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905 Mirror Dimension (2)

There were at least dozens of Level 7 and Level 8 mutated beasts outside. The Level 9 mutated beasts did not even appear yet.

If the other party was very virtuous and engaged in one-on-one battles, Lin Ye was confident that Blackie, the Great Sage, and the others could kill all these mutated beasts one by one.

But that was obviously impossible.

The beast tide outside was not as large as before, but the quality was terrifyingly high.

The previous beast tide was usually 100,000 people.

However, the leaders were only a few Level 6 and Level 7 mutated beasts at most.

The rest were mostly Level 1 and Level 2 cannon fodder. There were not many Level 3 cannon fodder.

However, although there were only tens of thousands of beasts this time, the lowest level was Level 3.

Those Level 1 and 2 beasts were basically consumed as food for high-level mutated beasts on the way.

This was the reason why the beast tide this time was simpler but stronger, or rather, much stronger.

Of course, there was another point.

When those awakened high-level mutated beasts couldn’t find food, they would naturally attack low-level mutated beasts.

Of course, they were not as “nutritious” as humans.

Therefore, these cities became the “cafeteria” for these awakened high-level mutated beasts.

Thinking of this, Lin Ye ignored the two deserters with complicated feelings. Instead, he came to the Beast Taming Machine and began to draw the Guardian Divine Beast.

When the image on the beast machine froze, Lin Ye looked at it in surprise.

It was mainly because this Guardian Divine Beast was very different from the hundred he had drawn previously.

Most of the Guardian Divine Beasts in front were mainly fighting-types.

The quality was also gold.

However, in Iron Rock City, a city that was about to be drowned by mutated beasts, he actually drew a seven-colored Guardian Divine Beast. Moreover, its type was not mainly combat.

Could it be that even the dojo knew that the situation in Iron Rock City was not good?

[Name] Mirror Void Beast

[Quality] Rainbow

[Attributes] s.p.a.ce

[Bloodline] None

[Level] Intermediate Level 3

[Skills] Mirror Defense (Reflect the enemy’s attack in a mirror image), No Flight Area (Form a substantive spatial area. No one can dodge and move in the area. They can only walk), Mirror s.p.a.ce (The Mirror s.p.a.ce Beast can directly transform into a mirror s.p.a.ce. It can envelop everything in the area and not suffer any damage. It can also envelop the enemy and prevent them from coming out before completely breaking the mirror s.p.a.ce.)

[Overview] This is a very rare beast. When it is motionless, everyone would ignore the existence of the beast there. It is like a transparent gla.s.s mirror. Before touching it, no one would believe its existence.

Looking at the description of the Mirror Void Beast, Lin Ye summoned it.

And then …

If he hadn’t seen the flash of the array when he summoned the beast, Lin Ye would have thought that there was a bug in the beast card.

Because there wasn’t a single hair in his line of sight right now…

However, there was an additional connection in his mind.

This allowed Lin Ye to confirm that he had indeed summoned the Mirror Void Beast.

“Can you come out and let me see you?”

Just as Lin Ye finished communicating with the Mirror s.p.a.ce Beast in his mind, he saw a “wave” in front of him. Then, a transparent beast that looked like a deer pieced together from gla.s.s appeared in front of Lin Ye.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Alicia looked at the Mirror Void Beast, which had become a little reflective and shiny, and subconsciously praised it.

Then, the Mirror Void Beast immediately ran over and rubbed its head against Alicia.

Miraculously, though, the guy couldn’t make a sound.

Whether it was opening its mouth or running on the ground, it was as if it was walking in another dimension.

Alicia happily interacted with the Mirror Void Beast.

Fortunately, this thing could be touched.

Otherwise, Lin Ye would wonder if this guy’s body was real or just a “projection”.

“How much mirror s.p.a.ce can you create now?”

Hearing Lin Ye’s words, the Mirror Void Beast lowered its head and thought for a while. Then, it moved its hooves backward and gestured.

Lin Ye finally understood what it meant.

Currently, it could encompa.s.s the entire dojo and some areas around it.

It was only the size of two or three basketball courts.

In other words, even if the Mirror Void Beast could use the mirror s.p.a.ce to provide protection, there was a limit to the number of people it could protect.

However, he would save as many as he could…

“Can humans come in from outside the mirror s.p.a.ce?”

The Mirror Dimension Beast nodded.

As long as it allowed it, it could let people in.

Lin Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then open this mirror s.p.a.ce now. Humans can enter and exit at will, but not mutated beasts.”

The Mirror Void Beast nodded and jumped up gently. Its body disappeared from the floor of the Beast Taming Dojo.

When it reappeared, it was already standing on the roof of the Beast Taming Dojo.

Then, the figure of the Mirror Void Beast slowly disappeared above the Beast Taming Dojo.

At the same time, a spatial ripple began to spread in all directions from where the Mirror Void Beast was just now.

As the ripples spread, a faintly visible transparent “gla.s.s wall” seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

The mutated beasts that landed directly plunged into the range of the mirror s.p.a.ce. Then… then, like an empty s.p.a.ce, they rushed straight past the dojo.

Lin Ye could even see the blood-stained fur of the mutated beast when it ran past her.

w.a.n.g Yong and Li Erchui were trembling in fear.

If not for the fact that the beautiful girl and the man did not do anything, the two of them would have started running when they saw the Level 3 Rock Tiger barge in from outside the wall of the dojo.

However, after holding it in, they realized that the mutated beast seemed to be… blind. Without even looking at them, it ran straight to the back. Then, it pa.s.sed through another wall of the Beast Taming Dojo and disappeared…

Both of them looked at Lin Ye as if they had seen a ghost.

“Do you two have any money on yourselves?”

When Lin Ye saw the two of them looking at her, he smiled and spoke.

w.a.n.g Yong and Li Erchui didn’t know why this mysterious dojo master was asking them this, but they still nodded.

The other party… couldn’t possibly rob them, right?

“If you do, come over and draw a beast. Then you can leave.”

“Yes, leave the city.”

Lin Ye pointed at the spatial door that he had deliberately placed beside the Beast Taming Machine.

w.a.n.g Yong and Li Erchui looked in Lin Ye’s direction in a daze. After hesitating for a moment, they walked over.

After all, sticking one’s head out was a knife, and retracting one’s head was also a knife.

What if this lord didn’t lie to them? Perhaps they could really live?

Therefore, the two of them walked to the low-level Beast Taming Machine that Lin Ye had specially prepared and pressed the joystick.

w.a.n.g Yong drew the Ironback Pig, while Li Erhui drew a Herculean Gorilla.

They were all white-quality beasts.

“2,000 credits. This is a gift to you. Put the Beast Taming Card into the Beast Taming Index and you can enter this spatial door.”

“After you enter, remember to get someone to understand the situation inside.”

The two of them looked at each other and followed Lin Ye’s instructions.

Then, their figures successfully disappeared from the spatial door.

After the two of them left, Lin Ye brought Alicia to the entrance of the dojo.

At this moment, Gu Zheng also walked over with two military officers with blood stains on their bodies.

“These two are the current highest-ranking commanders here. They are the commanders of the Second Regiment and the Deputy Commander of the Third Regiment in Iron Rock City.”

Lin Ye looked at the two of them and didn’t say anything else. He immediately told them what she could do.

When they learned that there was an area here that could protect humans from mutated beasts, both of their faces revealed pleasant surprise.

“Sir, we can set up a position here and have people transport residents from the city.”

“And I hope… we can start from the outskirts of the city.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because those rich people should have already left Iron Rock City through the spatial gateway.”

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