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Chapter 14

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 2: You’re Beautiful

Chapter 14


Once she was in her room, she took a shower, unpacked her bag, blow dried her hair, and changed her clothes all in one stretch.

In other words, she didn’t let herself take a break.

Yet, eventually she would finish everything she needed to do…...and so found herself with nothing to do.  But it was too early to call Baona and Solo.  She felt quite uneasy and ran to the refrigerator to take out four bottles of 300 ml beer.  She opened all of them with a bottle opener and poured it into a cup.

She drank it, it was icy cold.

Feeling a bit more carefree, she soon finished all four bottles.

She continued to searched for all the other drinks that contained alcohol and took them out.  She drank them one by one.

They tasted good.

She squinted her eyes and grinned, it felt as if she was comfortably floating.

Solo called in half an hour later.  She turned on speaker phone and heard his voice,  “Is everything ok?”

“Uhm uhm.”  She said cheerfully, “Very good.”

“......Ai Qing?”

“Uhm?  What did you say?”  She lined the beer bottles on the windowsill and curled up on it.  The phone was next to her feet.  She sat there for three seconds, then decided that it was an uncomfortable position and jumped down from the windowsill to move onto the bed while holding a pillow.

“Nevermind.”  Solo’s sound was soft enough to melt someone.  He comforted her softly,  “We don’t need to talk about work tonight.  I’m going to hang up.”  “Ah?  We don’t have to talk about work?  We have compet.i.tion tomorrow.”  She held the pillow and walked over to stare at her own cell phone, confused, “You really don’t want to talk?”

“En.  No.  Good night.”

Soon a long beep signaled that the call had ended.

Confused by the whole ordeal, she continued to hold the pillow and couldn’t figure out why Solo suddenly became so undedicated.  Since she had no work now, what else could she do?  Take a shower?

Oh right.  Take a shower.

Though her hair wasn’t completely dry yet, she started to take off all her clothes while walking to the bathroom to take a shower again.  By the time she walked out of the bathroom, she heard somebody knocking on the door.  She hazily put on a suspender skirt then walked over while she was wiping her hair.  She didn’t even ask who it was before opening the door.


She looked at him doubtfully and slurred,  “Where’s your hat?”

“......”  Dt confirmed that she was exactly as Solo told him on the phone; she was really drunk.

He had experienced her drunken self like this several years ago.

It was like she had released all her emotions without being aware of it.

Things that she should say, shouldn’t say, should do, and shouldn’t do, all of a sudden she dared to do all of them……

At the streetside food stall with many men and women on the side, she had pointed at him, giggling all the while, and told Ai Jing,  “Let me tell you.  When I went to the players’ village at the Asian Tournament the first time, I saw someone pull off his pants.”

At that time, it shocked many strangers around them regardless whether they were drunk, sober, casually chatting, or bragging.

Later that night, when he took her and Ai Jing back to the hotel, she jumped onto his back and insisted that he carry her up stairs……

Now, he figured that she was almost as drunk as she was then.

Ai Qing saw him neither speak nor move, so she stretched out her hand and poked his arm with her finger,  “Ah.  I thought it was an illusion.  Hehe, hehe.”

“......”  He thought about what would happen if he came too late or if she had refused to opened the door.

Luckily, he didn’t have to deal with either of those situations.


Now she had opened the door, giving him a goofy smile.  Fortunately.

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