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'How many spell points do I have System?' I honestly had no idea, though I guess that's what the system is for.

[Host has 75 spell points. I recommends you use them wisely.]

'f.o.o.kin 'ell. How did I get that many?' (if you're wondering about the cursing bit, I sometimes do that when I curse.)

[I have looked at the fetishes host possesses and matched them to the list, you are in all seriousness, a rather powerful mage. or rather a powerful eromancer. Most people if given the chance would only have about 1/4th the points you do. if that.] 'so.. what your saying is... I'm in all actuality, able to do some awesome s.h.i.t?' I couldnt help but ask with a s.h.i.t eating grin on my face that refused to come off like that one stain on the inside of your toilet bowl.

[yes, though in order to get the power you must actually choose something.] I could hear something in her voice, almost as if she was exasperated. but I just blew it off. 'she's just a machine, she can't tell.' I began looking over my choices and I realized, if I wanted to I could purchase every single spell that was in the red school of magic. [System advises against such thoughts host, after all, there are boons that can be purchased as well.] 'oh yeah, I forgot about that. anyway. System, Purchase Enslave and Bind from the red school and purchase Enlarge, Shrink, and Transform from the green school. 'I wanted the first two because they go along great together. First I will bind someone and then I will put an enslavement collar on them. The green though, I just want to become a monster and absolutely f.u.c.king BREAK THEIR MINDS!!!' My face previously occupied by a grin now has a lecherous smile plastered on it.

[Spells that were chosen: Enlarge, shrink, Genderswap, Alter Age, transform, bind, enslave. Is host going to choose any boons?] 'your d.a.m.n right Imma choose some boons. speaking of which, what are they?' I knew that I could choose them but I didn't know what I could choose.

[Immortality- Choose an age, once you get to said age you won't go past it. this also makes you immune to disease and poison. Cost: 5

Hidden power- Purchase 1 spell from any other school of eromancy you have not mastered. Cost: 10

apprentice- you have the ability to teach an apprentice about magic and eromancy. they can only learn what you know and it takes much time to have them learn the spells. Cost: 10

signature spell- choose a spell that you possess, it costs 0 mana when casting it. Cost: 10

Materialize spell- whenever you cast a spell, you are able to make it into a card that you can use at a later date for no cost. Cost: 15

mana conduct - choose another mana regeneration. Cost: 15

planeswalker- choose a fictional world, you are able to jump between this world and the world you chose. if you pay an extra 10, then you are able to travel across any fictional world. Cost: 15/25

discrete spell casting- able to remove the glowy effects of magic if you so wish. Cost: 5

mana reservoir- your manas maximum is expanded by 10. Cost: 10]

'....holy s.h.i.t. right, well I already know which one that I'm choosing. System, choose planeswalker and add in the extra 10. also buy materialize spell. I want that'

[Is host certain? you will not be able to get any of this back.]

'yeah, choose it.' I couldnt help but have a smile on my face as I chose this. Apprentice boon is basically worthless as I don't want someone to teach, so is discrete spell casting and mana reservoir. materialize spell, and Signature spell is the only two that I could even consider. I'm a demon so I don't need immortality. besides, there is a limit to how many women there are in this world, and I refuse to take any men as slaves. it has nothing to do with the fact that I was an avid anime watcher and always wanted some of the women by my side. nothing at all to do with it.

[ Materialize spell is now in effect. when casting a spell just imagine the spell to flow into a card in your imagination. such as for Enslave, think of binding a woman and putting a collar on her, then put that mental image into a card. Planeswalker is now in action, though I suggest that you first set up a home in this world before you move on from it]

I realized that what the system had said was true. I have spent less than a day in this new world but a part of me is already trying to look at new places. 'I need to slow down and look around me.' I focus back into the world around me and I realize that I'm still in my room in the inn. I get up but before I do that I realize that I had forgotten something, something rather vital in a fantasy world. 'system, how do I get stronger?' [Host gets stronger by killing monsters, completing quests. there is a third way for you, gather an army of slaves to fight and kill for you. this way is locked however for the moment as you have no slaves to fight for you.]

