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An Zeng looked at the words on the side of that person and said, ""Nineteen Devils?""

""Who is this?""

Old Huo seemed to be immersed in his memories. ""I was still young, and that was also when I was the most cowardly person.""

Everyone thinks I won't be an artifact maker, not in the future.

So there are words, and they do not shy away from me.

I remember another guest at the house, a name that my father seemed to have mentioned when he talked to his guest. ""

""I vaguely remember that he mentioned the magic device and mentioned the name, but I didn't care at the time and I don't remember it at all.""

Later, when he flipped through the ancient book and saw this name, he became curious.

""I forgot when I heard the legend that the Nineteen Demons are the master artificer among the Demons.""

Old Huo said, ""At that time, I didn't pay any attention to it, but the so-called demon race, the so-called magic equipment, was nothing more than a fairy tale to me at that time.

After seeing the real magic equipment, he learned that the cultivation of magic arts among a group of people was real.

""It's just that many years ago, all the people who cultivated the demonic arts were already dead.""

""The latest magic artifacts pa.s.sed down in the future are all items from thousands of years ago. Furthermore, they are extremely rare.""

However, the black spear that you brought back obviously isn't something from a few thousand years ago. At most, it's around a few hundred years old.

Hence, this proved that even now, the cultivators of the Devil Arts have yet to be exterminated. The nineteenth devil really exists. ""

An Zeng could not help but ask, ""This ancient book is already more than a hundred years old. There's no way to find out how many years it has been since it was last used.""

But it is certain that if the Nineteen had lived to this day, they would at least have been hundreds of years old. ""

Old Huo shook his head, ""Not necessarily, the demons' inheritance is very strange.""

""If this disciple inherited the master's t.i.tle, then the 19 Devils might not be that old.""

""Can I take this black gun with me?"" he asked.

On the other side of the Martial Arts Academy, those who cultivated demonic arts seemed to know more about it.

They want to see it now, and they care. ""

Old Huo said, ""Take it with you. This thing has already been wasted. It's of no value.""

Ang nodded. ""I'll take the black gun with me first. We'll talk about it when I get back.""

An Zeng found a piece of cloth to wrap up the black spear, then left the sect with Tian Qi.

After walking for a short distance, the cat caught up from behind and jumped onto An Zeng's shoulder, staring at the black gun.

An Zhan frowned slightly. ""Good Lord, do you recognize this item?""

At this moment, although the good sir hadn't grown much, the stars in his eyes seemed to shine even more resplendently.

It is only when it is interested in something that the stars in its eyes circulate.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the eyes wouldn't be so magical.

""Meow,"" the good lord meowed, then climbed down An Zeng's arm. He used his nose to smell the scent of the black spear, and a look of disgust actually appeared in his eyes.

A moment later, it burrowed into the arms of An Zeng, as if it had completely lost interest in the black spear.

An Zeng brought the good lord and Black Spear back to Song Qiao Sheng, who was still searching around Stone City.

However, it was nothing more than a wasteland. When he fought against Ding Shengxia, the aura of the technique had already dissipated.

When he saw An Zeng return, Song Qiao immediately came to welcome him.

After taking a look at the black spear, Song Qiao's face turned ugly, even uglier than Old Huo's.

""He has really loosened up. He might have already made use of this opportunity to escape.""

Song Cangsheng muttered these words to himself. When An Zaixing asked this question, he only shook his head, unwilling to say anything.

After that, he returned to the Martial Arts Academy with the black spear, as if he had forgotten about the conflict.

Anjou was disappointed and went home.

As soon as he entered, he saw Sang Rou standing under a large tree by the side of the road. She would occasionally glance towards the entrance of the sect from time to time, as if she was hesitating about something.

""Why aren't you going in?""

""What's going on?"" An Zaiyue walked up to her side and asked. Sang Rou was startled. It could be seen that her heart was preoccupied. She didn't even notice An Zaiyue had arrived at her side.

She looked at An Zeng, her face somewhat pale. Suddenly, she kneeled down abruptly and said, ""I beg you, fight for me, please help me save little Ding Dong!""

An Zhan hurriedly reached out to help Sang Rou up. ""What's going on?""

Sang Rou said despondently, ""Little Ding Dong was taken away by the people from the Board of Justice. I've been begging around outside the Ministry of Justice for a long time, but the Board of Justice didn't allow me to go in and have a look.""

""I only have a friend, Ding Dong. I don't want her to die … Do it peacefully. I know you have many friends, and the Board of War's Minister Chen Zeng also thinks highly of you. Can you help me ask for mercy?""

Only then did An Chou react, supporting Sang Rou as he said, ""This matter isn't as serious as you think. I've already gotten the news. Ding Ningdong won't get involved in his father's case.""

Sang Rou's face lit up. ""Is that true?""

An Zongming replied, ""Really, if Dante didn't condense winter, neither would her brother Ding Wanqiu.""

""However, the Board of Justice will still have to take a walk through the field. Not long later, King Yan will pardon these two people. Don't worry about it.""

Sang Rou seemed much more at ease. ""You don't know, Little Ding Dong actually lives very bitterly.""

Her father didn't even think of her as a daughter.

Why would there be such a thought in this world?

""Until now, Little Ding Dong has never experienced her parents' love and affection. If she were to be implicated because of her parents, that would be too unjust.""

An Zaiyue looked around and saw no one around. He lowered his voice and said, ""Little Ding Dong is the disciple of Imperial Physician Zhuge Liuyun, do you know about this?""


Sang Rou was stunned for a moment. ""No … I don't know.""

An Xuan said, ""It seems that she doesn't want others to know about this … It is precisely because she is Zhuge Liuyun's disciple that King Yan forgave her.""

Sang Rou said, ""Regardless of the reason, I am very happy.

