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117 The Meeting

Su Yi Cheng drove the car and turned to look at An Ran. It was obvious that  she was a lot more quiet then before. The reason seems to be the phone call just  now.

"An Ran." Su Yi Cheng gently called, did not turn to look at her, seriously looking at the road ahead.

An Ran took a while before turning to look at him, gently responded,"En?"

Su Yi Cheng just smiled and turned to look at her, his voice said with a  smile, "Fortunately, the reaction is not too slow." He thought he had to call her several times more before she would react. It seems the situation  is not as bad as he imagined.

An Ran glanced at him, sighed and said, "I just got a call from someone who used to be my a.s.sistant."

"Is that so, what did she say?" asked Su Yi Cheng faintly.

A self-deprecating smile rises in the corner of An Ran’s lips. She said, “She told me who stole the blueprint drawings, and the answer made me very surprised and also feel, very ridiculous.”

Su Yi Cheng frowned and turned to look at her eyes. This time he did not  speak. Regarding An Ran’s sudden resignation, she has never said a word after returning home the reason why. He only knows that Huang Dexing’s side had definitely given her pressure to use her to find some benefits in the Ke Ji City project. But he had not thought about what method he used that forced An Ran to resign in the end.

“Chen Cheng told me that the bidding result of the “Activity Manor” project has been announced. It was confirmed that it was a construction company of Jiang City that had won the bid to invest in the opening and construction of this project. In addition, she had also check the design of the winning bid on the Internet. "Speaking of this, An Ran paused, silent for a while,  and then slowly said, "The design is actually 80% identical to our design,  even those precise calculated ratios and proportions were identical."

Su Yi Cheng did not speak, did not turn, looking at the wide road in front of him.

"The company that won the bid is Mo Fei's company, and the winning drawing that is 80% similar to our previous design is officially from his hand." An Ran said calmly, her serene face not betraying any emotion, only looking at the front, looking through the window gla.s.s and looking at the road ahead.

It happened to hit the red light, and the car slowly stopped in front of  the zebra crossing. Su Yi Cheng turned to look at her. Mo Fei being the one who stole the drawings made him somewhat surprised. Looking at her serene face, Su Yi Cheng reached out and held her hand.

Collecting herself, she look down at the hand held by his big palm, then look up at him, calmly smile, shake her head and say,"I am fine, I was just  thinking, and also feeling so surprise, I didn't expect that, after being abroad for six years, he had already reached the point of stealing other  people's works. "Thinking of that makes people feel sad.

Su Yi Cheng held her hand tighter and said, "Don't think about it anymore."

"Actually it was just too unexpected." An Ran shook her head, looked at him and said, "Not thinking about it anymore, and there's really nothing to think about." It is a fact that the drawings were stolen, but it is just that the person who had stolen it was someone she happen to know. She is just a little emotional.

Su Yi Cheng smiled at her agreeably, looked up at the traffic lights, just then the red light turned green, and continue on the road.

When the two arrived at the compound, Qin Yun and the auntie was in the kitchen preparing for the lunch today. Seeing that they've arrived, they came out of the kitchen. She took An Ran’s hand and looked carefully at  her, and then slightly wrinkled, frowning and said, "An Ran, are you thinner?" Just why doesn't she grow more flesh? Every time she look at her she  seems to be thinner, does this son give any food for her to eat?!

"Mom, I am not~." An Ran smiled and explained. It seems that every time she meet with Qin Yun, she was always concerned that she was too thin and have got nothing to eat. In fact, she had secretly weighed herself. After marriage, she actually gain a full 3 pounds. In fact it is due to Su Yi  Cheng’s cooking, it’s literally at a chef’s level. Every time she can't stop her chopsticks, if it continues accordingly at this rate, she thinks that she is likely to become fat all because of Su Yi Cheng, a very greedy fat person!