[Also before you get off track I suggest that you take care of the corruption points that you have acc.u.mulated. you gain corruption points for how many spell points you have spent divided by two in each school of eromancy. For you, that means you have 6 red corruption points and 7 green corruption points. For green points, I suggest you choose Mental change. Mental change has to do with your transform spell. When you transform your mind changes to match that of the creature you transformed into. such as if you transform into a High Elf, then you will become much more arrogant. For red I suggest that you choose s.a.d.i.s.t, Tyrant. s.a.d.i.s.t makes it so that seeing others humiliated, hurt, or degraded makes you happy. Tyrant makes you lose your ability to care and empathize for others.]

'alright then, choose them.' As soon as I said that I felt my body start to change



[Name - Thaddeus]

[t.i.tle - N/A]

[Age - 0 years old]

[Race - Demon (incubus)]

[Rank: Iron]

[Gender - Male]

[s.e.xual partners - 0]

[Skills - Pheramone Control, Demonic c.o.c.k, Demonic Transformation, Disguise, Charm.]

[SP (s.e.xual points) - 200]

[STR - 35]

[STM - 38]

[AGI - 32]

[INT - 40]

[WIS - 50]

looking at my status I notice that my SP has gone up by two hundred and I can't help but feel confused. 'I only had s.e.x twice. Do I get 100 points each time?'

[Host had virginity taken and also took someone's virginity. that gave 150 points, then you had s.e.x again which added on 50 points. as you have s.e.x in the same style, with the same person, these points will decrease til they reach 10 each time you do it.]

'Welp, guess I can't use that. now then, how do I cast a spell?'

[For the spell enslave you must focus on the person whom you wish to make your slave and focus on a mental image of them being enslaved. the image differs from person to person. some eromancers picture them hypnotizing their slaves, some picture buying them. just think of who you are trying to enslave and go with it. Good luck]

'time to start on my adventure.' I thought with a scary grin upon my face.

As I thought that I walked down the stairs and began to look Audrey to tell her goodbye. "Audrey!" I shouted. I saw her jump in right behind the counter. I walked up to her as she fidgeted for a little while before looking at me again. "Hey, where is the guild hall? I need more money and I don't wanna freeload off of you guys."

"O-Oh, the guild hall is just down the road on your left. try not to make the guild master angry, shes quite scary when she's angry." 'so her stuttering is starting to stop. that's good, I don't have the heart to tell her it annoys the s.h.i.t out of me.' "Oh yeah, Audrey comes back here with me, I have a present for you." I walk behind the counter and go through the door that leads to the cellar. upon reaching the bottom of the staircase I pulled her to the side and began to kiss her. to say she was shocked by what was happening is an understatement of a disproportionate degree.

"Now little one, I do believe that it is time for me to show you who exactly owns you. in both public and in secret." As I said that I had her turn around and face one of the wine caskets. and once I was finished I started my magic. I focused on the mental images in my mind which was Audrey, sitting before me, on her knees. She was looking up at me with a red face, pupils shaped like hearts, and an expression that screamed "I WANT MORE!". in the picture her arms were bound behind her back and there was a collar on her neck. I focused mostly on the collar itself as it is necessary.

Unbeknownst to me, circles and runes are forming not only on the floor around my feet but are hovering in the air and circling my hands. though the largest rune has flown to Audrey and rested itself upon her neck. It began to tighten around her as she became alarmed as to what was happening. No words were spoken except for a light choking sound every now and then. eventually, after a few minutes, the lights died down and I opened my eyes I looked down and was shocked as to what lay before my feet. It was Audrey, but instead of how she looked before she looked like she had come out from my mental picture. her tongue hanging out with burningly pa.s.sionate eyes, and a collar wrapped around her neck symbolizing whom she belongs to.

'Yes... this is what she should look like. nothing more than a slave before my feet to pleasure me.' I felt myself begin to burn up with pleasure. it was almost painful but somehow kept itself from going too far. I looked at her in nothing but a collar and I found nothing but perfection. a true beauty. "you are mine, and mine alone. you will have many sisters to talk to and work with, however, you will always put me first and foremost. now then, go back up and get to work. Oh, and by the way, we will be getting your mother later so keep her ready." once I was done with my speech Audrey was left lying on the floor as I walked back up the steps, towards this new world, that will get a new conqueror.

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