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Translated by Novice Translations

Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage - 15

I was Just Curious, Don't Think Too Much

 Shi Jian carefully and gently kisses.

  She gently covered Ke Li's lips because she was stealing a kiss, she was so nervous that she forgot to breathe. But her strong lung capacity allowed her to kiss Ke Li for a long time.

  In her sleep, Ke Li felt the softness on her lips and habitually opened her mouth in response, which caused Shi Jian to be like a frightened bird. She kept her half-bent posture over Ke Li, her heart beating like a drum in the middle of the night.

  Her mind was spinning fast on how to explain the situation. She didn't breathe until she didn't see any signs of Ke Li waking up. Then, she realized that it was a false alarm.

  At this time, Shi Jian fell aside and inhaled.

  Fortunately, Ke Li didn't wake up, or she would be caught red-handed. She really didn't know how to explain.

  After her breathing was stable, Shi Jian gently held Ke Li, and sniffed her body's familiar fragrance, then began to think about their relationship.

  Since this wasn't a normal relationship to be able to kiss casually, what was it?

  Those previous deliberate evaded questions suddenly entered her mind, then Shi Jian traced Ke Li's outline in the dark and asked herself: do you like it?  

  I don't know.

  Shi Jian really didn't know if she would be content with the status quo, she would rather continue being ambiguous. But obviously, she couldn't do that. She had to give herself an answer, but the answer was too strange and unconsciously contradictory.

  In the end, Shi Jian decided that the idea developed too quickly for her to be able to adapt, let alone her original intentions which was from mere curiosity.

  After persuading herself, Shi Jian fell asleep.

  Ke Li woke up the next day, refreshed with a clear mind and comfortable body. Doudou mentioned all the good things that Shi Jian had done last night. Ke Li's heart was a little disappointed. In the end, she wanted Shi Jian to clearly know what she wanted, she simply continued to loosen the reins only to have it grasped tighter.

  Ke Li comforted herself and continued to flirt with Shi Jian heartlessly.

  On New Year's Eve, everyone everywhere was celebrating peace with songs and dance1, and the Shi'fu was joyous. It's just that, Shi Jian was worried that Ke Li would leave, and she proposed, "Sister Qu, let's go to the Lantern Festival."


  Since ancient times, all kinds of Lantern Festivals were good places to create dating opportunities for handsome men and beautiful women. What's more, the lanterns and riddles were all guises, although today was merely New Year's Eve.

  Ke Li and Shi Jian walked on the streets full of lanterns. The weather was very cold, but the hearts of people were very warm. In her heart she schemed and only felt that Ke Li's hands were flexible. She pinched her hand that was softer than top-notch fine satin, really makes people love too much to part with.

  ”Here, the lanterns will be really good-looking.” Ke Li has never seen anything like it. Shi Jian merely thought she hasn't been to the Lantern Festival, perhaps her place's customs were different and said, "It's fine, it's also my first time coming out."

  Ke Li didn't understand her meaning and replied, "It's the first time for us all."  

  Her fanciful word was not well used.

  At the time, Shi Jian obviously thought of going elsewhere. She looked a little unnatural, then she looked up and saw there were not many boats in the lake. She had an idea in her heart, "Let's go by boat too. The scenery in the middle of the lake is more beautiful.”


  When they boarded the boat, the hull was shaking. Shi Jian tightly guarded her in an embrace which caused the boatman to burst into laughter. He said the two sister's relationship was very good, but Shi Jian didn't agree with the statement within her heart.

  The scenery abroad the boat was very good. The lake was illuminated by thousands of bright red lights. The boats on the lake was decorated with lanterns and colorful banners and it all created a festive image.

  While the two were sitting on the deck, Shi Jian held Ke Li from behind. Given their recent intimate actions, this posture was normal. Ke Li was nestled in her arms like a lazy kitten.

  At last, to feel this task has become enjoyable.

  At that time, Shi Jian's chin was resting on Ke Li's shoulder, her eyes moved to the side of her face then she slowly opened her mouth and said, "Was it the same as when you were younger?"

  ”Not like this, it wasn't so busy. This is the happiest New Years I've ever had." Ke Li seriously answered.

  Basically, all the traditional festivals were no different for her dead house. It was nothing more than eating with Shen Qing in a different place.

  When Shi Jian heard what she said, Shi Jian's brows smiled, but her eyes were somewhat bitter, and her lips faintly discernably touched Ke Li's ear.

  Ke Li endured the strange feelings from her body, turned around and was about to ask if she was curious again. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise from the opposite boat, then a knife was thrown straight at them.

  Shi Jian skillfully touched the ground, with one foot she kicked away the ill-fated knife then stood up and took Ke Li off the boat and went directly to the fighting ship.

  She didn't expect that it was a pleasure-seeking boat. As soon as they arrived, they saw some people looking for excitement on the boat. The knife was accidentally thrown by two men.

  At this time, Shi Jian nearly subconsciously stood in front of Ke Li and blocked her eyes and didn't allowed the shining white bodies to sway her eyes. Afterwards, at lightning speed they departed this quarrel.

  The first time they properly toured the lake, because those people's big fight, they dawdled and wasted money. Shi Jian practically half-embraced Ke Li, she saw that they sat on the boat for nothing and thought with a smile, "I forgot that you can fight again."

  Even if Ke Li was able to fight and the flying knife came, she had no time to react compared to Shi Jian's ability. She leaned lazily in her arms and said, "It doesn't matter, I'm lazy anyways."