"Is it?" Qin Yun looked at her suspiciously, but no matter what she feels  she is too thin. She really doesn't understand present girls, always likes  to equate thin to be a beauty standard, constantly dieting and dieting.  Then makes themselves look like a skinny bag of bones. Yi Jiao is the same.  She always says that she can’t eat or am already full. It is obviously the  dish she loves, but she is holding herself back and swallowing her  appet.i.te, and don't eat it. She only keep saying that she wants to lose  weight. If according to what she thinks, as long as people are healthy it's good,  calculating every intake will sooner or later damage their own body, and  then when health is gone, what talk is there about what is thin and  beautiful.

Staring at An Ran for a while, Qin Yun turned her head and looked at her son. She said angrily, "Su Yi Cheng, are you not coming back forever if I did not call you back? You never know to come back!" This darn child really  doesn’t know the heart of being a parent. Which parents don’t want their  children to be with them. If it’s a hundred thousand miles away, you can  maybe visit once a year. But him, obviously it's only an hour's drive, but you just don't see him come back for a visit at all.

Su Yi Cheng touched his nose, and couldn’t help himself. He said in a complain tone, "I have been busy recently*."

Qin Yun glared at him and was just about to speak, but she heard his cell phone rang. It was from Secretary Zheng, saying that there was a problem with the Ke Ji City project and asked him to go back and take a look.

After ending the call, Su Yi Cheng apologetically looked at Qin Yun and An Ran, "It seems that there is no way to make it for lunch, I have to rush over."

Qin Yun was somewhat unhappy. She looked at him and said unhappily,"You'd  better be so busy, I don't see the Zhang family's old man that City Committee Secretary* to be as busy as you?"

Su Yi Cheng held his mother's shoulders and said laughing, "After everything has been done by us subordinates, naturally Uncle Zhang have less to do."

"Then let him do more, being always busy, making my son not having time to go home, be careful that I don't go to his house to make a fuss!" Qin Yun said indignantly.

Seeing Su Yi Cheng in a tight spot, An Ran said laughingly,“Mom, I will  stay here to accompany you.”

Hearing this, Qin Yun was in a good mood immediately. She took An Ran’s  hand and said, “It’s still my daughter-in-law that's the best.” Then she turned her head and looked at Su Yi Cheng, said, “Okay, okay, go, go, just go,  just leave An Ran here is fine, you just do whatever you want, it doesn't  matter if you don't come back." Anyway his wife is already in her hands,  can he still go far? Unless he doesn't want his own wife anymore.

Su Yi Cheng shook his head with a smile, his mother changed her mood faster than changing the pages of a book. Raising his hand and looking at the time, he had asked Secretary Zheng to arrange for everyone to meet in an hour and a half. It takes about an hour from here to the city. adding the  time to go through the information, the time is still very tight.

Turning around and looking at An Ran, "Be careful, I will come back in the  afternoon."

An Ran nodded, her face in a faint smile.

Qin Yun is actually very happy to see them being so sweet, but still want to prank her son, "What? It's just a few hours of separation you are still  so worried?"

Hearing this, Su Yi Cheng was not much affected, but in contrast, An Ran's face suddenly burst red, and she became embarra.s.sed as if feeling guilty,  she is busy urging Su Yi Cheng, "You, you quickly go, work is important."

"Pppffftt." Qin Yun on the side couldn't help but laugh, knowing that her daughter-in-law is easily embarra.s.sed and she didn't want to bother them exchanging sweet nothings. She only said an excuse, "I will go see if  auntie needs any help." Turning and going straight into the kitchen,  leaving An Ran and Su Yi Cheng.

An Ran’s face was still very red, making Su Yi Cheng smile and shook his head. He touched her face and said,“What are you blushing for, silly.”

"I, I, I am not." An Ran does not admit it, but the temperature on her face  is getting hotter, and her little face get even redder. Her entire being  was embarra.s.sed to the extreme, only rushing Su Yi Cheng, and pushing him  out halfway, saying, "You you you better go quick, you still have to drive  for more than an hour, if you don't hurry you will be late."

Su Yi Cheng only laughed and walked outside with her pushing him along. It  is true that if he do not hurry he will really run out of time. 

