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Since I made new tools, I’m going to do『Smithing』right away.
It’s currently my biggest earning skill, after all.
It will take some time with 4★『Copper ingot』and『Smithing Arts/Lv15/Extraction・Improved』, but ma.s.s production is possible.

Next time, I expect to improve the performance of the『Bucket helm』which is my trademark with the 4★『Copper ingot』and new tools.
By the way,『Bucket helm』also seems to be an original, but it didn’t turn into recipe yet because I haven’t made it enough times yet.
Although I say that, it’s extremely simple, I will make more to popularize it further, so it will become a recipe soon.

Kankan, kankan, kankan, kankan.
While paying attention to the image, I adjust the shape with『Smithing Arts/Lv1/Molding』.
It’s possible to acquire new『Arts』just like『Molding』and『Extraction』which would make the work easier, but『Arts』is difficult to acquire as they can be acquired only at fixed levels.
There was no information about the『Molding・Improved』in the beta test, and it’s probably not possible to acquire unless you’re at a fairly high level.

The completed『Copper Bucket Helm』is――

Copper Bucket Helm
Head/Heavy/4★/DEF+7/Durability Enhancement・Slight/Durability 60

Unexpectedly, on top of being 4★, it also has an『Option』.
『Option』is an additional effect, they are very important effects attached to equipment like this time’s『Durability Enhancement・Slight』.
It’s a wonderful existence that skyrockets the value of equipment especially when suitable effect matches with the equipment.

Now then, if you ask me, this time’s『Durability Enhancement・Slight』is not half bad.
If possible, it goes without saying that an『Option』which increases the defensive power would be better, but durability should also be high.
Therefore, my evaluation is not half bad.

By the way, the description attached at the end of the『Option』is the quality of the effect, and ‘Slight’ represents the lowest quality.
Nevertheless, the durability of the 3★ is 40, so it increased by 1.5 times. Well, it actually is not multiplication, but it seems to add a fixed value.

At any rate, it’s my first『Option Item』!
Moreover, for it to be my trademark『Bucket helm』, isn’t that a good omen? The tension raises very much!
I will keep going hard like this!


From now on, I will live as the manufacturer of『Option Items』in the brilliant world of【Frontiers】…… there was a time when I thought such.

The conclusion I came to is that『Option』effects are not reliable.
No, well, I, of course, knew from the beta test information.
Ah don’t, it’s not like I have forgotten.

After triumphantly making producing the『Copper Bucket Helm』, I made another three from which two were 4★.
One ended up as 3★.
Incidentally, in the case of armor, the performance doesn’t improve equally with rank.
Well, I’m not saying that there’s no benefit, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that there are currently no benefits.
Anyhow, the merit is the improved success rate of items enhanced with rare effects.
At the beginning of the early stages, such rare items can’t be obtained by most people, and there are nearly no people who are not using the lowest-ranking heavy bronze armor.

By the way, the is heavy armor and light armor, the heavy armor is made from metals and have relatively higher DEF.
Equipment such as cloth and leather are lighter and have lower DEF.
The defense system skills are also separated to these two kinds, giving benefits such as increased defensive power depending on the equipped armor.

That being the case, since I can now make 4★ frequently, let’s keep on furiously striking and hope for『Option』.
The information from the beta test told that the best way to attach『Option』is to raise skill Lv and use high-rank materials.
Of course, there might have been an update or perhaps a lack of verification, so I can’t be negligent.

「Give me『Option』~ Give me『Option』~」I process the materials while chanting.
Tanning can be done at automatically at full throttle when pouring magical power in the『Magic tanning machine』using the『Lizard hide』recipe.
When using corresponding『Arts』at the timing described in the recipe, the time will shorten further, and improvement in the rank could be seen, but I’m afraid that my『Leather』leather skill Lv is too low, so it won’t happen.

After making『Lizard hide』in a blink of an eye, I make『Copper Longsword』next.
Axes seem to have higher demand, but swords are nice, aren’t they?
It’s cla.s.sic, isn’t it? I prefer swords over axes. Longswords are especially cool, right?
Knights are extremely cool.

I wonder whether my pa.s.sionate pathos has been understood.
The article I made is――

Copper Longsword
Longsword/4★/ATK+16/Attack Enhancement・Slight/Durability 80

Here it comes!
An『Option』at once!
Furthermore, it’s the considerably valuable for weapons,『Attack Enhancement』!
Precisely top five『Option』for weapons!

