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Chapter 1324 - 1324: Investment Plan

Chapter 1324: Investment Plan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The two of you poured a bucket of cold water on me, making me lose the mood to work,” Lin Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“President Lin, don’t be discouraged.” Qi Xianzhao comforted him.

His status was different from He Yuanyuan and Shen Tianzhuo, so he was very clear about his relationship with Lin Yi.

Although Lin Yi had treated them well for a long time, he didn’t dare to be too rash.

“This matter isn’t completely settled. If there’s good policy support, it can still be done.”

At this moment, He Yuanyuan walked over.

“Is there a tax deduction policy?”

“No, there isn’t. If there were, 1 wouldn’t be tasked with this job.”

“From a perspective of interests, it’s quite challenging,” He Yuanyuan explained.

“The domestic market is no longer the first choice. Large manufacturing factories like ours usually move their factories to Southeast Terra. If we choose a domestic location without policy support, the inland region would be the best choice.”

Lin Yi understood what He Yuanyuan meant. Economic development couldn’t be done without policy support. As a businessman, these were all factors to consider.

“Actually, the situation isn’t as pessimistic as we think,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“The transportation here is convenient. It’s at the intersection of the three cities, and it’s not far from An Province. Although it’s not the best choice, it’s not the worst either. Even if we build a factory here, we won’t lose money. At most, we’ll earn less. If we can get beneficial policies in the future, it’ll be even more perfect.”

Qi Xianzhao’s abilities weren’t just confined to his work. High emotional intelligence was also a significant part of his skillset.

It wasn’t good to always pour cold water on others when they came here to help the poor.

Shen Tianzhuo also realized this.

“Now we’ve already started researching the three-nanometer lithography machine, and the five-nanometer lithography machine is ready for ma.s.s production. So, chip manufacturing is something we must secure. However, we could establish the relevant low-end supporting industries here,” Shen Tianzhuo explained.

“There’s also Tonghua Electronics’ mobile phone business. We can set up additional factories here. Just like President Qi said just now, with Lingyun Group’s current scale and size, as long as the scientific research side can keep up, we will almost always turn a profit. It’s just that we’ll earn less. If we can get some beneficial policies in the future, it’ll be like adding wings to a tiger.”

“Since Director Shen and Brother Qi have said this, I won’t dampen your spirits.” He Yuanyuan said.

“In the next one to two years, the Lingyun Group will focus on the photolithography machine, chip manufacturing, and mobile phone business.”

“The supporting industries for lithography machines are already set up and can’t realistically be moved. However, when it comes to chip manufacturing, there are still opportunities to be tapped, and it’s important for us to intensify efforts to establish a foothold and capture a first-mover advantage,” Shen Tianzhuo emphasized.

He Yuanyuan changed her posture and continued,

“Since the semiconductor industry is already monopolized, we shouldn’t worry too much about the chip sector. Let’s turn this place into Huaxia’s semiconductor industrial park and aim for something big.”

Qi Xianzhao was a bit conservative, but He Yuanyuan had a radical side.

This was vividly reflected on this point.

“Monopolizing the semiconductor industry is enough for me to handle. Do you really want me to monopolize the chip industry too?”

“What are you afraid of?” He Yuanyuan said nonchalantly.

“Whether you go all in or hold back, it’s all the same. With my Senior Sister’s qualifications, as long as you don’t meet an accident before you’re 40, she’ll have no trouble finding a new opportunity for you to live off of.”

“I really want to stab you.”

Qi Xianzhao and Shen Tianzhuo laughed. They were already used to the two of them bickering

“President Lin, 1 think this plan is feasible too,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“Let’s go with this plan for now, and in the future, if we can obtain some supporting policies, we’ll work together on that.”

Lin Yi nodded. “That’s what’s happening right now. Hurry up and come up with a plan. We’ll discuss it in a meeting and see what the other executives think.”

“Got it.”

“Then that’s all for now. You guys can go back too. Settle this matter quickly.”

“Got it, President Lin.”

“By the way, I have something to tell you,” He Yuanyuan said.

“The foundation is preparing to support Dongsan County a second time. They plan to support them with 800 to 1 billion yuan.”

“That’s not a problem,” Lin Yi said, “Just let them do their job. Don’t tweak things just because I’m here.”

“Okay! I’ll go back and tell her.”

With that, the four of them parted ways and Lin Yi returned to the county.

However, on the way back, he received a call from the person in charge of the foundation, Zhao Ling.

“Mr. Lin, we’ve already prepared the second round of support plan for Dongsan County. It includes targeted goods worth around 800,000 yuan and public aid of 200,000 yuan.”

“You’ve always been in charge of this aspect. Just follow the company’s procedures.”

“Do we need to coordinate with you about our people going there tomorrow?”

“Is there a need for coordination?” Lin Yi asked.

“These supplies are for the subordinate villages and towns. It doesn’t have much to do with the county, right?”

“But we’re a business after all. If we spend the money, we have to also build a good reputation.”

Lin Yi smiled. “I understand what you mean, but 1 won’t go with you. You guys can come straight to the county. If you have something else to discuss, we’ll talk later.”

“What about your ident.i.ty?”

“Keep a low profile. This is not a place to show off.”

Zhao Ling smiled. President Lin was always so straightforward.

After talking about the second aid package, Lin Yi hung up.

He first went to have a meal and then went to the office.

In the office, other than Li Qingkai and Li Sijin, there was also a young man present.

He looked to be in his late twenties. He wore gla.s.ses and had a buzz cut. He was dressed appropriately and gave off a refined feeling. He was standing in front of Li Qingkai and talking to them.

“Little Lin, let me introduce you.” Li Qingkai put down his teacup and said.

“This is the director of the County Development Office, Zhou Feng.”

Lin Yi nodded as a greeting.

Lin Yi still had an impression of this person. He seemed to be a relative of some second-in-command.

However, when Zhou Feng saw Lin Yi, he did not do anything and was even a little wary.

“Little Lin, 1 saw Little Guo come back yesterday. She wasn’t in a good mood. Did you two quarrel yesterday?”

“She’s just a slacker. 1 can’t be bothered with her.”

Li Qingkai patted Lin Yi’s shoulder earnestly.

“Alright, calm down. After all, she’s a girl.”

After saying that, Li Qingkai smiled. “But I’m quite curious. Your conditions aren’t bad either. Why are you here?”

Lin Yi chuckled. “I’m serving the people.”

“What a good way to serve the people.” Li Qingkai laughed out loud.

“You ran around all day yesterday and all morning today. How do you feel? Any leads?”

“Of course. We need to recruit some businesses. Otherwise, we can forget about escaping poverty..”

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