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Chapter 1089: Ah Xuan I s Gentleness

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

JingYi and Su Ergou camped at the side.

The supplies for the camp were carried out by the bear from the forest.

Su Ergou thought that it was left behind by the White Lotus Society. Only Jing Yi looked at the canvas and then at Su Xiaoxiao, who was talking to the old man under the tree without saying anything.

The little cub rolled around in the empty s.p.a.ce. A bear could also have a good time.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the old man seriously. “Senior, I’m all ears.”

The old man said, “The Heart Guide is a long-lost ultimate technique in the martial world. It was later inherited by a certain sect.”

Su Xiaoxiao tilted her head. “Thousand Mountain Island a.s.sa.s.sin Alliance?”

The old man was speechless.

She Imew a little too much.

The old man looked at the magic treasure in her hand and swallowed. He continued, “The Heart Guide is a restriction planted in the body with medicine and internal strength. The person who is planted with the Heart Guide will have a special burning aura attached to his diaphragm. When it is not activated, it will not affect anyone. Once it is activated, he will be injured at best and die at worst.”

When Su Xiaoxiao heard the burning aura, she suddenly remembered Wei Qing.

“Senior, I have a friend I know. His martial arts were crippled by someone, and there was still a burning aura in his body. However, he happened to be poisoned by the cold poison which suppressed the burning aura. After the cold poison disappeared, the burning aura almost killed him. It was only later that an expert absorbed his burning aura into his body that he survived. In that case, was my friend also planted by someone?”

The old man was silent for a moment before saying, “I’ve never seen this. It’s hard to say. But even if he did, the other party probably didn’t succeed in planting. What did he say himself?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “He doesn’t remember. He was drugged. All his memories at that time are gone.”

The old man said, “The Heart Guide can only be successfully planted under voluntary conditions. If there is intense resistance, the Heart Guide might cause the meridians in one’s entire body to reverse and his life would be in danger. Perhaps his martial arts was lost like this.”

Su Xiaoxiao made a bold guess based on the information provided by the old man.

Someone captured Wei Qing and wanted to plant a Heart Guide for him.

It was known that the Heart Guide had to be voluntary, so the other party must have given Wei Qing the medicine to control him early on.

However, Wei Qing’s willpower was too strong, and the medicine could not completely control him.

During the process of resisting the Heart Guide, he lost his martial arts. Of course, it was also possible that he crippled his own martial arts.

Su Xiaoxiao said thoughtfully, “In that case, my friend was plotted against by the a.s.sa.s.sin Alliance? Or could it be that other than the a.s.sa.s.sin Alliance, there’s someone else who knows how to plant a Heart Guide?”

The old man said solemnly, “I’ve never planted a Heart Guide for anyone!”

Su Xiaoxiao blinked. “Senior, you know it too?”

The old man said, “I don’t know how.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Can you find an expert to absorb the burning aura in his body like what happened with my friend?”

The old man said, “That’s because it wasn’t planted successfully. You can’t resolve it when it’s successful.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at him in disbelief. “You know how to plant it, but you don’t know how to remove it?”

Her gaze seemed to be saying, “No way, no way. You can’t be so lousy, right?” The old man said firmly, “I said I don’t know.”

Su Xiaoxiao took out a kaleidoscope and said proudly, “The magic treasure of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the 3,000 small worlds, are all in the magic treasure.”

The old man was speechless.

They set off in the morning and it was almost afternoon when they arrived at the forest of the White Lotus Society. It took a lot of effort to find him. The sky had already darkened.

It was not that Su Xiaoxiao deliberately wanted to stall for time, but walking around in the forest of the White Lotus Society at night was very dangerous.

It was better to wait until dawn.

Jing Yi brought Su Ergou hunting.

Su Ergou had his sister to dote on him, Jing Yi to protect him, and the cub to play with.

Most importantly, Fourth Cousin had also been found.

He could be said to be very happy today.

Jing Yi taught him how to hunt.

“Do you know how to shoot?” Jing Yi asked.

Su Ergou replied honestly, “A little. I’m not as good as my sister.”

Jing Yi said, “There aren’t many people in the world who are better than your sister. ”


Su Ergou was proud that his sister had been praised.

The two of them hid behind a bush.

Jing Yi gestured at the hare opposite him with his eyes and whispered, “Do you see that rabbit?”

Su Ergou nodded. He saw it.

JingYi said, “Aim half a foot in front of it.”

Su Ergou was puzzled. “Shouldn’t I be aiming at it?”

JingYi said, “It can run. Your arrows arenrt that fast.”

The two of them spoke very softly and did not even tremble.

Su Ergou did as he was told and suddenly shot an arrow.

The hare was indeed smart. When it heard the sound of air breaking, it immediately jumped forward.


The arrow hit it.

Su Ergou stood up excitedly. “Wow! I hit it! I’m so powerful!”

Su Ergou tasted the joy of hunting and ran through the forest with Jing Yi.

At first, he called him Young Marquis, but later on, it became Brother Jing Yi.

The golden eagle also went to hunt and brought back a few field mice and two pheasants.

Su Xiaoxiao only kept the pheasant and let the golden eagle and falcon share the rest.

At night, Su Xiaoxiao roasted the wild rabbit and the pheasant.

There were ingredients in the pharmacy. The meat was sprinkled with spices and salt and smeared with a layer of honey. The taste could not be more delicious.

The bear and the little cub also ate the honey Su Xiaoxiao took out from the pharmacy and were extremely satisfied.

The Head of the Secret Service and Huahua were in a cave on the cliff, so it was not convenient for them to hunt.

Su Xiaoxiao packed the roasted rabbit and pheasant in a basket and thoughtfully placed a water bag for Wuhu and the golden eagle to send down. The strong wind at the bottom of the cliff came and went, almost sending Wuhu away.

Fortunately, the golden eagle could fly in the storm and was not afraid of the strong wind at the bottom of the cliff.

It put down the food and carried Brother Wuhu to the top of the cliff.

It was June and the weather was hot.

But it was still cold on the mountain at night.

A big bird had built a nest in the cave, leaving some withered branches.

Su Xuan brought a match and tore off a piece of his shirt. After lighting it, he made a fire.

Princess Hui An was full after taking a few bites. She looked at his perfect handsome face reflected by the fire.

His eyes were as calm as ever. ????????????.???

“Su Xuan.”

Princess Hui An called him.

Su Xuan said, “Princess, what instructions do you have?”

Princess Hui An looked at him. “Why did you quarrel with your family? Is it because you missed the exam? Or… does your family disagree with you being my husband?”

She continued, “I know. I’m not as smart as Jingning, nor am I like her. I’m just a princess who has been married everywhere.”

Su Xuan said, “Princess Hui An is very good.”

Princess Hui An whispered, ‘Very good, you don’t like me either.”

Su Xuan said softly, “There are many people in the world who admire the princess.”

Princess Hui An hugged her knees and looked at the flickering bonfire. “But they’re not you. The person they admire isn’t me. It’s my princess status and my skin they desire.”

There were not many dead branches, and the fire was gradually extinguished.

The cave went dark.

“Su Xuan, are you there?”

Princess Hui An asked nervously. Su Xuan said, “Ah Xuan is here.”

“I’m afraid,” Princess Hui An said.

Su Xuan pursed his lips and said softly, “Ah Xuan will guard the princess..”

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