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Chapter 1326 - 1326:I Think You Want to Play With Me

Chapter 1326:I Think You Want to Play With Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Yi was about to lower his head and leave.

However, Zhao Ling’s words exposed him.

This woman really knew how to get things done. He told her to keep a low profile, but he ended up being exposed in this way.

Hearing how Zhao Ling addressed Lin Yi, Zhou Feng and the others were a little puzzled.

They didn’t even know each other, so why were they greeting each other?

“Director Zhao, do you know each other?” Zhou Feng asked curiously.

“Of course.” Zhao Ling smiled and said,

“Director Lin explained the situation to me. That’s why we decided to provide a second aid package to Dongsan County. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come.”

“Director Lin contacted him!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was surprised.

Wasn’t Zhou Feng the one who contacted them this time? Why was it now to Lin Yi’s credit?

Everyone looked at each other with strange expressions. It took them a while to understand what was going on.

Since Director Zhao had already said this, there was no way it was untrue.

It was very likely that Zhou Feng had taken all the credit for his actions.

In that case, he was going a little overboard.

Zhou Feng’s expression was extremely awkward and ugly.

He did not expect to be slapped in the face at this time.

Zhou Feng looked at Lin Yi coldly and hid all the anger in his heart.

Now was not the time to explode. When there was a chance in the future, he had to teach him a lesson!

“Director Lin, we’re going to eat. Let’s go together.”

Zhao Ling was very smart. She knew that this was a good opportunity to please her boss, so she did not want to let it go.

“I won’t go with you guys,” Lin Yi replied casually and left through the crowd. He didn’t have any intention of getting involved, and it was as if he didn’t want any credit for this.

The accompanying leaders were a little puzzled.

What was Lin Yi thinking? He didn’t even want credit?

After Lin Yi returned to the office, Li Qingkai returned not long after.

“Little Lin, you’re really amazing. You actually secretly pulled in more than a million in aid supplies. I really underestimated you.”

“It’s not a big deal, don’t take it to heart.” Lin Yi said.

“Of the one million, 200,000 was in funds. I want to use that money to dig a few wells for the villages. That way, we can guarantee that there will be water to use when there’s a drought. Brother Li, what do you think?”

“I think that works.” Li Qingkai said.

“But the flood control of the river is also a big deal. We need to pay more attention to it, but you don’t have to worry about this matter. I’ll be in charge.”

“I think we’ll see results soon after we settle this,” Lin Yi said.

“Also, the soil environment in the village is generally not good. It’s very alkaline, and it’s very difficult to improve it in a short period of time. I’m wondering if I can contact the people from the Agricultural Science Inst.i.tute to improve the seeds and increase the alkaline tolerance. This can also further increase production.”

Li Qingkai’s eyes lit up.

“That’s a good idea, but it might be very difficult to achieve. We don’t have the capital to pay for their research.”

“It’s okay. I’ll think of something.”

He saw Lin Yi taking this job in his arms again.

At this point, Li Qingkai realized that Lin Yi might not have come here just to pa.s.s the time. He really wanted to do something and achieve results. Otherwise, there was no need to tire himself out.

“I’ll leave you to handle that. Leave the heavy lifting to me,” Li Qingkai said.

“Oh right, Brother Li, there’s one more thing.” Lin Yi said.

“Can you organize a Chamber of Commerce in the near future? Let’s start now so that there won’t be any delays.”

“Huh??” Li Qingkai was stunned for a moment. “Didn’t we just start recruiting businesses? Why are we forming a Chamber of Commerce so soon?”

“We’ll start by releasing the news, building up antic.i.p.ation, and monitoring the market before proceeding further,” Lin Yi suggested.

Li Qingkai didn’t know what connections Lin Yi had, but from his posture, he didn’t seem to be joking.

“Sure, you can discuss it with Director w.a.n.g. Let’s work out the details and plan our approach accordingly,” Lin Yi agreed.

Lin Yi nodded. “If there’s hope for the recruitment, can the county give us any helpful policies?”

“The only thing we can offer is land policies, and the bank can provide some loans. We might not have much else to offer.”

“Something is better than nothing.”

After discussing the recruitment with Li Qingkai, Lin Yi called Ji Qingyan and asked her to purchase two plots of land in Dongsan County for future development.

After ending the call with Ji Qingyan, Lin Yi called Liang Ruoxu.

“Beauty Liang, are you busy?”

Lin Yi said with a smile after the video call connected.

“Nothing good happens when you are smiling. Tell me, why are you looking for me?”

“Everyone says that there’s heaven above and Yuhang below. The scenery here is so good. I want to ask Beauty Liang to come here to play.”

“Do you want me to go to Yuhang to play or do you want to play with me?”

“Uh…” Lin Yi paused, “I was thinking of both of those things. Thus, I’m going to put them together.”

“Dream on,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Tell me, why are you looking for me? I have a meeting later.”

“Didn’t I tell you just now? I wanted to invite you to come over and play. Let’s see if we can bring Lu Yanmin out while we’re at it. We can also talk about some serious matters.”

“I knew you wouldn’t be so kind.” Liang Ruoxu rolled her eyes. Then, she picked up the calendar on the table and looked at it. “I’m free tomorrow. If you can make me happy, I’ll help you invite Lu Yanmin out.”

“This is an insult to my skills. Not only will I make you happy, but I will make you o.r.g.a.s.mic.”

“Screw you.” Liang Ruoxu blushed. “Call me tomorrow.”


After the call with Liang Ruoxu, Lin Yi stretched and looked at the date on his phone. He realized that tomorrow was the weekend, so he didn’t plan to stay here anymore. He planned to go back to Yuhang first and have a meal with Sun Jian. There was no point in staying here alone.

Lin Yi threw the Wuling Hongguang aside and drove the Lexus back to Yuhang City.

He went to the Rainforest Technology Company where Sun Jian worked.

“I’m at your company building. Come down.”

“Boss, it’s only four o’clock now. I have some urgent work to do. I think I’ll only be done in an hour.” Sun Jian said.

“Come up and wait for me for a while. I’m in too much of a hurry. I can’t delay it.”

“This is your company. An outsider like me shouldn’t go up.”

“What are you saying? You’re practically a G.o.d. They can’t wait for you to come up and show you around” Sun Jian said.

“Besides, there’s food and drink upstairs. It’s better than you waiting in the car. Come on up.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi got out of the car and walked upstairs.

Ultimately, this was his job, and work always took precedence, so there wasn’t much to complain about.

When he arrived at Sun Jian’s company, Lin Yi observed the area for a while. The area was not big, only measuring about 200 square meters.

However, there were dozens of people gathered. They were making a lot of noise, as if they were discussing something.

They didn’t even notice Lin Yi coming in.

Lin Yi looked around, found Sun Jian, and walked straight over.

“What are you concentrating on? I didn’t even see you when I came over.” Lin Yi patted Sun Jian’s shoulder.

“When you were in high school, you weren’t even this focused on movies..”

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