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The Holy Maiden's voice was soft and clear. When everyone heard that she is intending to buy hundred Spatial Rings, it almost drove everyone crazy. The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception clearly said that each Spatial Ring costs 200 Green Ranked Spirit Stones. Even though Green Ranked Spirit Stones were not that rare in the Celestial Realm, it is still not that common.

Only the influential backgrounds like the Sleeping Forest Pavilion, Church of Deception and The Church of Thunder has the capacity to gather enough wealth to buy the Spatial Ring for which the rate was announced by The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception.

As for the common people, it is great achievement if they were able to make even hundred Green Ranked Spirit Stones per annum. Too much of wealth were governed by the influential people, clans, Pavilions and Churches in the Celestial Realm. It didn't allowed the wandering cultivators to make much wealth for their future development.

But the Holy Maiden said that she is going to purchase hundred Spatial Rings in an instant. As per The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception, each Spatial Ring costs around 200 Green Ranked Spirit Stones. If she had to buy hundred Spatial Rings, then it will cost her around 20000 Green Ranked Spirit Stones!

20000 Green Ranked Spirit Stones is a huge number. And yet the Holy Maiden of the Sleeping Forest Pavilion is spending that wealth on hundred Spirit Stones. Everyone couldn't help but sigh in depression. The wealth of the Sleeping Forest Pavilion is truly incomparable. They could do nothing but to envy it.

"Is there any discount?" ,Holy Maiden asked in a sweet voice after checking the authenticity of the Spatial Rings with her limited knowledge. After her heart told her that everything was fine, she asked.

The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception bowed down and said, "I am extremely sorry, Young Miss! You have to understand that we are not like the Church of Knowledge. We are very tight financially. We hope that the Young Miss understands our situation. Unfortunately we can't give any discount."

"It's alright." ,Holy Maiden said indifferently. No one knows what exactly she was thinking. She said, "I still intends to purchase it."

"Thanks for your understanding." , The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception said with a gentle smile on his face, "I will immediately commence the transaction procedure."

The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception immediately started the transaction procedure. As everyone were watching, The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception completed every step systematically. Very soon he completed all the necessary procedures and handed over the total of hundred Spatial Rings to the Holy Maiden.

"Thank You." ,Holy Maiden checked the Spatial Rings twice making sure that there were a total of hundred Spatial Rings.

She then took out a communication crystal which was in Yellow colour and gave it to The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception.

"Is that Business Communication Crystal?" ,Someone from the crowd asked in astonishment.

"It is." ,Another person from the crowd replied, "It looks like the Church of Deception's services or that Unknown Genius' crafting skills has gathered the attention of the Holy Maiden."

Business Communication Crystals are different from the Ordinary communication crystal. Ordinary Communication Crystal will be used for only end for end Communication system. One person could speak to only one person at a time.

But the business communication crystal is different. This communication crystal was built based on the client-Server based system. Here a server is someone who provides the services. And there will be multiple clients. The Clients are someone who receives the services from a server.

Here there will be only one server. This one Server will post any business related news like the new products for sale and stuff like that. All the clients in the who were in contact with the server will simultaneously receive this message and gets the opportunity to learn the name of the products and it's functionality.

If the client feels that the product is within their interest, then they will attend the auction house on the mentioned time and date. That's how exactly the business transaction takes place which involves Business Communication Crystal.

After receiving business communication crystal from the Holy Maiden of the Sleeping Forest Pavilion, the hands of The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception trembled a little. Others might have different opinions about the business communication crystal, but for The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception, it hold entirely different meaning.

Only the Influential organisations like the Church of Knowledge or the Church of Thunder has the ability to use the Business Communication Crystal. Since the geniuses in their Church are enormous, they have different geniuses with different new products for sale.

Because of their fame and popularity, the number of clients who wishes to buy their products are huge. Hence the business communication crystal came into light. They had too many customers.

But the Church of Deception was a declining Church. They couldn't enjoy the same atmosphere as the Church of Deception and the Church of Thunder. They have their own business communication crystal. But the number of clients are very few in numbers.

This was the first time someone from an S-Rank Pavilion like the Sleeping Forest Pavilion to register as the client in the Church of Deception. And the person who enrolled for the membership was none other than the Holy Maiden herself. How could The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception not be excited. All this became possible because of that unknown genius.

The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception immediately copied her ident.i.ty details from her business communication crystal. After copying it down, he returned her business communication crystal back.

"I await for your Church's genius's new product." ,Holy Maiden said this and immediately left the Stall of the Church of Deception. The crowd immediately gave her the way as she left under everyone's envious gazes.

"Is there anyone else that wants to buy the Spatial Rings?" , The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception asked indifferently.

"I want to buy three Spatial Rings!" ,This time it was Damien who proactively came forward and very quickly took out 600 Green Ranked Spirit Stones. He then handed it over to The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception.

The Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception received the Spirit Stones. He calculated the Spirit Stones's number. After a.s.suring that there were a total of 600 Green Ranked Spirit Stones, he handed over the Spatial Rings. He didn't calculate Damien's Faith Power for any discounts. Because the situation is complete mess at the moment, he dealt the transaction only with the Spirit Stones.

After receiving the three Spatial Rings, both Neel and Damien hurriedly left the vicinity. Looking at the simple transaction, the crowd erupted in uproar.

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