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Chapter 19

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 3: Glory on the Other Side

Chapter 19


“Buff’s team should be considered as an old friend of mine.  Strong,
each and everyone one of them……”

Xiaomi’s voice echoed.

She had thrown her earphones onto the bed.  Ai Qing continued to
work on editing the video,  trying to have only Xiaomi’s commentary
for this section. It was more important to show off his scathing comments------


The video of the first match took her more than ten hours to finish editing.

The next day, she flew to Sanya City and met with other SP players
at the airport. Her eyes were still bloodshot when they got on the bus
to go to the hotel. Baona who sat in the row ahead of her turned to her
and smiled, “You’re absolutely the most unselfish commentator I’ve ever seen.”

Ai Qing understood what he meant, but she was too tired to return a
smile.  “You’re really not busy, you even have enough free time to pay
attention to my Weibo.”

“I’m the boss, I have to care about the condition of my staff.”  Baona
took out his cell phone from his pocket and brought out the pictures in
the alb.u.m to show her one by one.  “How about these.  These are the
new photos I took for them.  Do they look like idols?  Aren’t they handsome?”

Everyone crossed their arms and put on perfect poses.  How couldn’t
they look handsome?

This was the style of the Korean professional circle.

But it wasn’t a bad idea. To idolize the players was somewhat superficial,
but it would let players have more fans.  More fans meant more exposure,
then there would be more sponsors.  One thing fed the other to create a large
supply chain for the industry.

That was the thought in AI Qing’s head……


Solo sat next to Baona but he didn’t speak much.

When they reached the seaside, they found the event site to be quite lively
already.  This was a purely commercial night event.

Several major domestic clubs were all here, but most of them still held onto a
“wait and see” policy for Secret Room Storm.  They were not like SP and K&K
which were already mature enough to have A and B teams.

So it was described as a commercial event, but rather……

It was more of an event for digging information?

Ai Qing thought to herself.

The beach was as bright as if it were daytime.  She took a c.o.c.ktail and continued
to look at the comments on her Weibo.  70% were positive comments.  Good.  
The first step was moving along fine.  Commentators as a profession looked quite
glamorous, but it was no different from professional players.  Only a very few
commentators stood at the top of the pyramid, most of them were either retired
champions or the best players on the internet.

She was uncertain whether her efforts could help Xiaomi attract more popularity……

“Do you want Xiaomi to switch to being a commentator?”  A familiar sound,
without any emotion, came from above her head.

She was stunned.  She raised her head and found Gun.

“Does SP want him to retire?”  Gun’s voice was hoa.r.s.e it seemed…...he was
depressing the unhappiness in his mind.

Ai Qing pondered for a while and said,  “It’s not that SP wants him to retire.  
He’s the one who wants to do so.”  She understood it very well from the
conversation with Xiaomi last night.  The old Solo’s team members were all
very proud.  How could any of them tolerate staying in the B team after they
had stood at the peak once before?  Could he tolerate being transferred to the
team which had no chance of winning a championship, relegated to moving up
and down in the domestic B group?

There was a Weibo notification sound inside Gun’s shirt pocket.

She glanced at him, “Someone’s looking for you.”

She was trying to use the excuse to leave right way.  The atmosphere was too
depressing.  The atmosphere was still the same after so many years.  She feared
that if he asked her something out of the blue and that she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Gun didn’t look at his cell phone, rather he took a look at Solo who was talking
to the organizer not far away from them.

Solo noticed it after he saw Gun facing Ai Qing.  He quickly explained to the
organizer and walked over in a hurry.  Gun grabbed Ai Qing’s arm and dragged
her behind a group of locker rooms.  Ai Qing was a little bit confused and the
c.o.c.ktail in her gla.s.s had spilled out all over the ground.

This was a secluded corner so that they could stay away from the public.

Solo followed them. Gun grabbed his collar and pushed him against the wall
forcefully.  Gun stared at his eyes and said slowly word by word,  “What did you
promise me before?”

“Han Shangyan!”  Ai Qing pulled Gun’s sleeve.

“Get lost.”  Gun scowled at her in low voice.

Ai Qing was shocked.

“What did you promise me !”


Solo was silent.  He stretched out his hand and patted Gun’s shoulder, “Let go
of me.  Many people will see it.”

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