I still don’t know the market price of the『Durability Enhancement・Slight』that’s on the『Copper Bucket Helm』, but this one was made according to a recipe, so there’s market price information.
As I thought, the price didn’t increase drastically because the effect is just Slight, but it still increased by 1.4 times.
This is quite delicious.
As expected『Option』…… is『Option』the key…… gufufu.


The magical power of『Option』is incredible.
I’m reflecting upon this time’s production.
Because of the exploding tension of『Attack Enhancement・Slight』on the『Copper Longsword』, I made another four『Copper Longsword』.

All of those had no『Option』.
No, yes. I knew, you know? I properly understood, you know?
Even two of them were 3★ and two 4★. I knew, you know?

One more. The next one. It will come next time! as a result of keeping on producing, my ma.s.s produced『Copper ingot』nearly disappeared.
Well, I planned to use them all either way, so it’s really fine, but variety might have been better for sales.
In the current situation, 3★ and 4★ will sell for the same price because there’s no『Option』though.

The problem is this『Copper Longsword』with『Attack Enhancement・Slight』, isn’t it?
I have not seen any『Option Item』in the street stalls, so it will probably sell right away if I put it on sale.
But, now that I finally remembered, there’s a person using『Copper Longsword』in my friend list, isn’t there?
Is it not a good idea to sell it to him who will surely become a good customer from now on?
I seem to have worried him with the stupid incident too, so let’s toss him a『Mail』as an apology.

I send a『Mail』to Rush-san and promtply use the rest of the『Copper ingot』since my tension returned to normal levels.

By the way, I’m changing the subject, but are you aware of the『Greed Sensor』?
If you defeat a MOB, it will drop an item.
There’s a probability, and that probability naturally decreases for good items.
If there’s an item you want, in the case of hunting monsters, you will rely on this probability.
That is the『Greed Sensor』.

The invisible hand of G.o.d is not actually manipulating the probability, but it’s G.o.d’s prank caused by a random number of probabilities.
However, from time to time, the existence of the『Greed Sensor』will appear too often, so it’s G.o.d’s prank. Curse you.

But, it’s not like there’s no way to deal with it.
It’s a kind of superst.i.tion, but it’s said to be effective as far as widely circulated as a coping strategy――the so-called『Be innocent』.

Well, in other words, what do I want to say is――

Copper Ring
Accessory/4★/DEF+1/Durability Enhancement・Slight/Durability 25

Copper Ring
Accessory/4★/DEF+1 MATK+7/Magic Attack Enhancement・Slight/Durability 10

Both of the『Copper Rings』made with the remaining『Copper ingot』have『Option』on it~!

Well, on one hand, an accessory with『Durability Enhancement・Slight』is quite pointless, but the other one with the『Magic Attack Enhancement・Slight』will probably make magic using pioneers salivate.

Even though the『Copper Longsword』with『Attack Enhancement・Slight』increases the ATK only by 2, the『Copper Ring』with『Magic Attack Enhancement・Slight』increases MATK by 7.
I remember reading that the Slight value has a considerably wide range in the information from the beta test.
In other words, won’t this yield me quite a lot of money?
It’s unusual, but there’s no market price information.
No, it might be simply because my range of activities is too narrow, but this makes my expectations high.

Because asking would be the fastest if not understanding, I promptly send『Mail』to my Cousin-sama.
How much will it be~ I’m so looking forward to it~

After that, I immediately got a reply from Rush-san saying that he wants to buy it by all means, so I start selling in front of the【Rental production facility】where we are supposed to meet.
I have traded it for the『Copper Longsword』he used before as an apology for worrying him.
Rush-san was hesitating a little, but he accepted and paid only for the difference when I told him to help me if something happens in the future.

Although it should have been used, the durability was not reduced, so when I asked, he was apparently planning to sell it, so he had it repaired at the store. The price decreases with the decrease in durability, after all.
When I separate from Rush-san with a smile, I’m afraid to say that it was unfortunately already my bedtime.
It’s unfortunate that my environment doesn’t allow me to stretch my playtime any longer, but I will be looking forward to tomorrow.

Mika-chan, I will be expecting you~

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