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Chapter 648 What was the meaning of life

When Gu Manman saw Qi Changfeng act like this, she knew Qi Changfeng didn’t want to talk to her. But Gu Manman didn’t care about it. She thought she must work hard to help her cousin chase after Gu Yan. If someone couldn’t be with the person he loved, his life must be meaningless.

Now it didn’t matter that Qi Changfeng ignored her. She thought he would talk to her sooner or later when she helped him get Gu Yan’love. She was secretly pleased with the good idea.

Qi Changfeng didn’t know what she was thinking about. Seeing her strange expression, he began to worry about her again. Was it true that she had encountered something bad? Should he tell his mother this situation? Forget it! He thought it was better to tell his auntie. But what should he say? Could he say Gu Manman seemed to be bewitched?

Qi Changfeng decided to sit tight first.

At this time, Gu Manman remembered her tragic experience just now. She became depressed again. She didn’t say anything but walked silently abreast of Qi Changfeng. She thought she and her cousin were fellow sufferers!

Qi Changfeng still didn’t know that he had been cla.s.sified by Gu Manman as a wretched man due to his unrequited love and miserable relationship. Looking at Gu Manman’s unpredictable expression, he felt a little scared.

Qi Changfeng now only wanted to go to a brighter place. In this dark place, despite being an atheist, Qi Changfeng felt uncomfortable to look at Gu Manman’s sad expression, which made him gooseflesh.

Gu Manman said that she would treat Qi Changfeng, and she also knew that she had no chance to pay by Qi Changfeng’s side. So as soon as she got in the car, she decided to go to the best restaurant in the city for dinner. She wanted to use a good dinner to make up for her losses.

Qi Changfeng looked at the angry expression on Gu Manman’s face and didn’t say much. He just drove the car silently. He would go anywhere she wanted. Since she wanted to eat, he would eat with her. He thought he was a good brother, and he should make sacrifice for her.

Soon they arrived at the restaurant. Gu Manman ordered a lot of dishes. She decided to turn her grief and anger into appet.i.te, and she must have a square meal to alleviate the harm she suffered today.

Qi Changfeng was unfamiliar with today’s Gu Manman, but since she was happy, he would like to keep her company. After all, he had nothing to do in this long night. He was willing to sacrificed his time to accompany his cousin.

Before the dishes were all served up, Gu Manman started to eat, without saying a word to Qi Changfeng. Qi Changfeng knew that Gu Manman was a little weird today, but since his little sister was reluctant to say it, he wouldn’t ask her. When she wanted to say it, she would spit it out.

He just quietly ate with Gu Manman.

While eating,sig Gu Manman sighed again and again. As soon as Qi Changfeng was about to eat something, she sighed. Qi Changfeng had no appet.i.te at all. Looking at his little sister, Qi Changfeng felt amused.

What had happened? What made his little sister keep sighing and sighing? She was a silver-spoon who had a joyous and carefree childhood! What on earth had happened to make her be like this?

Qi Changfeng thought she sowas playing a prank and ignored her. He took out his phone and browsed on it quietly.

Gu Manman started to sob suddenly while eating. She chewed on the pig’s foot, but she couldn’t help but shed tears. In front of Qi Changfeng, she really didn’t want to conceal her sorrow anymore. Originally, Gu Manman thought she could control her emotions well, but she couldn’t control it unexpectedly this time.

Hearing his little sister crying suddenly, Qi Changfeng was a little fl.u.s.tered. What happened today? Why was she crying? Even Qi Changfeng couldn’t remember when Gu Manman cried in front of him last time. Anyway, his little sister had always been tough and even aggressive.

Gradually, Gu Manman cried more and more loudly. Qi Changfeng was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. He wanted to wipe her tears. But she was holding the pig’s foot with an oily face, Qi Changfeng didn’t know where to start.

In the end, Qi Changfeng really couldn’t stand it anymore. He took the pig’s foot from Gu Manman’s hands. Then he took out a handkerchief to wipe her face. Although he was worried about Gu Manman, he still threw the handkerchief aside in disgust.

“What’s the matter?”

Qi Changfeng finally couldn’t bear it anymore. If he continued to look at Gu Manman’s decadent appearance, he might really be crazy, so he asked her and wanted to help her solve it.

But when Gu Manman told Qi Changfeng about the whole thing, Qi Changfeng didn’t know what to do. It turned out that his little sister was worried about her love relationship, but Qi Changfeng couldn’t help her.

Suddenly, the room became quiet.

Qi Changfeng didn’t know how to comfort Gu Manman, because he was also troubled by his love relationship and couldn’t find a way out. Seeing his little sister was so sad, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. His dearly loved cousin had grown up unknowingly and was a big girl who had a crush on a boy.

But Qi Changfeng was a man who didn’t know how to comfort others. It was herself that realized it useless and stopped the long-lasting crying.

Qi Changfeng’s handkerchief was soiled, and now he had to take tissues to wipe off Gu Manman’s tears. Qi Changfeng sat next to Gu Manman and handed her tissues until Gu Manman finally stopped her tears.

“Brother, I’m really sad today.”

Hearing this, Qi Changfeng felt terribly distressed. She was the precious of the whole family. Now she had grown up and would taste the bitterness of love. Qi Changfeng would rather let his little sister be a little girl forever. Was love so good? Why did love beget trouble for everyone?

But he sighed his little sister had grown up, and she knew the feeling of loving someone. Qi Changfeng had mixed feelings of grief and joy this moment. There wasn’t a word could describe how he felt now.

Qi Changfeng considered how to console his cousin. After all, she was also a victim of lovesickness.

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