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Oh my! Yan Ru Yu actually went shopping with Lan Ning…. Is he going to be a difficult ‘boyfriend’ whom would nick and pick on all the dresses that she tried on? Or is he those type whom would be sweet enough to help her find the right dress that would fit her perfectly? How is Lan Ning going to react having to shop together with Yan Ru Yu?

Goodness! Can those two just start dating and bring on sweet chapters for us? Maybe if that would happen, it would lose the charm of this novel, isn’t it? Hehehe….

Enjoy the read and have a great weekend ahead! 

Chapter 42.3: 

Yan Ru Hu started the car and asked Lan Ning whom is sitting next to him: 'Where do you want to go to buy the dress?'

'The Starlight Departmental Store.'

Yan Ru Yu nodeed and drove heading towards Starlight Department Store.

Maybe because it was a Friday, there were more people in the departmental store. It took them a long time to find carpark. At the shopping mall, Lan Ning went directly to the ladies' floor.

'If you want to buy a dress, it is better to go directly to the dress brand store. Most of these are daily clothes.' Yan Ru Yu said after they visited two shops.

Lan Ning smiled: 'These clothes here are already so expensive. You still want me to go tailor make it?'

Yan Ru Yu: 'That is why I said. I need to provide better material conditions to give my wife a better life.'

Lan Ning: '….'

Unprepared to say anything about love!

Lan Ning blushed and walked into the next store, followed by Yan Ru Yu whom walked in behind her. After the salesperson asked Lan Ning about her intentions, she actively helped her in recommending dresses but they were all rejected by Yan Ru Yu. He took a look around the shop and finally went to a dress on the model, 'In this while shop, this is a decent dress.'

The sales person heard and walked beside him enthusiastically: 'This gentleman has a good vision. This dress is our designer special limited-edition dress. There is only one, this one.'

Yan Ru Yu nodded his head: 'Can you take it down for her to try?'

'Of course.' The sales person called a colleague. Together, both of them took off the dress from the model and handed it to Lan Ning. 'This lady should be able to fit the dress.'

Lan Ning holding the dress, quickly looked at the price…. Oh, it is almost half of her half year salary. No wonder it has not been sold after such a long time.

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