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Published at 4th of May 2020 10:51:22 AM
Chapter 37.1

Translator: Re

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Editor: MadMadamMims


“Yeah, I also thought it was weird . Isn’t CBU in New York? It’s not vacation yet, why would their students show up here?”

“What’s his name?”

“Owen…… Owen……” Nie Chuan couldn’t remember the other’s surname .

“Owen Wishaw . ” 

“Ah, right! That’s the name!” Nie Chuan nodded, “You know him?”

“He’s CBU’s shooting guard . Besides that, he can also play as the small forward at any time . ”

Nie Chuan was startled . A shooting guard needed to have superb long distance shooting skills, not to mention the speed and scoring ability of a small forward .

As a swingman, Owen Wishaw is definitely very strong .  

“What did he say to you?”

“Nothing much . He thought I was a middle schooler . and wanted me to join CBU . ” 

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” Reece knitted his brow slightly .

Nie Chuan shook his head . “He called me a middle schooler . I was in a bit of a bad mood……so I wanted to trick him, that’s all…… It shouldn’t be a big deal ba . ”

“n.o.body can trick Owen Wishaw . ”

There was a force lurking in Reece’s eyes which made Nie Chuan feel that his lie to Owen would eventually turn into a huge problem .  

“Next time don’t be in contact with him alone, you got that?”

“En, I’ll bear that in mind . ” Nie Chuan nodded vigorously .

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“Good . ” Reece’s hand rubbed Nie Chuan’s head, “Go back to the dormitory . When taking a shower, pay attention to your wound . ”

“Got it,” Nie Chuan quickly jumped off the hood of the car, picked up his bag, and returned to the dormitory .  

Zhou Bin hadn’t come back yet, he was most likely on a date with his girlfriend .

Nie Chuan brought out his laptop and began searching for the name Owen Wishaw . Immediately, a lot of information appeared .

It turned out that this guy is actually a very famous person in the league, as well as a target for poaching from the NBA .

Nie Chuan then found the quarterfinal match between UDK and CBU last year . It was clear that UDK’s cooperation was seamless and there was also Connor allowing everybody to display their ability to the fullest . However, DK’s defense was pierced by Owen again and again . Not only did he suppress Connor, he consistently obstructed Ewing’s scoring from the three point line . Throughout the entire game, Ewing was only able to make two successful shots, which was hardly his true level . When confronting Owen, Montenegro also appeared weak . Owen had changed hands in the process of shooting to ruthlessly make a slam dunk two consecutive times . Montenegro’s aerial blocks were nothing to Owen .  

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In the first half, Owen gained the upper hand, laying the foundation for CBU’s lead . If it had been any other team, they would have already been left behind by CBU but DK unwaveringly held on to the score, persevering to the last five minutes . Everybody was so exhausted that even Connor, who had always been optimistic, appeared dejected . However, in the last five minutes, whether it was Reece’s speed or concentration, they all far exceeded everyone’s expectations . He unceasingly tore CBU’s perimeter, breaking through Owen’s defense again and again . Whether it was a fake move or the timing of his layup, he grasped it seamlessly, turning these last five minutes into the heart of the game .

When Reece swiftly broke through Owen’s defence and made a backhanded layup while in the air to secure victory, Nie Chuan felt as if his eyes were burning .

As victory finally came, Nie Chuan felt proud even though he wasn’t part of the game .  

When Reece was hugged by Carlo, Ewing, and the others, there was still the view of his back .

Nie Chuan felt that this person’s back was full of strength .

He leaned back, his head resting on the back of his chair .

He never thought Owen would be such a formidable opponent . If he confronted Owen by himself, he would get sec killed ba .  

And he even lied to Owen…… if they encounter each other in the tournament, perhaps Owen will sort him out?

Forget it, don’t think so much . There’s still Reece ne!

Nie Chuan had a good sleep . The next afternoon, Carlo arranged for a confrontation match . Carlo, Ewing, and Nie Chuan were one team while the opposing team had Reece, Montenegro, and Peter .

