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Thank you Anon for the Ko-fis. Sorry, I couldn't give you a full extra chapter since I'm a bit busy right now, but I've added it towards a goal. Thank you for the morale boost ?

Ko-Fi Extra Chapters

See something new in the sidebar? Yeah, I've added details to the Ko-fi goals for extra chapters. Talked with Reluctant and we decided to try this >_< (and="" see="" if="" i'm="" just="" digging="" a="" hole="" for="" myself="" xd="" *coughs="" blood*).="" also,="" since="" i="" don't="" have="" anything="" to="" offer="" as="" early="" access,="" i="" can="" only="" offer="" this="" for="" the="">

There's only one goal meter in Ko-fi, so for each series, please refer to the progress of goals in the sidebar under the Ko-fi b.u.t.ton and ignore the one on the Ko-fi page. Once goal is met, an extra chapter will be released within the week on top of regular updates unless otherwise specified. Since I have no stockpile currently, please give me a buffer of a couple days if there's a sudden influx while I'm working on stockpiling. If the flow of the Ko-fi ever turns out to exceed what we expect, we're gonna do up to 2 extra chapters a week to prevent burnout. And if something happens IRL and things get postponed, they'll get carried over and we'll make up for it at a later date. For GK, due to the sheer size of the chapters, each part will count as a “chapter.” Any smaller chapters around 5k words will count as a chapter and won't be split.

There is a bulleted condensed version of this in the About section.

TL;DR: Added details to ko-fi goals. Up to 2 extra chapters per week to prevent burnout. Give me a buffer time of a couple days if there's a sudden influx. Progress of goals in sidebar under the Ko-fi b.u.t.ton.
GK chap ~5k words: 1 chapter = 1 chapter
>5k words: 1 part = 1 chapter

I like how y'all are worried about Pei Yu or think that the villagers are weird, but no one commented on the villagers' attire. ? Without further ado~ The rest of chapter 36!

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