As An Ran pushed him, she still did not forget to worry about him,"Drive  slowly and remember to eat something at noon, the doctor said that your  stomach is very sensitive, you have to have normal mealtimes."

Su Yi Cheng made a turn and held her in his arms while walking outside and  said,"En, I'll listen to my wife."

An Ran was annoyed yet was amused, reached out and patted him, corrected,  "It is listening to the doctor!" What is the use of listening to her, she  is just listening to what the doctor ordered.

"I only listen to you." Su Yi Cheng insisted, grabbed the hand that was  patting on him, and held it tightly in his hand.

An Ran rolled her eyes at him. "If only you are so obedient." That someone,  asking him not to drink, but for a few nights when he returned late, he  always came back with alcohol smell permeating his whole body, but she is also aware of his position and jobs, such social entertainment can't be avoided.

The two stood at the door, and the serviceman Xiao Zhang is not there at this time. He is not standing at the door.

Thoughtfully adjusting the collar of the shirt for him, and then looked at him for a while, her mouth swayed and smiled, watching him, saying, "My husband is very handsome."

Su Yi Cheng also laughed and pinched her nose. He nagged, "If you are tired, go and rest for a while. If you vomit, ask Auntie to buy you some sour plums. Okay?"

An Ran nodded, smiled and said, "I know~, I am not a child." Although it is nagging but her heart still feels sweet and fluffy.


Suddenly a car flute sounded at this time, and the two turned around, only  to see Su Yi Jiao in the car at the moment looking at them with a smiling and  teasing look.

An Ran's face was red again, they obviously did not do anything, but she just feels so embarra.s.sed, and her face heats up.

Su Yi Jiao alighted from the car, carrying a gift bag in her hand, and looked at them with a teasing look. "My brother and sister in law's  relationship are so good, it makes people envious."

Hearing this, An Ran's face reddens even more, even more than just now in  the house. She has a feeling that she always seems to be the object of  entertainment for everyone.

Su Yi Cheng saw An Ran so, so he has to laughingly rebuke his sister, said,  "No manners." Looking at the time, he really should go, or it is estimated  that there is no time to go through the information. Turning his head and  letting go, he said, "I will go first and try to come back early in the  afternoon."

Not waiting for An Ran to answer, Su Yi Jiao on the side teased them and  said, "Why come back early, afraid that your wife will disappear?" Saying  so, she promised by patting her chest, "Rest a.s.sured, I will help you to look after her well she won't lose even a strand of hair and also I will not let mom that tigress scare her as well."

"PppFftt." An Ran was amused by Su Yi Jiao's words.

Su Yi Cheng went up to Su Yi Jiao and smack her lightly on the forehead and said, “Don't talk nonsense, be careful I tell mother.”

Su Yi Jiao ma.s.saged her forehead and winked at him in a playful manner. "My  brother will never do such a sc.u.mmy thing behind my back."

Su Yi Cheng looked at her exasperated. "No need to keep heaping the praises,  help me take care of your SIL*. If she loses even a strand of hair, you will  get it." He turned and walked directly toward his parked car.

Su Yi Jiao, facing his back, both legs straightened, raising her hand solemnly and gave a salute, "I will complete the task a.s.signed by the  leader."

Su Yi Cheng turned his head and smiled after taking a look, shook his head  and sat into the car, started the car, turned around and left.

An Ran watched his car finally disappeared into the corner of the street,  only then refocus, but just as she was doing so, she just happened to meet  the eyes of Su Yi Jiao, who was smiling widely, her face blushed slightly,  fearing that she would be laughed at again.

When Su Yi Cheng rushed to the Munic.i.p.al Party Committee building, it was exactly noon. Because of the tight schedule, he did not care about eating.  He only asked Secretary Zheng to hand over the information he had to use for him to take a look. "Give me the information for the project for  rebuilding the old buildings in the urban area."

"Here." Secretary Zheng directly handed over the doc.u.ments to him, having  followed Su Yi Cheng for more than three years, he is well aware of some of  his habits.

Su Yi Cheng reached out and took a serious look. He asked, "This project should have been finalized. Right now who is having a different opinion with who?"