Peter appeared very excited to be able to partic.i.p.ate in the match . Moreover, he could play against Nie Chuan; it was his opportunity to make up for his loss to Nie Chuan at the pool party .  

The basketball team’s cheerleaders also somehow learned of the occasion as Lily brought over the girls in their miniskirts .

Nie Chuan caught sight of Celine wearing a miniskirt . This was the first time he could appreciate her good figure . Celine wasn’t an overly skinny girl . Her figure was well-proportioned and her legs were very long . Nie Chuan couldn’t help staring at her .

While chewing gum, Ewing came to Nie Chuan’s side . He waved his hand as he asked, “Hey, Allen, do you like that girl?”

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“Ah…… en……” 

Carlo put his arm around Nie Chuan’s shoulder and said with a smile, “If we win today, I guarantee Celine will become crazy about you . I’ll send you a bunch of condoms!”
[T/N: 套套 (taotao) is slang for condoms, hence the t.i.tle]

“Ah?” Nie Chuan’s ears immediately reddened .

Carlo widened his eyes, “My G.o.d, Allen, you can’t be that inexperienced right?”

Nie Chuan naturally understood what Carlo meant by “experience” and used force to push him away . He walked away in a huff . “It’s none of your business!” 

Ewing smacked Carlo . “That’s right, that’s none of your business! Do you think everybody is as fickle as someone like you who goes up to a girl the moment you see one? Your d*ck has probably already rotted away!”

With a bad smile, Carlo b.u.mped Ewing with his waist, “As for whether or not my d*ck has rotted away, do you want to give it a try?”

“As if!”

At that time, Celine followed Reece’s line of sight and saw Nie Chuan with his head lowered appearing very stifled .  

Reece went up to Nie Chuan with his hands in his pockets then used his finger to lift up Nie Chuan’s forehead with his finger, “You’re not doing your warm-ups, what are you thinking about?”

“…… Wait a moment . Don’t let me lose too badly . ”

“I never throw a game . ”

“…… Then pretend I didn’t say anything . ” 

Reece lowered his eyes and looked at Nie Chuan’s red ears . He chuckled, “What did Carlo say this time?”

“He said that if we win, he’ll send me a bunch of condoms . ”

Nie Chuan thought to himself that after hearing this, Reece will properly teach Carlo a lesson ba .

“Oh . Even if he sent them to you, would you know how to use them?” 

“How can I not know how to use them!”

Isn’t this bullying too much ba?

Nie Chuan tilted his head to stare at Reece . His line of sight landed on the other’s curved lips . Only then did he realize that this guy was making fun of him again .

“If you lose again……” Reece turned and leaned toward Nie Chuan’s ear, “I’ll personally give you a bunch of condoms and teach you how to use them with my own hands . ” 

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“Hey! You scoundrel!”

Nie Chuan rained curses on him, then covered his ears .

Was it an illusion? Why did it feel as if Reece’s lips had brushed against his ears just now?

Everyone was looking in Nie Chuan’s direction, apparently wondering why he was scolding Reece .  

But Reece had already retracted his smile, his eyes as cold and detached as ever .

Soon, the two sides began vying for the ball . Montenegro triumphed over Carlo and Reece took the ball then cut straight into the opponent’s rear when Nie Chuan blocked in front of him .

Nie Chuan was already prepared for Reece’s rapid halts and accelerations . His knees followed every shake of Reece’s shoulder . All his nerves were concentrated –

Concentrated on Reece .  

Ewing quickly arrived beside Reece together with Nie Chuan for a pincer attack .

“Reece——” Montenegro came from the front to provide support .

Reece jumped into the air with the ball . Ewing thought he was going to pa.s.s the ball to Montenegro but, unexpectedly, he raised his hand to shoot at the basket!

