slapped face expression. [In order to get the vice-captain's signature, I leave the responsibility of pulling him over to you.]

Luo Xiaoluo was excited. [Yes!]

It was only in the destroyed Wind Colour Guild that no one spoke for a long time.

The elite elite led by the vice president was destroyed and this could be called a moment of loss. The president personally leading a team filled with three vice presidents was still wiped out, this couldn't be explained as a simple loss.

Popular Land Under Heaven frowned. "What is the origin of these three people?"

Vice President Same Boat Under Wind and Rain hesitated for a moment before saying, "Are they professional players from a team training camp?  I feel that these three people are very strong. Their standards are beyond simple online gaming masters."

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately denied it. "Impossible! Players from training camps wouldn't go online in the middle of the night. It is almost 2 a.m!"

It really was two in the morning domestically. The guild members stayed up late because a new district just opened and they wanted to rush to the top of the rankings. However, professional team members had strictly regulated training times. No newcomer in a team would dare to on to the online game in the middle of the night.

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain thought for a moment before suggesting, "Do you want to talk to Qin Mo tomorrow and let him see?"

Popular Land Under Heaven frowned even more. "Disturbing him for this thing… is it okay?"

Same Boat Under Wind and Rain said, "I recorded a video. It shouldn't be a problem to watch the video for a few minutes."

Popular Land Under Heaven nodded. "Then I will do so. I will find him tomorrow morning after eating."


The second round of escorting the NPC to the designated location started. This time, the major guilds had learnt and didn't come to intercept Love to Eat Braised Fish. Only unidentified random teams who didn't know the truth intercepted them twice, making the experience and gold far worse than the first time.

However, a bounty mission was still faster than leveling in an instance.

Later, even random players didn't come to intercept them. It was estimated that many people knew the IDs of Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and Blossoming Tree and avoided these people, treating them as bosses.

Li Cangyu kept doing the bounty and the speed of their experience gain was so fast that they rose to level 30 by 5 p.m.

At this point, it was five in the morning domestically. The presidents of the major guilds were shocked to see Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and Blossoming Tree in the top 30.

"Are these three from leveling studios?"

"Don't they sleep?"

"How can they stay up all night?"

No one thought that these three people were jet-lagged parties and that it was only afternoon in New York.

They finished several rounds of bounty missions and rose to the next level at 5:30, all three of them level 31. Li Cangyu's hands finally left the keyboard and he looked back at Bai Xuan. "It is 5:30. Should we cook dinner?"

Bai Xuan immediately corrected him. "It is me, not us! Kitchen idiot, stop messing around right now.]

Li Cangyu nodded. "Then I will leave it to you. Steamed fish please."

Bai Xuan laughed. "I know, Mr. Cat."

Bai Xuan closed his account and went to make dinner. Soon, fragrant stir-fries filled the table.

At 6 o'clock, the doorbell rang on time. Xie Shurong had apparently arrived. Bai Xuan wiped his hands on the ap.r.o.n and went to open the door.

Once he opened the door, Bai Xuan couldn't help feeling stunned.

The man standing at the door was wearing a simple white T-shirt and dark blue jeans. He was tall, slender and handsome, with exceptionally deep and bright eyes. Once he saw Bai Xuan, his eyes showed a clear smile as he said, "Vice-Captain Bai, long time no see."


In Bai Xuan's memory, Xie Shurong was clearly shorter than him! How did he grow so fast in three years?

Moreover, his voice had lowered and he obviously matured a lot. But a vague sense of the young boy could be seen from the eyebrows.

Bai Xuan looked at the handsome male who was half a head taller than himself. After a psychological struggle, he said, "How are you so tall?"

Xie Shurong smiled at the man in front of him and stated, "Vice-Captain Bai hasn't changed."


The young boy who just debuted who angered the calm and gentle vice-captain… Everyone in the league knew that Xie Shurong had offended Bai Xuan but Xie Shurong believed that Bai Xuan didn't really hate him.

That year, one person was the rookie of the Flying Feathers team and the other was the vice-captain of the FTD team. Their positions were different but anyone who stood on the court had to bee ready to die. Sports were cruel and no one would show mercy.

People who thought that Bai Xuan was resentful about being killed in the arena was just underestimating Bai Xuan. He was just joking.

Time pa.s.sed and in the blink of an eye, it was three years later. Now Xie Shurong saw him again and found that he was still the same as the memories. His skin was fair, his appearance was delicate and his smile was very gentle…

He was a very good person.


Xie Shurong couldn't help smiling at Bai Xuan's clear eyes and handed something over. "I will give this to you to make amends."

Bai Xuan received the gift and asked, "What is it?"

"It is a Miracle global limited edition commemorative bookmark." Xie Shurong explained. "It is an angel race, just like your character."

Once the delicate wooden box was opened, a brand new metal bookmark was revealed. It showed an angel male priest wearing white robes dotted with silver and a pair of white wings. It looked exactly the same as Bai Xuan's game image.

This realistic metal bookmark was a limited edition item released for Miracle's third anniversary. There were only 1,000 copies in the world and was popular in recent years. There were many cheap imitations on the market but this one was the real thing. Not only did it change into a beautiful colour in the sun, it also had the code and collection certificate officially printed by Miracle.

Bai Xuan hadn't expected Xie Shurong to be very careful and actually brought such a precious gift.

Bai Xuan couldn't help feeling happy. "I always wanted to buy this but it was unfortunately a global limited edition. I couldn't buy it domestically."

"I happened to arrive in the United States three years ago and bought it." Xie Shurong said. "I remembered that you like to collect things and brought it over."

"Thank you!" Bai Xuan loved this gift and bowed his head to study it seriously.

"A'Shu is here?" Li Cangyu heard movement from the door and popped his head out. "You brought a gift for Bai Xuan but not for me?"

“Of course I have a gift for Cat G.o.d." Xie Shurong took a contract out of his briefcase and handed it to Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu was puzzled. "What do you mean by this?"

“I have decided to join your team." Xie Shurong looked up and smiled. "I think this should be a good gift, right?"

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