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"h.e.l.lo there," said an old man in white robes with a heavy smile.

William looks confused and starts looking around, much to his surprise, all he can see is nothing yet everything, its hard to explain but its there yet not.

"Old man why did you kidnap me?" I asked in a frustrated manner. ´All I want is just to go home and sleep´ I thought whilst I keep looking at my surroundings.

"Calm down child, I haven't kidnaped you, you have died and I the G.o.d of rebirth will give you a second chance at a much more exciting life" G.o.d said with an amused smile.

´Second chance? more exciting life? where do I sign up!!´ I thought

"So, G.o.d, what do you mean with Second chance" I said trying to keep myself composed.

"I will give you a new life as well as a new ability, with this ability you can surely live an exciting life" said G.o.d ´And I can have some entertainment´ the G.o.d thought.

´Rebirth? that makes sense, but an ability? hope it's cool´ "What kinda ability are we talking, not some boring OP ability I hope" I said that, but deep down I'm hoping I get a super OP ability.

"Well, it depends, it might be OP or it might not. Depends on how you think" said G.o.d whilst shrugging. "You will get some of my power and with that, you should be able to Reborn yourself. of course, you will have limitations." G.o.d just kept looking straight at me with a serious look.

I started sweating thinking it would be like those novels I justed to read, where the main character would have to feel incredible pain to use his powers "What Limitations?" I said with a shaky voice.

"You can only be Reborn as a Blood relative under the age of 5, that's it. You will also have your memories from all past lives," G.o.d said looking at me like he just knew what I was thinking.

´not so bad as I thought, but doesn't that mean I will be immortal in a way?´ "What happens if I don't have any relatives and I die?" I said with worry

"Then you will die and never come back," G.o.d said casually. "You can choose which period you want to be reborn in"

´Period? As in historical periods? Cool, I like the Viking period or maybe the Roman Period, there is also The Period where Alexander the Great Lived if I choose that period I can experience the Roman and Viking period. But I don't want to wait so long to be a Viking´ I kept thinking and after 30 minutes I finally decided. "I want to be reborn 60 years before the start of the Viking age (In the year 730) as a commoner in Skiringssal," I said with a smile.
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"Very well, I will also give you a gift that you will receive when you become the age of 14, now Farwell and live well" G.o.d then waved his hand and all I could see after that was darkness

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