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Chapter 981 - 981 Make Way

981 Make Way

After Xue Fanxin watched the other new disciples return to their rooms, she also planned to go back and rest, but she was blocked by Yan Jinfeng.

Yan Jinfeng had been punished by Overseer Ding and had to weed the courtyard; she had been dealing with weeds for the entire day. The anger in her heart grew stronger and stronger, and she had been waiting for Xue Fanxin to return to vent.

Therefore, the moment she saw her, she went up to block her and questioned angrily, “An Xiaomeng, are you deliberately targeting and making things difficult for me? Let me tell you, I’m not afraid even if you have Overseer Ding backing you. Even if I, Yan Jinfeng, am in trouble, I won’t be afraid of a small, lowly person like you. If you want to fight with me, you’re courting death.”

“Are you done?” Xue Fanxin did not feel anything from Yan Jinfeng’s nonsense. She said indifferently, “If you’re done, please make way.”

“An Xiaomeng, you forced me to do this.” Yan Jinfeng originally planned to scold her a little to vent her anger, but when she saw Xue Fanxin’s indifferent expression, she was so angry that she was burning with anger. She really could not bear it and attacked in a rage, wanting to really teach Xue Fanxin a lesson.


Facing Yan Jinfeng’s attack, Xue Fanxin did not take it seriously. With her current ability, she could easily send Yan Jinfeng flying.

However, the problem was that she was currently playing the role of An Xiaomeng. She did not have any cultivation level, so she naturally could not send Yan Jinfeng flying.

Just as Xue Fanxin was thinking about whether to dodge or counterattack, a powerful force suddenly attacked and sent Yan Jinfeng flying.

“Ah…” Yan Jinfeng was sent flying hundreds of feet away. She spat out blood and fell to the ground, unable to get up. Although her injuries were not heavy, they were not light either.

What was even more unbearable and unacceptable to her was that the person who attacked her was actually Overseer Ding.

Why was Overseer Ding protecting An Xiaomeng everywhere? Was it because An Xiaomeng was a new disciple he had brought back?

Yan Jinfeng naturally did not know the true relationship between Overseer Ding and An Xiaomeng, nor did she know their true ident.i.ties, so she was destined to face tragedy.

Ye Jiushang had been paying attention to Xue Fanxin’s movements. Once he noticed that something was wrong, he would attack. He did not pity Yan Jinfeng at all and said coldly, “If I find out that you’re looking for trouble with her again, you’ll die.”

Hearing the word ‘die’, Yan Jinfeng’s heart was filled with fear. Her entire body trembled violently, and she did not dare to say another word as she scrambled away.

For some reason, Overseer Ding’s gaze just now made her feel very terrified, like the Grim Reaper. Also, that aura was really scary.

She had learned from Mu Xianrou that although Ding Ze was only an overseer of the Flowing Cloud Sect, he had another ident.i.ty. He was the illegitimate son of the previous Sect Master and the younger brother of the current Sect Master.

It was said that be it the previous Sect Master or the current Sect Master, they both valued Ding Ze very much. Therefore, even if Ding Ze was only a small overseer, he had very high authority in the Flowing Cloud Sect.

It was precisely because of this that she strongly wanted to win Overseer Ding’s attention.

But everything had been destroyed by An Xiaomeng.

“An Xiaomeng, you ruined my plans. I won’t let you have an easy time.”

Not long after, Ye Jiushang quietly appeared in the room.

“Ah Jiu, you’re here!” Xue Fanxin did not dare to spend too much time outside with Ye Jiushang in the courtyard just now, nor did she dare to say too much. She was afraid that others would hear her, so she only dared to speak in private.

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