  Ke Li was very clingy to her during this period of time. Shi Jian was very happy and felt that their hearts were getting closer and closer. She liked this feeling very much and quipped, "Really a lazy pig, knows martial arts but doesn't use."

  At the beginning of her words, Shi Jian's face became gentle while Ke Li's body almost hung from her neck and Ke Li said, "Because I know you will immediately come and save me."

  Shi Jian smiled and didn't answered the question and her mood suddenly fell.  

  If they can stay together, she will certainly protect Ke Li immediately.

  Ke Li knew the reason for Shi Jian's depression and shifted the topic without warning and said, "Sister Shi Jian, will you miss me when I leave?"

  Shi Jian blankly stared and said in a low voice, "I think I will."

  After Ke Li asked this question, Shi Jian's mood plummeted again. Ke Li looked at her face and secretly sighed, it seemed that she still wasn't enlightened.   

  After they returned, Shi Jian couldn't help but kiss Ke Li and Ke Li pretended to not know why.

  After the kiss, Shi Jian was confused. It's reasonable to say that the experience of history was rich, however she didn't have the face to ask. She went to look at lingering poems that were full of sorrows. She could read and understand their deeper meanings and also had a deep feeling. She became more and more confident in her mind.

  It's just that she was too late.

  When the mind is determined, people will become cautious and solemn. Now, if Shi Jian wants to leave, she must consider many things. Her parents and country made her hesitate for a moment. She was always used to placing herself in a dominant position and mostly thought about it. Also, it was difficult to secretly leave.

  Ke Li knew what she struggled with. At night, under the context of pure curiosity, Ke Li asked, "Sister Shi Jian, are you still curious today?"

  This was almost their little secret between them. Before Shi Jian could say she was curious, Ke Li blocked her lips.

  The kiss was over.

  With a red face, Ke Li asked unintentionally, "Are you okay with other things? I'm just a little curious."

  Other things?

  Shi Jian's mind suddenly thought of Ke Li's appearance under her, she wanted to nod her head and admit her curiosity. However, some things could be done now, and some things couldn't be. She was still very clear.

  After Ke Li asked, she was just curious. She wasn't surprised that Shi Jian hesitated and didn't give her any sweetness. Earlier, she merely dangled it and turned around and smothered herself to go to sleep.  

  Doudou rolled its eyes: [Host, are you good or bad.]

  ”I'll wait for her to clearly think.”

  Ke Li felt like she was a manipulator now and was able to control the progress of their feelings. The less she gets, the more she wants. This was her experience from writing novels for so many years.

  Since that day, Shi Jian's heart was really itchy. She didn't feel satisfied with simple kissing, but she still struggled.

  No matter how bold she was, she will hesitate when she encounters a major turning point in her life. Especially in her current situation, she will have nothing if she leaves her home. She only has a false reputation, but this was given by her parents.

  For the first time, Shi Jian felt that she was useless.

  While Shi Jian struggled, Jiang Chi came again. This time, his att.i.tude was much better. He was with Ke Yuan, Ke Si Qu's older brother. It was obvious that he was here to pick up Ke Li.

  This time the Marshal didn't stop them but was happy in his heart. There was a person who didn't belong in his country or his family. He had always been burdened with hidden dangers and at last he felt relaxed.

  Ke Li promised to leave but must say goodbye to Shi Jian first.

  Doudou sighed: [The task's completion will be postponed.]

  Ke Li wasn't in a hurry to leave. However, she didn't want Doudou to know her thoughts, so she said ambiguously, "The slag man's business hasn't been solved yet."

  But Doudou lives in Ke Li's sea of knowledge and naturally knows most of her thoughts. It said: [Host, you can bend with ease, the male slag will be slowly solved.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ke Li was indeed reluctant to give up, which was in sharp contrast to her eagerness to leave when she first transmigrated, some things have indeed changed.

  Ke Li walked to Shi Jian's door with some trepidation. However, she was just about to knock on the door when she was pulled into the room, followed by a kiss on her face.

  Ke Li relaxed her tense body and tried to calm Shi Jian from her instable emotions. Even though her chest was soft and controlled, she didn't make a sound.

  Shi Jian was very enthusiastic today. While kissing, she acted as if she would swallow Ke Li into her stomach. When she realized that she misplaced her hand, she said expressionlessly, "I was just curious. Don't think too much."

  Ke Li: “…”

  This time she will remember the proud lovable Shi Jian, she was really…adorable.

  Ke Li just came to say goodbye. She knew the intention behind the farewell. Before she left, she suddenly kissed Shi Jian's cheek.

  Shi Jian stood in the same place, only to feel her face was crisp and numb. After Ke Li completely left the room, she thought about the things she didn't say. She was afraid that Ke Li would get married and never come back.

  For the first time, Shi Jian felt so impulsive and reckless, despite the overall situation, she gave chase on foot for Ke Li's return.

  Shi Jian's bustling movements were halted, and she stared blankly at Ke Yuan and Jiang Chi. They thought to themselves, how did she resembled a stick waiting to break up a pair of mandarin ducks2? The two people quickly looked at each other and said, "Their feelings are really good."  

  Shi Yao said meaningfully, "Yes, for a while I was afraid it won't come out."

Author's Notes:

The author has nothing to say. ( ' – ' * )

To celebrate peace with songs and dance (idiom) - to make a show of happiness and prosperityMandarin ducks - affectionate couple


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