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Chapter 593 (END) - The Truth Was Revealed

Chapter 593: The Truth Was Revealed

Hearing Shi Mo’s sudden words, Fang Mo’er replied in a daze, “Aren’t we already married?”

She had already registered her marriage with Shi Mo on the first day they had met. How were they going to get married again? Did he mean that they had to get divorced and remarry? What was wrong with Shi Mo? She suddenly felt that something was not right.

Shi Mo could not help but laugh when he saw the usually smart and intelligent Fang Mo’er suddenly become so dumbfounded.

He explained, “I don’t mean that we should get a marriage certificate. I mean that we should have a wedding ceremony. I want to announce my ident.i.ty to everyone and let everyone know that you’re the wife of the President of the Shi family’s business. So, are you willing to marry me?”

Although Fang Mo’er had been together with Shi Mo for a long time and they had even done the most intimate things together, her heart was still racing uncontrollably when she heard Shi Mo propose to her.


However, she suddenly thought of a question and raised her head to ask Shi Mo, “But, didn’t you say that it would be dangerous to announce your ident.i.ty?”

Although everyone knew that the two of them were together, no one knew that Shi Mo was the President of the Shi family’s business. Everyone thought that he was just an ordinary businessman. If it was suddenly announced, she could already imagine how shocking it would be. It might cause a sensation on the Internet.

However, Shi Mo said nonchalantly, “There were some things that I didn’t know in the past, but now that the truth is right in front of me, I don’t care about those things anymore. I just don’t know what your opinion is…” Shi Mo was actually a little nervous, although he knew how Fang Mo’er felt about him, he still had some concerns.

Fang Mo’er smiled and hugged him back. She nodded her head in agreement and said, “Of course I’m willing. I’m willing to take the risk with you.”

In reality, her heart was already bursting with joy. Shi Mo was a business tyc.o.o.n, how could she not be willing to reveal everything to him? She felt that she must have done something exceedingly good in her past life to have the chance to be the main character in a book in this life. She had even married an outstanding man like Shi Mo.

She vowed in her heart to never criticize the author of this book again. She hoped that she would be able to live a long and healthy life. She was thankful that she had created such a good character like Shi Mo. As for Mu Chen and Bai Rong, she felt that these two were actually necessary for the plot and suddenly, she did not hate them that much anymore.

She was thankful that Mu Chen had broken off the engagement. She was thankful that Bai Rong had s.n.a.t.c.hed Mu Chen away. Otherwise, she would not have met such a good man as Shi Mo.

However, she only limited this to the grievances from the past. If these two did anything bad to her in the future, she would not show any mercy to them.

Shi Mo was visibly happy after getting Fang Mo’er’s approval. It was rare for Fang Mo’er to see Shi Mo smile so much that his eyes had almost curved. His aura was less domineering and became more like a cheerful boy.

Shi Mo embraced Fang Mo’er tightly as he proudly promised her, “After this show ends, we will hold a wedding. I will definitely hold the biggest wedding in the world for you. Whatever anyone else has, you will have as well. I will not allow you to be inferior to anyone else, nor will I let you have any cause to envy others. However, I want everyone else to envy you.”

When Shi Mo told Fang Mo’er about what happened between Xue Ni and Shi Yu, Fang Mo’er was shocked and could not recover from her shock for a long time.

There was no need to say more about Xue Ni. With her woman’s intuition, she had always known from the start that this was not a simple person.

However, to her mind, she had always seen Shi Yu as a naive and perhaps even a little silly young master from a rich family who only liked to play around, without much care about business matters.

She had not expected him to be able to hide his true character so deeply. The so-called good-for-nothing persona that he presented was all an act. He was secretly a very ambitious person.

Shi Mo said to Fang Mo’er apologetically, “My father’s health is not good. Although he doesn’t say it out loud, he has always cared about us. If he knew that we were fighting with each other for the family business, I’m afraid it would make his health become worse.”

Fang Mo’er understood Shi Mo’s meaning and continued, “So you have to pretend that you don’t know and wait until there’s an opportunity to make a move on him in the future?” Of course, this so-called opportunity meant the pa.s.sing of the old man. However, this was a more tactful way of saying it.

Shi Mo nodded, a hint of ruthlessness appearing in his eyes, he said slowly, “If Shi Yu had just said outright that he wanted the Shi family’s business, I could have given it to him directly. I have no interest in the Shi family’s business at all. However, he insisted on teaming up with Xue Ni to separate us. If he wanted the business, he could have had it. Trying to sow the seeds of discord has been the last straw.”

“Since that’s the case, I won’t let go of the Shi family’s business. He doesn’t know that I’ve discovered his scheme so we can play along.”

Shi Mo told Fang Mo’er of his plan. Fang Mo’er smiled so much that her eyes narrowed into slits after hearing it.

Now that she knew who the person who was scheming against them was, there was no need to worry anymore. Things would be much easier to deal with in the future.

She would play along. After all, she happened to be an actor, so she’d be able to accompany him and act well in this scenario. It looked like the future would be very exciting.

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