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Chapter 34: Ha ha ha ha. Look at the egg 

Unfortunately, money pits like Caine were hard to find.

Cessie was a little sad. He certainly couldn't make much money off Auguste, but he couldn't afford to lose too much money, and he can't blame him for all his dishonesty. The collection house occupied the upper half of the castle and was very s.p.a.cious. Every collection item was carefully placed by Cessie.

Hai'an also saw many deformed creatures soaked in green liquids, beautiful jewelry, Ravenns, scepters and other exquisite ancient earth crafts. All of them looked at a teardrop tree in the middle of the room that was one story tall.

If the eyeb.a.l.l.s of a teardrop tree became bigger than a person's head, that would be terrifying. But the eyeb.a.l.l.s did not grow beyond their original size on the st.u.r.dy branches. However, tens of thousands of human eyes, densely hanging on a tree, was…

The tree was also very thick, very tall and luxuriant. At the moment, it heard the noise and looked at them with red-blood eyes, staring creepily at them.

Cessie leaned over and touched the branches of the teardrop tree. “I'd like to introduce you to Bobby, my favorite pet.”

Colin looked at the tree with dull eyes. “Brother, I'm going to go blind.”

Corson, "You're not alone."

Colin, "Auguste's doesn't have a fetish."

Corson, "Yes, you're right."

Cessie was the only person who had a fetish to raise such a plant as a pet. It was normal for a lovely little plant like JianJian to be liked.

Hai'an was confused when he saw this eyeball tree. Everyone had a plant. Why did he grow so big?

“It's a mutant teardrop tree. I bought it from a plant dealer. Bobby is beautiful, isn't he?" Cessie asked them excitedly.

Auguste, "Hha."

Lydney was shocked, and soon recovered. He had become very resistant to seeing XiaXia day and night. His focus was on a hollow night lamp on the desk. The lampshade of this night lamp was black, with delicate patterns and fluorescent yellow lights. A night lamp was nothing unusual, but this one contained zirconium and gold.

There were probably seven or eight of them and they were shining brightly.

Cessie saw that Lydney was interested in this night lamp and introduced it to Lydney. He proudly said, “This is a night lamp made of zirconium and gold. I got it from aliens. After all, they are only willing to a.s.sociate with Lota Beta 11 monsters.”

Hai'an: Oh, I won't tell you that I snack on it.

Even now there was a small bag in the storage basket behind him.

“If it hadn't been for their zirconium and gold deposits, they might have died long ago. It took me two tons of dacite to exchange these elements. They knew they had no technology, and I don't really understand how they survived in the interstellar chain.” Cessie's tone of voice was full of disdain, from which Hai'an could hear his deep contempt for Lota beta 11.

Hai'an did not understand why Cessie had such a strong opinion of the Lota beta 11 aliens.

Auguste's response to Cessie's census was a cold “ho-ho”.

“Look at this again,” Cessie ran up to a big shelf and pulled out an old piece of paper from a book. “It was sold to me by a pure human being. It's said to be the underwear design of an ancient earth woman. I looked at it interestingly and exchanged a few diamonds for it.”

The Cessie laid the drawings flat on the table, and Colin looked at them, as if they were really underwear designs, full of pictures and texts, and vivid. The old man hanging in the sky was absolutely under their thumb.

“Yes! And this, this is…” Cessie jumped to another shelf, picked up a small bottle and wanted to go on, turned around and saw the expressionless Jamie.

“Where are the seeds? Where are the Ayulon eggs?" Jamie asked him.

Cessie stopped and looked at Auguste, who looked at him coldly without any emotion.

“Alas.” Cessie sighed and clasped his hands in front of him. “You should understand my rules. How can I give you seeds and the Ayulon eggs for nothing?” Cessie opened his hands, shook his head, and said helplessly.

After listening to Cessie, Jamie squeezed his fists tightly, tightened his body, gritted his teeth and said, “For more than a hundred years, almost all the money I earned has been given to you. You couldn't have forgotten.”

“How can I possibly forget?” Cessie's eyes widened. “But it's not enough, far from enough, a big businessman will not be satisfied.”

Cessie's fortune was largely because he liked to blackmail others like this. The income from the mines he ran was like a small stone thrown into the sea, not a bit of spray, compared with the money he gets from various clients.

Jamie was on the verge of bursting out in rage, and Hai'an saw that his eyes had turned pure black, but there was a red circle around his pupils. It was obvious that he was trying to restrain his unstable mood. This was a precursor to the blood-pulse riots of foreign animals. But he said nothing and did nothing. He restrained himself and waited for Auguste to speak.

He was part of Auguste's crew and he only listened to Auguste's orders. Unless Auguste gave any orders, he would not take any action.

“What do you want?” Auguste asked him.

Cessie scanned them with the corner of his lips lifted and looked at Hai'an in Auguste's arms. “Your plant is growing well.”

Auguste was still expressionless, but his eyes began to grow irate.

“Haha, I'm kidding.” Cessie laughed loudly. “I got the news that Dean bought tungsten in the black market, and I didn't know there was tungsten for sale. How can I bear it? I have only one request. If you help me get Dean's tungsten, I'll give you the Ayulon eggs and moonlight seeds.”

Auguste did not immediately promise him anything, “You do not need my power to take on a  pure human being.”

“But he's a Freedom Alliance man, and I'm not good at fighting.”

“He used to be my man.”

“He is no longer.” Cessie said indifferently, “No? You have nothing to do with him.”

Auguste looked at Cessie and said nothing. After a while, he said, “I'll look at the seeds and eggs first.”

“All right.” Cessie went to the innermost cabinet, opened the first drawer, and took out a soft basket containing an egg and a carefully sealed crystal box, in which the moonlight seeds were placed.

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