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Li Enterprises, a very well known company of Country X was in chaos... Why ?? Because their CEO had lost his temper. A lot of things have been happening recently in the company since the week that particular incident happened.

Even Secretary Xiang was now afraid of meeting him. Back then when the incident hadn't occured, things were smooth and no one was afraid of him. It was a smooth CEO and colleague relationship.

Ever since that day, Li Wei was making plans on how to meet Xu Zhuya... How to make things good with her... How to keep her by his side forever... Many 'How' questions were running in his mind. He wanted to take things slow but he wanted them to be done quick. Afterall, he waited for a total of 7 years. Now he wanted all those 7 years back with her.

The next day after that incident, he had contacted someone to look at each and every movement of her. Things were proceeding well according to his plan. He was tailing her each and every movement.

And just like that, he got to know that she works in Plus Hospital. Eventhough, Xu Zhuya hadn't left her house for a week there was someone who was informing him about her every movement.

Getting to know that she is going to get back on her work starting from today, he continued his plan.

He had used Wu Lang as a bait and made him sit in the hospital. He had a feeling that when she sees the report and gets to know that her son is also in the same hospital as her, she would surely go and meet him.

So just like that she went to meet her son. And he took this opportunity to have a talk with her.

Li Wei had to leave the company by 11.00AM , therefore he announced his people to hand over the files before 10.30 and he had even called them all early today. He had kept a condition saying that if someone fails to complete their work before the given time, then that person can say goodbye to the company and leave. Afraid of losing their jobs, everyone was busy working.

That was the reason why Li Enterprises was in a chaos on that day. Slowly, slowly as the time was pa.s.sing by, files were piling up on his table... It was not like his people weren't quick, it was just that he was too lenient on them that they had taken the things too lightly and would submit the given work at the last minute of their submission date.

Before 10.30 he got all the files that he had needed on his table. With a smile, he got out of his room and gave a speech "Good work everyone!! I know my people, they never disobey my orders." He applaused for all of them. While clapping he looked at the watch. There was just 20 more minutes left for him to leave the company.

The hospital was a little far from his workplace. It would take 1 hour 30 minutes approximately if you drive at a normal speed. And if you drive at a high speed, well let's check out how long it will take.

With a smile on his face he said "Since all of you have completed the work at the given time, there will be a bonus at the end of the month for everyone." As everyone heard him say, they all started cheering and their tensed faces turned into pleasant smiling ones.

Li Wei then went inside his room, took his car keys which were kept on the table and came out. He went inside his private elevator and pressed the G b.u.t.ton which would direct him to the ground floor.

Li Wei was feeling so happy that he was going to meet her again. He felt the time to be going slow. He even felt that the lift was just stuck in one particular floor. Only his heart was the one which was beating rapidly.

The doors of the lift opened and he came out and headed straight to his car. He unlocked the door by pressing the unlock b.u.t.ton which was on the car key. The doors were now unlocked, he opened the front door and sat into it and sped off.

This moment made him remember their first outing together. At that time, he was in a haste as he wanted to see her early so he concluded his meeting and came. That was the remarkable moment of his life. And yet today also, destiny was playing a good role for him. He felt that G.o.d was on his side.

But, seems like G.o.d had another plans. He reached the hospital. The 1 hour 30 minutes ride took him some 50 minutes to reach the hospital. Well ofcourse!! he had broken some traffic rules too.

He parked his car in the parking lot and called someone. After few rings, someone picked up the call. "Where is she now??" Li Wei asked to the person on the phone. Seems like it was his informer. The person on the other side said "She just went inside to see him. I just saw them both talking." The voice was of a woman and it felt somewhat familiar.

The person continued, but this time she said while stuttering like as if she was crying "I have done.... your work. Please.... Let... my...my...hus..band go..."

Li Wei replied "Sure.. Just few more tasks and your husband will be free." Upon hearing him say this, the informer got angry and said with a loud voice "How long are you going to make me do this?? I can't betray my friend anymore... Please...Just let him go."

Li Wei said "Don't worry, just let my work get over and your husband will all be free. Once I get back with her, I'll let your husband free.I promise!!" With that he hung up the call and got out of the car.

He entered inside the hospital. There was an information desk just a few steps ahead of the entrance. So he went over there to ask for his son's room.

A young woman wearing a peach colored dress was seated at the information desk. She was looking at the computer and doing some work. She looked at Li Wei who was approaching her desk. With a smile she asked "How may I help you, sir??" Li Wei asked "Can you tell me where room no.11 is??"

The woman replied and started instructing him. Just as she was speaking, Li Wei told her to stop and she stopped immediately.

Behind the place where the woman sat, there was a window. It seemed like it was a window for some sort of a room because everything was dark inside and you could see the reflection of the people who are behind you.

So, just like that Li Wei saw a reflection of someone in that window. He asked for the woman to come a little closer and asked "Is there a man standing near the entrance?? Just nod if he is there, don't say anything."

The woman looked at the entrance and saw that a man was looking straight at the information desk. she felt that the man saw her, so she quickly averted her eyes and nodded.

Li Wei squinted his eyes to look more closely in the window but before he could do so, the man wasn't there. So, he took out his phone and showed a photo of a man to that woman.

The woman looked at the photo and then looked at Li Wei questioningly... Li Wei asked "Was this the man whom you saw over there??"

The woman looked at the photo and looked at the entrance, she saw that the man was standing over there again. She replied with a nod "Yes. He is the one."

Li Wei smirked and said "You won't get me... Wu Yanchen."

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