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Chapter 303
Chapter 303 Want to Make the Last Effort

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“What? The King Ying is missing?” Queen Liang stood up in shock from her chair .

Luo Yun immediately stepped forward to appease, ” Queen, don’t worry, it’s important to make things clear first . Your Highness has come through all these years of ups and downs, and he will be fine this time . ”

Queen Liang didn’t relax because of Luo Yun’s words, instead looked at Gu Rong, who was kneeling on the ground, and asked coldly, “What the h.e.l.l is going on here? Tell me the truth . ”

Gu Rong didn’t dare to delay, immediately reported what happened during this period of time, “From Yangxia county, our people began to suffer thieves sneak attack and kill . during this period, Gu Yi and I wrote several letters to the capital, for some reason there was no whereabouts, then w.a.n.gye found our private movements, asked us to get out, when we returned to the same place, bead bodies of Xiao Lie Cavalry all over the ground, but the king has been missing . ”

“Our people searched for a long time, but we couldn’t find the trace of the Lord, also we didn’t get the instructions from the Queen, we weren’t a.s.sured so we returned to the capital alone, and Gu Yi left and continued to search .

Queen Liang chilled her face, “I haven’t received any of your letters these days . ”

Gu Rong was startled, “was it be stopped halfway?”

“That’s the only possibility . ” Fingers were holding the handrails fiercely, and Queen Liang was so angry that there were blue tendons on her face,” I’m afraid that only Fu Youyue’s b.i.t.c.h is doing tricks!”

“Well, Queen, what shall we do? Would you like to sue this to your Majesty?” Luo Yun looked worried .

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Queen Liang took a deep breath, restrained the undulating anger in her heart, and slowly opened her eyes, her eyes were full of fire, “Don’t tell your Majesty, Gu Rong, you tell my father about this, and let him find my son, if he is alive, I want will see him, if his is dead, I want to see his body! “

“Yes!” Gu Rong turned to go down .

“Hold on!” Queen Liang suddenly said .

“What else do you want to command?” Gu Rong knelt again .

“Tell my father, hide this news, If the spread of the word, and all people of the capital knows, then our Liang family is almost finished . ” Queen Liang said sharply .

“Yes . ”

After Gu Rong left, the anger that had acc.u.mulated in her heart suddenly burst out, Queen Liang’s hand was blown fiercely, the tea set and vase on the table all fell off and shattered the ground .

“Queen, don’t be angry!” Luo Yun stepped forward to support her, while the other palace men knelt in fear .

“How I hate, I hate it!” Queen Liang pushed Luo Yun away and fell into a chair .

“Your Majesty should have known about such a big thing, but I haven’t received the news until now . What does it mean? What does it mean?” Queen Liang exasperatedly said .

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Luo Yun comforted her, “Perhaps your Majesty may be afraid of your worry and hides the matter first until you find the news of your highness then he will inform you . ”

“Oh,” Queen Liang sneered, “Luo Yun, do you believe that? He wanted to squeeze both my son and I from their current positions!”

She clearly understands that your Majesty’s temperament, since she had been married him for more than 20 years .

What he like best was to set up a trap, then watched the prey fell into the trap, and then unknowingly eat it clean, by the time people was found, everything was too late .

“This–” Luo Yun’s face was bitter, “Queen, the most important thing now is to find your Highness . ”

“Yes, if there is anything wrong with my son, the entire Liang family will be over . ” Queen Liang closed her eyes and instructed, “You send someone to pay close attention to Fu Youyue that b.i.t.c.h, if there is anything, immediately come to tell me . “

“Yes . ” After Luo Yun responded, he had advised again, “Queen, don’t worry about it, Heaven will bless Your Highness, Gu Rong said that they haven’t found the Fire Spirit, that means they are with your Highness, and your Highness has been out for so many years, all the catastrophes and disasters have pa.s.sed, this time also could be fine, but you, if you are so angry then become ill, what should we do? “

Queen Liang waved her hand, “You don’t need to comfort me, I know the condition better than anyone . ”

Luo Yun wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Queen Liang’s sight, Queen Liang stood up, her eyes were full of suffocation, “If there are anything happened in my son this time, then I will kill Fu youyue that b.i.t.c.h and her son, even I exhausted the Liang family . “

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Once she lost her son, her position in the East Palace will change hands easily, the crown prince position will be Xiao Ran, their Liang family’s decades-long foundation would be destroyed overnight .

She would never allow this to happen .

“Luo Yun, I’m going to meet your Majesty . ” Her narrow eyes suddenly opened, she disdains to ask for perfection, but for the Liang family, for her son, she must have a try .

Although he was puzzled why his master temporarily changed her mind, Luo Yun immediately went to prepare .

Inside the Royal Garden .

Emperor Xixuan listened to people fondling with his eyes closed in w.a.n.gyun Pavilion .

“Your Majesty, the Queen wants to see you . ” Cao Gonggong reported .

With a light tap on the desktop, Emperor Xixuan slowly opened his eyes that were already opaque and unable to see clearly flashed a slightly complex look at this time, “Have anyone seen the queen today?”

Cao Gonggong heard this and changed anther guard came forward, an non-commissioned officer in charge of the entrance and exit of the palace, he listened to the this officer’s words, “Report to Your Majesty, half an hour ago, a guard with the token of Queen entered the Chaoyang Palace and now is out of the house now . “

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A faint look appeared on Emperor Xixuan’s face, and he ordered, “Let the Queen come . ”

“Yes!” Cao Gonggong turned and said loudly, “Let the Queen in . ”

One moment later, a beautiful figure came slowly .

“My lord, see your Majesty, and wish your Majesty well . ” Queen Liang made a special dress before she came, at this time she lowered her head slightly, exposing a white jade neck, swaying the long skirt, and the water blue was even more blue, the warmth and gentleness wiped away her usual tenacity, tracing the oblique moon, rubbing in a little tenderness, rouge, lip, full of whispers, showing teeth and dignity, sweeping the past toughness, at this time, be gentle and soft and unique .

“Please rise . ” Seeing her ruthlessness for many years, after seeing her today, Emperor Xixuan seemed to see her first encounter on the river 20 years ago, and she couldn’t help but looked back with a smile .

“Thank you, your Majesty!” Queen Liang got up obediently, walked to the table, poured a gla.s.s of wine for Emperor Xixuan, smiled and said, “your Majesty is in a good mood today, how can you enjoy without cake lessons?”

Queen Liang raised her hand after speaking, and Luo Yun carried a delicate rose cake and laid it on the table .

“The queen is still sweet . ” Emperor Xixuan reached out and patted her tenderness, his woman was willing to lay down to please him, which was enough to satisfy a masculine mentality .

“Your Majesty shouldn’t say that is what I should do . ” Queen Liang smiled softly, seeing the glimmering light under Emperor Xixuan’s eyes, she knew his heart was moved, “Your Majesty, tonight–“

“Your Majesty, I’m coming late, the Queen is also here!” A voice interrupted Queen Liang’s word .

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