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Kinley was surprised. But he thought this meeting was absolutely necessary given the situation they are in right now. After all, it was the matter which related to their prestige and face.

No matter how good an ordinary Sovereign's life is, they don't let go anyone responsible if they had to face the negative Divine Essence due to any reason. If they let it go once, then it will give scope for the second and third one. It will then reach a situation where the things will be out of anybody's control.

The Sovereign of Knowledge is also not any exception for this trend. He might be enjoying a huge flow of positive Divine Essence. But he won't hesitate to take action if anyone became responsible for the formation of negative Divine Essence.

Divine Essence determines the life and death for a sovereign. No matter how great position a Sovereign is in, they won't hesitate to take action if someone is responsible for the formation of negative Divine Essence which is dangerous for an ordinary Sovereign.

That's why, Kinley knew that the Negative Divine Essence has already been formed because of him. And it's time for him to face the consequences for his actions. Well, since he admitted his sins very quickly, his punishment will be small one. So he wasn't bothered too much about it.

When Kinley thought about all this, he couldn't help but sigh once again. He knew that he crossed his limits a little. But he felt all this was worth if he could uncover and recruit that Unknown Genius. But his actions backfired on him. And now he had to face the consequences for his actions.

Kinley took a deep breath and wrapped up everything. Since he had to attend the meeting, he quietly left the Celestial Central Market. He once again looked at the messed up and fighting crowd in front of the Stall of the Church of Deception. He couldn't help but once again sigh. Today was definitely not his day. He left in disappointment.


In a distant place, there was a luxurious carriage that was travelling at an insane speed. There was a diagram of a black tree printed on it. Below that diagram of the Black Tree, there was written something in calligraphy. The killing intent was emanating from the calligraphy which spelled Sleeping Forest!

Inside the Sleeping Forest Pavilion, the Holy Maiden was sitting on a sofa comfortably. Her followers still gathered around her. She was an important member of the Sleeping Forest Pavilion. She was regarded as an important figure solely because of her affinity with eight natural elements.

But the Holy Maiden was not that happy about this achievement. She had the affinity with eight natural elements. That means she could cast any spells using eight of those natural elements. But the reason why she was not that happy or proud of her status is because even though she had the affinity with eight natural elements, among those eight natural elements, she didn't have the affinity with either Time or s.p.a.ce Elements.

Her Status was no different from those cultivators who has the affinity with the Time and s.p.a.ce elements. But since she has the affinity with eight natural elements, her status was slightly higher. After all, in the history of cultivation, there exists no records which mentioned that there exist someone in the past that has the affinity with the eight natural elements.

But she knew that she had no value if she didn't have the affinity with eight natural elements. It was merely due to luck that she was blessed with the affinity with eight natural elements. This achievement wasn't something she was proud of. After all, it wasn't the result of her hard work.

"Holy Maiden! Why did you buy a total of hundred Spatial Rings? You could have bought five or six Spatial Rings. It would have saved a lot of Green Ranked Spirit Stones. I personally feel that buying hundred Spatial Rings wasn't a good idea." ,At that time, one of her followers who was pretty close to the Holy Maiden asked.

"I didn't bring them only for me. I brought hundred because I felt that since you all follow me, I should give you something in return. So I brought them for all of us." ,Holy Maiden gave a gentle smile as she said. Even though her face was covered with a scarf, the gently smile on her face still could be felt by everyone.

The followers of the Holy Maiden were stunned. But immediately their eyes turned tearful. They looked at the Holy Maiden with a new pair of eyes. The eyes that was filled with respect and love.

Since the distant past, no big shots have ever treated their followers like the Holy Maiden did. It was the trend followed by who knew when? But they could do nothing about it. The treatment of a superiority existed in the Celestial Realm for too long. None of them remember the exact time. And no one cares either.

But the treatment from the Holy Maiden was truly a happy moment for them. They felt proud about their decision to follow the Holy Maiden.

"Thank you Young Miss!" ,All of them bowed down and said in unison.

"No need." ,Holy Maiden said, "When I was a child, I grew up with a person who was one year older than me. We grew up together. But situations separated us. But at that time I realised that he was the man I fell in love with. But that person never loved me. Because he came from the family whose status was much higher than mine. As he grew up, he started to ignore me. And at one point, he completely ignored me."

Holy Maiden sighed as she said, "Then one day the Young Master found and brought me here. He is my benefactor. He gave me a new life. I knew the feeling of being looked down on by a person who held the superior status. That's why, I never look down on my followers. Take the Spatial Rings. One for each."

The followers of the Holy Maiden felt a little sad for the past which she had. They never knew that their haughty Holy Maiden has such a past. But it didn't prevent them from taking the Spatial Ring. They took the Spatial Ring and placed them in their safest place possible. After all, they now had their own Spatial Rings.

After they came back to their senses, someone asked, "But Young Miss! Why did you give your Business Communication Crystal to the Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception? I feel that that Genius was just lucky. I think you were a little impulsive with your decision."

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