"It is Director Zhang and Director Tong. They both hold to their own opinions and do not want to give up." Secretary Zheng said.

The action in the hand paused, looked up at Secretary Zheng,"Tong Wenhai?"

"Yes." Secretary Zheng answered.

Su Yi Cheng nodded, thinking about something thoughtfully with the  doc.u.ments in hand.

“Does the Deputy Mayor feel that something is wrong?” Secretary Zheng asked  with some suspicion. After being with Su Yi Cheng for so long, he was  already familiar with Su Yi Cheng’s expressions. As long as Su Yi Cheng’s  brows creased, he could see if he is in a good mood or not. 

Su Yi Cheng shook his head. "It's nothing." Again looking down at the  information and doc.u.ments in his hands.

For the c.u.mbersome official doc.u.ments that is read daily, Su Yi Cheng has already mastered the skills of reading ten lines in a single glance. This  big pile of doc.u.ments has been read by him after just a few minutes.  The approximate content has also been processed and pondered upon.

Then asking Secretary Zheng again, "Are those involved already gathered in the conference room?"

Secretary Zheng nodded and replied, "En, they should have arrived. I have  already seen Director Zhang heading towards the conference room."

"En." Su Yi Cheng nodded, then tidied up the doc.u.ments and materials on the table and stood up. "Let's go as well."

When Su Yi Cheng and Secretary Zheng arrived at the meeting, several of the bidding officers were already sitting on both sides. Some were talking and  laughing. Some seemed to be in deep thoughts, and some were seriously  looking at the doc.u.ments in their hands. 

Su Yi Cheng pushed open the door and sat down in the master seat. The meeting room was quiet, and everyone looked up at Su Yi Cheng.

After looking around the room, Su Yi Cheng’s then faintly open, “The  construction of this Ke Ji City involves a wide range of projects, and there are also many projects. Many projects are key projects. The bidding compet.i.tion of each has also been very intense. However, these are all good  things, and where there is compet.i.tion there will be progress. But even if  the compet.i.tion is fierce we have to settle on one. The reconstruction of  the old district can be regarded as the top priority and foundation of many  projects in the construction of the Ke Ji City. We intend to improve the  old district in the north of the city, and then expand on the scope. So the first item to be confirmed in the bidding project is this one. During this time, we have read a lot of bids, and I guess everyone already have their  favorites. So I want to hear your opinions first."

Everyone exchanged a look, but no one wanted to speak first.

Su Yi Cheng said with a smile, "What? Are there no results yet? Do you all not remember that the day after tomorrow is the day for announcing the results of the bidding?"

Tong Wenhai took the lead and said, "I think this time the old district reconstruction is the main focus. The company chosen to do the reconstruction also sets the tone for the entire project and is another  main concern to take note of. I think this is the key point. The old  district reconstruction is incomparable to other projects. The scope and future economic benefits are different from other projects. The  reconstruction of the old district hinges on the future planning of the city. The capital investment is large, and the return on investment is  inefficient. Just the first two years alone is just pouring in capital without expecting any returns, even the next few years after that benefits will not be visible as well. This is a test of the overall quality of a company and the ability of the company to operate well financially. So I think if it is not a company of a certain size for this project, then the company may face difficulties in the later stages of this project, so I think we must find a company with both good word of mouth reputation and financial strength to take charge of this project."

Hearing this, several people sitting nodded and said, "The Director makes a good point. It makes sense."

Su Yi Cheng did not express his position. He did not nod his head and did not shake his head. He looked at him and asked, "Is there a suitable company Director Tong recommends?"

Tong Wenhai coughed a little and righted himself, saying, "In fact, my top choice would be 'Xudong Architecture*', but it is a pity that they did not  partic.i.p.ate in bidding for this project. I have also seen the bids of all the bidding companies and some of their basic materials. Without taking 'Xudong Architecture' into consideration. I want to say that the overall strength of 'Jing Cheng Architecture*' is above average. I have also seen some projects and materials that they partic.i.p.ated in last year.  It seems the public reaction is very good, and they just happened to be the winners of our city committee building. I am certain they definitely have  the capability to complete and do a good job of the reconstruction  project."

