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What surprises that Yan Ru Yu have for his beloved Lan Ning today? Will they have a romantic dinner or would it be a casual dinner between author and editor?

Enjoy and have a great week ahead!

Chapter 43.2: 

She kept quiet. But Yan Ru Yu took the initiative to find the topic: 'Didn't you say that you have sample book to give me?'

'Oh yes.' She almost forgot if he had not mentioned it. Lan Ning opened the bag and took out the three sample books before pa.s.sing to him. 'A total of three copies for now. Once the official listing of the books is up, the editorial office will send you a few more.'

Yan Ru Yu took the books that she handed over and said: 'You have been shopping with these three books?'

Lan Ning: '….'

She….forgot! If she had remembered, should have let him carry it!

Yan Ru Yu put the books on the side and read a book: 'The printing is very clear and the paper quality is good.' He turned back and read the interview that Lan Ning had done for him back then. 'You really went to put up the photos of my study.'

'Yes, to meet the readers' desires.'

He raised his eyes to look at her and asked her: 'Do you have a pen?'

'Yes' Lan Ning pulled a black pen out from her bag and handed to him. 'What are you doing?'

Yan Ru Yu did not speak but quietly writing on the novel. Lan Ning sat on the opposite side is very curious for a long time but could not figure out what he was doing.

'Done. Give this to you.' Yan Ru Yu handed the book and pen back to Lan Ning.

Lan Ning looked at him with a questioning look, opened the book and suddenly blinked.

On the front page of the book, Yan Ru Yu wrote a simple message in his unique and beautiful handwriting.

To my dear Cauliflower, wishing you happiness every day. Xing Xin

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Teacher Xing Xin's authographed book!

'Ah…. Thank you, Teacher! I will take good care of this into my collection!' Lan Ning was incoherent with excitement, the hand holding the book were shivering a little. 'You really don't want to hold a signing event, Teacher? The readers will surely go crazy!'

Yan Ru Yu picked up his brow: 'Why do I have to make them happy and be so hard on myself?'

'Because they are your readers!'

Yan Ru Yu: 'I always think that readers and authors will just cross path each other for a while. They like you now, but the next book, they may no longer like you!'

'No. I have always liked you for so many years!'

Yan Ru Yu froze and the mouth gradually curles up. From the perspective of Lan Ning, this smile is a bit touching.

'I did not expect to hear your confession. I am so unprepared.'

Lan Ning: '….'

'No, what I mean to said is not that meaning….' She looked at him with a pale expression.

Yan Ru Yu: 'They are the same'

Where is it the same…..?

'But again, this show that you are really my fans.'

Lan Ning: '…..'

Well, she really doesn't want to talk to him anymore.

The waiter served the dishes in a timely manner. Lan Ning bowed her heard to concentrate on eating. After a while, the waiter came over with two more dishes. Lan Ning said: 'I didn't oder them.'

'I ordered them.' Yan Ru Yu looked at her slowly. 'With my understanding of your food intake, the dishes you ordered are still far from enough.'

Lan Ning: '….'

Pooh! Obviously, you can eat more!

But she had to admit that after the two additional dishes were served, the portions were just right for her.

Yan Ru Yu also paid for the meal. Lan Ning felt depressed because she felt that she owes him more now. He seemed to see her emotions and began to enlighten her: 'I said already. I will not ask you for money. And besides, you have already eaten a lot from me. The meal today is nothing in comparison.'

Lan Ning: '…..'

Because of his remarks, she tried to remember how many time she had eaten at his place. From the first high-grade beef that had been ma.s.saged, to the three-day period in the deep-mountain villa and the unknown how many dinners during the period of daily reminder….

It does seem to be a lot of meals… hahaha…

The car finally turned into the community where they lived. After Lan Ning got off, he waved to Yan Ru Yu in his car: 'Teacher, good night.'

Yan Ru Yu looked at her with his mouth slightly tilted: 'I would love more to hear you say good morning to me.'

Lan Ning: '……'

Teacher you say, what did you learn in the end!

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled before saying: 'Well, I will call you at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning to say good morning to you.'

Yan Ru Yu looked at her quickly running into the apartment building. He laughed and drove away.

After Lan Ning opened the door, Qi Tong still welcomed her with a small dress at the door: 'Sister Lan Ning, you are back!'

'Yeah.' Lan Ning responded with a weak voice.

Qu Tong smiled and approached her: 'I just saw you getting down Teacher's car. Did you both went on a date?'

Lan Ning: '…..'

How come high school students are not busily studying now? She remembered back then, she was not so free.

Qu Tong see her not talking, but also want to inquire more about it. But Lan Ning relentlessly locked the bedroom door.

Lan Ning exhaled and took the bag out of the bag. There is a WeChat message from Ye Cheng. She did not hear it before.

Ye Cheng: Editor, there is a music festival at Xingguang Park tomorrow. Do you want to go and watch it? I would like to say something to you. (/w)

Lan Ning's brow moved, thinking for a while and replied: 'Okay. I also want to say something to you. (:3″∠)”

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