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Peter rushed towards his mother Sussan and shouted, "Mom!"

"Peter, Thank goodness you are finally here." His mother pulled him away and they went behind a huge crystal that hid them from everyone.

"What happened? Did you find the Elder?" Sussan asked.

"Yes! But he said you are in danger, so I had to rush here. I couldn't find anything from him. I was not expecting that Draven was Elder's son. I was quite shocked. But now I understand why I picked Draven out of everyone else. My mind chose Draven, the minute I laid my eye on him." Peter divulged.

"Peter, my boy, listen! I am still not sure what does Ashes lord expects from you. But from the time I understood that he is your father the difficulties and the danger you are going to face from now on will be more challenging and painful." Sussan worriedly held her son's hand.

"Mom, I understand. I feel completely different now. I can sense the powers running through my veins. I know a lot of things which I never expected to know in my life." Peter claimed.

"Peter, my dear, please think carefully before you do whatever you thought of doing. I feel that you are all grown up now and I cannot control you anymore. If this is the destiny awaiting you, then I do not think I can stop you from going ahead. But always remember you will have my support unconditionally" Sussan stated.

"Here, this is the book which Ashes Lord's replica gave me. I am pa.s.sing it to you now. Hide it well from everyone's eyes and never disclose it to anyone." Sussan handed over the Ashes book.

Once Peter touched it, it disappeared. He felt that the knowledge in that book was getting stored in one part of his brain. He still couldn't understand how this book was going to help or what it could do?

But Peter definitely felt a big difference within him and it impacted greatly on the knowledge he acquired.

Sussan and Peter went out to meet Kristone's family. When Peter heard what had happened to Brenda and everyone else, he walked towards the insect.

Looking at Peter, Ectoproda shivered. It decided to run away for its life. But Draven and James stood on the other side and blocked its escape.

"Release all of them now! It's an order" Peter ordered.

"I am sorry my Lord! I did not know these people are your slaves! I beg you to spare me. I will release all of them at once." Ectoproda immediately took the magical rod and whirled the water strongly.

The soul raised high in the air and rotated for a few minutes before going back to their own respective bodies.

"James, you are safe! Goodness, I thought I lost you" Brenda who then just woke up ran towards her husband and hugged him.

"Good to see you back too" James with joy hugged her back.

"I order you to not capture anyone into the lake from now on! Until or unless anyone threatens the secure forest's existence" Peter declared.

"This humble slave will obey your order, my Lord" Ectoproda bent on all eight knees and hit his head on the ground.

Peter then walked towards the Kristone kids and lifted them in the air using a magic spell. He then lifted the dark magic which was surrounding them and returned them to their parents.

Slowly, the sky cleared and Secare forest became livelier once again. Even though it did not retail its past glories, this situation turned much better than before.

Elly ran towards Peter and gave him a tiny scroll. Peter looked at Elly questioningly.

"This might be left behind by Nina for you," Elly explained.

Peter, then opened the scroll to find a totally different language that he never learned before. But once his eyes met the words, the message became clear to him.

'Awaiting for your arrival in Asher! Hope to see you soon!'

The message was small but it made Peter happy. She is alive! He felt a sense of relief running through him. He was eager to meet Nina once again.

"Mom, I need to leave Ether right now! I have a mission to find someone in Asher" Peter declared.

"Do not worry, I will make the necessary arrangements for you to reach Asher safely." James volunteered.

Peter looked at his mother for approval. Sussan nodded her head as she knows now, that it is time for Peter to flap his own wings to fly away.

They opened a huge portal and jumped into it after bidding their goodbyes to Crystalians. At that time King Elino held Peter's hand and stopped him.

"As you did not ask me for any wish, then I would grant you one myself. You can take it as a token of my appreciation for doing so much for the secare forest." Elino mumbled quietly.

Elino whispered a few words into Peter's ears and tied a magical band on his hand.

"This will help you to disguise yourself as a normal being. And the powers you have within your body won't be disclosed to the naked eye" Elino said.

"Thank you King Elino. But if you do not mind, may I ask why no one looked like they remember you at all" Peter enquired.

"Hahaha… You noticed! Just like how the forest forgot about me, every living being in this forest failed to remember my existence. But I like it this way. I want to continue living like everyone else and will wait for the day I am called to Asher. I hope we may meet again in Asher one day" Elino uttered.

Peter then nodded his head to the once-forgotten king and jumped into the portal. The portal slowly closed itself and disappeared from their view.

When they reached the military base a piece of shocking news awaited them. They were informed that the Elder pa.s.sed away and he is waiting to be brought to the Asher.

Draven felt heartbroken, as this will be his second time sending him away. But what he did not understand was how could a person who was already sent to Asher come back alive?

Did his father really die or he was acting once again? He cannot find out until they reach Asher. Normally a dead person can only be woken up after he enters Asher.

He wanted to shake the Elder and find out but he was not allowed to go near him as per his father's instruction before he pa.s.sed away.

Peter patted Draven's shoulder and whispered into his ears, "Do not worry, I will ask James to allow you to be the sender. I am also going to Asher to find Nina. So mostly, I would travel along with your father."

Draven just stared at him blankly but Peter understood that he got the meaning behind his words. Draven left the area and disappeared from everyone's sight.

He slowly sneaked into the launching pad area, but someone held his hand tight and pulled him back.

"Where do you think you are going?" Linda roared.

"Let go of my hand" Draven sneered.

"Listen, I made a mistake and I regret it now. I hope that you won't follow the same path. I really missed my brother David and made a deal with the witch. She promised me to bring David back and I would help them to hide the truth about my brother being pa.s.sed away. The deal sounds like it was in no way, would bring harm to anyone. But my little foolishness brought war upon everyone on this planet. So, please I beg you! Do not go!" Linda's tears fell on Draven's hand.

Draven hugged her and his heart ached to see his love cry. He patted her back and said, "I knew all of this from the beginning and I am also a culprit. Now I am not trying to bring back my father to life but to stop him from coming back into this planet once again!"

After saying that he left her immediately and went away. The procedures were done and Peter along with Elder boarded the flying ship. It took off almost immediately.

Almost when they reached the entrance of Asher, before the ship could even touch the atmosphere, the elder's body turned to Ashes. It immediately disappeared into the vast galaxy.

Draven halted the ship midway and came behind. He saw a scroll left behind by the Elder. As it was addressed to Peter, he turned around and gave it to him. That was written by Elder and it said,

'Peter! My dear! You still do not know your purpose, do you? I know I would never get access to Asher. But in Ashes, I would welcome you with my open hands.'

Peter hid the scroll into the infinite pouch which his mother gave! Asher's guard sent magical stairways near the ship. Peter got down after bidding his farewell to Draven and entered Asher.

Draven's ship flew back to Ether while Peter disappeared into the powerful star Asher. Asher's guard closed the door to the entrance and stood next to the portal with closed eyes like a statue.

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