Su Yi Cheng nodded. He did not make a statement about what Tong Wenhai  said. He looked at everyone and asked, "Everyone agrees with Director Tong’s thoughts? No other opinions?"

"I am of a different opinion." The question was just asked, and Director  Zhang, who was sitting in the corner, said differently, "I don't think that  'Jing Cheng Architecture' is the best choice."

Su Yi Cheng raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "Who does Director Zhang think is appropriate then?"

"I am still of the opinion to not leave the opportunities to the big companies. I think the development of an industry is just like the development of the country. The focus of the development of the country is not on old generation like mine. It is for the next generation. Because the future belongs to the younger generation, the people of our older generation will  have to retire sooner or later. I think the development of an industry is the same. You can’t just give those that have been established for a long  time, so-called big company with strength, the opportunities, if so I think it will force us to a dead end. This kind of development is too easy to  encounter monopoly, and if everyone thinks like this, then those new  generation companies that have the ability and drive will never get their  opportunities for development, and it will always be a small company without strength. In addition, I feel that this time the focus on building this Ke Ji city in our city, is also for the future development of our  city. It is the same theory, we have seen that there must be new milestones  in order to have new developments, if we continue to leave the opportunity  to developed companies and people, I think that this is simply contrary to  our original intention to build Ke Ji city, it will be completely meaningless." Director Zhang said so.

Hearing this, everyone is silent. they seems to be considering the deep meaning of Director Zhang’s recent remarks.

Su Yi Cheng’s mouth was in a half-hooked, his face was lightly smiling, and he looked at everyone and say, “What do you think about Director Zhang’s  words?”

"If according to Director Zhang, if you give the so-called new company  opportunities, who can guarantee on the quality and progress, after all, to do the project requires not only what is promised by words but it depends on actual strength and capability." Someone questioned.

After looking at the man, Director Zhang said, "The so-called quality a.s.surance, that is simply nonsense, just take a look, how many projects are  now in the hands of the so-called powerful companies, but how many projects  can guarantee quality? In the end, hasn't there still been accidents, and  then behind the scenes it had involved a number of people and things, who  is going to be responsible for those accidents? What I want to say is that  ensuring quality is still the responsibility of our government, the original intention of construction and development is to serve the People,  I think that instead of thinking about how to reduce the investment of  these funds, it is better to ensure that the funds goes to the right places first. Instead of wasting resources after an accident, it is better to put  everything into place, directly Guaranteeing the quality, so that not only  can this be responsible for the project and the people, I think it can also better promote the development of new businesses."

Everyone did not speak, remained silent, in fact, for those behind the scenes stuff, everyone is naturally well-informed, how much money is allocated, but in the end how much of the funds are actually in place,  everyone is aware.

Su Yi Cheng’s faintly said, “I think what Director Zhang said is very reasonable. We should give more opportunities to those newly developed  enterprises. The construction of the Ke Ji City was originally a government  investment project, which is to promote the development of Jiang City's  technology industry, it is certainly not limited to the technology  industry. It is also to promote other industries. Therefore, I very much  agree with Director Zhang's thoughts. If everyone have no opinions, I think  we should be giving the small and medium-sized companies in Jiang City who have developed and are capable some new opportunities.” Looking at Tong  Wenhai, he asked, “Director Tong don't you agree?”

Tong Wenhai looked at him and nodded after a while. "What Deputy Mayor Su  said makes sense."

------End of chapter-------

"I have been busy recently*." - he actually says this in a complaining  childish way to his mom but it's not reflected accurately. Picture you  asking a teenager to clean their room and their reply "I'm busy!~~"

City Committee Secretary* - higher position than Mayor, the committee  decides who to appoint as Mayor, and generally the Secretary of the  committee decides who gets to join the committee

SIL* - sister in law

Xudong Architecture* - where Ye Zi Wen is at

Jing Cheng Architecture* - where An Ran was working

The project is OBVIOUSLY not going to Jing Cheng! 

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