Nie Chuan disregarded everything and also jumped but his fingertips were still a centimeter away from the ball . The ball streaked through the air in a beautiful parabola and Reece scored .  

“Tch . ” Nie Chuan wiped the perspiration from his chin with the back of his hand .

Reece raised his brow at him . “I already said, I’m not going to throw the game for you . ”

Having said that, Reece went back to defence .

Nie Chuan confronted Reece numerous times throughout the game . His defence became more and more rigorous with every confrontation but Reece was still able to antic.i.p.ate his actions and shake him off .  

Every time Reece scored, the sound of the cheerleaders’ cheers would become deafening .

Of course, many were also fans of Carlo and Ewing . Whenever Carlo dunked or Ewing scored a three pointer, some would perform backflips .

Nie Chuan had always thought that he would only see this kind of scene in a youth’s movie like 《18 Again! 》, he never expected to become a part of this scene . It’s only a pity that he didn’t have the energy to appreciate the cheerleader’s performance . At this time, Montenegro had already dribbled into his defensive zone .

Nie Chuan followed closely beside Montenegro, defending against his pa.s.ses . In that moment, Reece rushed forward just as Montenegro was about to pa.s.s the ball .  

Almost no one was able to clearly see how Nie Chuan did it, they only knew that, using his right leg as a pivot, he had spun around then immediately jumped, cutting off the ball that was just pa.s.sed .


The cheerleading captain Lily was stunned .

Nie Chuan rushed toward the opponent’s basket while in possession of the ball and the tempo of the match abruptly sped up . Carlo and Ewing ran on either side of Nie Chuan .  

Reese had already caught up with him when Nie Chuan suddenly halted . Everyone was wondering if he would pa.s.s the ball to Carlo or Ewing . However, Nie Chuan swiveled before accelerating again . Reece followed closely before sealing off the path of his breakthrough . Nie Chuan wasn’t discouraged and dribbled the ball behind his back then, in the instant he changed the direction of his dribble, he had pa.s.sed the ball to Ewing .

The pa.s.s was done so wonderfully that Reece didn’t have the time to stop it .

Ewing caught the ball and shot, securing a three pointer .

“Well done, Allen!” Ewing gave Nie Chuan a thumbs up .  

Nie Chuan lifted the collar of his T-shirt neckline to wipe the sweat from his chin as he attentively watched Reese . In his eyes, there was so longer any fear of facing Reese; rather, there was a strong desire to exceed him .

Lily turned to Celine on her side and asked in a low voice, “Do you recognize that boy with the black hair? His English name is Allen?”

“Yeah . ” Celine nodded but she remained focused on Reece’s expression .

Reece was watching Nie Chuan, his gaze calm . He wasn’t facing his opponent with indifference . On the contrary, Reece was serious .  

“When I saw him at the pool party last time, I didn’t think he was as handsome as he is now!”

“That so?” Only then did Celine shift her gaze onto Nie Chuan .

“Look at his legs, aren’t they s.e.xy?” Lily ambiguously raised an eyebrow .

“Ah…… yeah……” 

In that moment when Celine saw Nie Chuan kick off the ground, the way he exerted his strength as well as the lines of his calves were a feast for the eyes . His fingertip came in contact with Montenegro’s shot but he was still unable to alter the course of his dunk . In spite of that, Nie Chuan was not weak in front of Montenegro . On the contrary, he was very threatening .

By the end of the game, Carlo, Ewing, and Nie Chuan still lost by three points .

“Ah…… Reece is really in good shape today!” Carlo stretched his shoulders, “I didn’t think he would take a practice match this seriously . ”

“Do you think Reece would be the same as a lazy guy like you?!” Ewing gave Carlo a kick .  

Even so, Nie Chuan still felt that the game had been really enjoyable . Everything that he learned from Reece had been put to use .

At that time, Reece took the towel from around his neck and put it on Nie Chuan’s face . He lowered his head and asked in a low voice, “What kind of condoms do you like? Chocolate?”

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