There must be a reason why she didn't tell me. It's her secret, so it doesn't matter if she doesn't tell me. Everyone has a secret that they can't tell me. ""

""There's... one more thing.""

She asked An Ying, ""I asked you to help me investigate my grandfather's death …""

An Zeng was silent for a while before saying, ""Come with me into the courtyard. It's not convenient to talk here.""

Sang Rou made an ""oh"" sound as she followed An Zeng into the Heavenly Awakening Sect.

Nearby the training field, An Zui organized his words and said, ""Actually, this matter has already been investigated, but I don't know how to explain it to you. It sounds strange …""

Sang Rou said, ""I'm no longer a child. If there's anything, just tell me.""

""My parents are both people who live in peace, so I can only avenge my grandfather.""

An Zhan shook his head, ""You don't have an enemy … Actually, your grandfather's death was voluntary.""

""What did you say!""

Sang Rou grabbed An Zeng's clothes, her eyes wide open.

""I know it may be hard for you to accept, but I'm almost certain it is.

Your grandfather's death may have something to do with the feuds in the imperial court.

""He set up a plot with his own death in order to topple the empress dowager, but the plot was lost … Don't tell anyone about this, or you'll be too dangerous.""

Sang Rou's hands drooped down powerlessly from her body. ""No matter what … thank you.""

""But I won't believe that my grandfather will commit suicide. He doted on me so much that he couldn't bear to leave me behind!""

After saying that, he turned around and walked out. His back was so lonely.

As An Zhe watched Sang Rou leave, he didn't know how to comfort her.

He was originally not a person who was good at communicating with girls, but he felt that Sang Rou was truly too pitiful.

The good sir quietly laid on An Zaiyue's shoulder. After a while, An Zaiyue finally noticed that the stars in the eyes of the good sir as he looked at Sang Rou's back began to move again.

This surprised An Zui for a while. He had never seen a person before and his eyes had changed.

Could it be that Sang Rou had some sort of treasure on her that could draw the good grandpa's attention?

As he thought of this, An Zhe suddenly remembered something. Sang Rou had a piece of the scale of a holy fish, so he forgot to ask her if she was willing to sell it to him.

That scale of the holy fish was a relic left behind by Princ.i.p.al Sang. If Sang Rou wasn't willing, there was no way she would have any other intentions.

When An Xuan arrived at the entrance, Sang Rou had already left his line of sight.

The street was still recovering, and the shop that had been smashed by Ding Shengxia's men had not been repaired.

Anjou went back to the courtyard and asked the people in the sect to help out. He also told the tenants that the rent for this month would not be collected.

Almost the entire street of houses had been bought by Anjou, and he certainly had his own plans for these houses.

On the side of the Martial Arts Academy, when Song Qiao pa.s.sed Chang Huan the black spear, Chang Huan's expression turned ugly. ""It seems like he has already escaped. After so many years of defense, something went wrong in the end.""

""This is a defective product, or something that was damaged in the first place.""

Thus, it could be inferred that the person's strength had yet to recover, so he could not create anything right now.

""We still have time. We have to do our best to track down Ding Shengxia.""

She asked, ""Is there anyone or anything that Ding Shengxia can't let go of?""

If he does, he'll show up again. He's the only clue. ""

Chang Huan sighed, ""What else can there be? It can only be a peaceful struggle.""

His hatred for An He could not be quenched. Ding Shengxia was a vindictive villain, but now his family was ruined.

""So as long as he's alive, he'll definitely fight for peace.""

""I want to leave the library.""

Chang Huan replied, ""Since that person has already escaped, there is no point in staying in the library. If you are willing to leave, then leave.""

""From today onwards, I'm going back to the Martial Arts Academy to become a lecturer.""

Chang Huan: ""Sure.""

""I only accept one disciple … … From today onwards, An Zaihai will belong to me.""

Chang Huan's expression changed drastically, ""That won't do. The importance of an An Zaiyue for the present goes without saying.""

""Ding Shengxia will definitely come back to fight for peace …""

Before he could finish, he was stopped by Hortang Tang, ""Do you know that person?""

Do you know how to deal with him?

You don't know, after Zang Yuan died, there was no one else in the martial field who could deal with that matter more than I could.

When that person snuck into the Martial Arts Academy and broke into the third floor to steal that purple rank cultivation technique, were you there? ""

Chang Huan was choked speechless.

""So, from today onwards, this person belongs to me.""

Chang Huan replied, ""The conflict between the two isn't only related to this matter, he is also very important for the upcoming Autumn Ceremony.""

The dean was already considering whether to let An Zaiyue partic.i.p.ate in the battle to become the champion.

After all … it would be a bit difficult for Nie Qing to deal with the people from the Grand Cauldron Academy and the Supreme Palace alone. ""

""Do you think I can't teach you how to fight?""

Chang Huan shook his head, ""No …""

""That's settled then, tell him to come straight to me after An Zhe comes to the Martial Arts Academy.""

Then, he left and gave Chang Huan his back.

Chang Huan sighed, ""She hasn't left the library for seven years. She has been studying quietly everyday, but who would have thought that seven years wouldn't be enough to change a single person.""

""She's still the same. She hasn't changed at all.""

Song Qiao smiled. ""Vice headmaster, you have no other choice but to trust her.""

She's the right person, and she won't disappoint you.

Indeed, she could not be blamed for that person's escape from the library.

""Who would have thought that this person would use Ding Shengxia as a cover.""

Chang Huan shook her head, ""It's not that I'm worried that she won't be able to teach An Zaihai. What I'm worried about is … Ding Shengxia won't be the only one who returns. Perhaps that person will also return.""

Song Qiao was stunned for a moment. Only then did he realize that Chang Huan was worried about the Beginning of the Huo Tang.

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