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"It's morning Erwin, wake up"

"Ngh... Good Morning Ilynee..."

I stretch out my arm and sit before getting off the bed, my eyes are still half-closed and hard to stretch it open, so I wipe my eyes and get rid of the eye droppings that nesting on the corner of my eyes, this thing is the reason why I can't easily open my eyes after I wake up.

"Wake up sleepy head, Elis-san invited us to join in her magic training this morning"

"Eh...? What...?"

I still can't handle the fatigue I feel right now, is it because last night I didn't go straight to sleep and ended up almost staying up all night? I can't even remember when did I exactly fallen asleep, I remember I was pulling an act that I've fallen asleep just to trick Ilynee, but I can't remember what happened after Ilynee fell into sleep too.

"As I said, Elis-san said she is going to have magic practice session this morning, I usually come to watch her training, but she always taught me so, it's a magic training for your big sister too"

"Magic...? ah, give me a minute... [ yawn... ]"

"Just get off the bed already, it's almost 9 in the morning, give me your hand"

I just follow Ilynee's word and stretch out my hand once I get off the bed, she then just drag me along with her, I'm still trying to wipe my eyes to wash away this sleepiness, my eyelids are still heavy and can't open properly, I just let Ilynee pull my left hand and without me really knowing, and before I know, Ilynee already dragged me all the way to the backyard.

"Good morning, Ilya"

"Good morning, Elis-san"

"Oh, what is this? Erwin-kun is joining too today?"

"Yeah, I want to show him that his big sister is a very reliable person, hahaha"

"It's better if he can join too, more people merrier, right?"

"Well, Erwin can also use magic too..."

"Oh, I've been thinking about it for a while, I can't believe he actually able to use magic, it's pretty interesting"

I finally able to open my eyes and look at surroundings, there are some wooden planks that look like a scarecrow people usually put in their farm and most of them got burned marks and just laying around on the ground near an apple tree and there's a birdbath right below the apple tree.

I look at Elis-nee, she's using a short dress, not like the one she uses yesterday, but it looks great on her, combined with her beautiful face and wonderful red hair makes it more eye-catching, the clothes make her looks like her soul is on fire, it really fits her.

"Ilynee, can you let go of my hand for a second?"

"Oh Erwin, I'm sorry, I forgot I'm still holding your hand"

"It's fine Ilynee, I just want to wash my face"

I need to wash my face or else, my sleepiness will win against me again.

"Oh the, there's a birdbath over there, you can use it"

"It's fine Elis-nee"

I don't really want to walk when I'm still half asleep, so I decided to just use my magic and pull out some water and use it to wash my face, the mana around me is pretty strong, is it because this place is Elis-san's house? I feel like the mana around me flow in different vibe, it's lighter and softer than the mana I feel from the forest, it feels thicker and more refreshing than the mana I feel when I was in the capital.

[ Water Creation Magic ]

I bring out water from the air, I gather it on my palm, then use and wash my face with it until my sleepiness has gone and I also wet my hair a bit to freshen up my brain a bit.

"Oh... Erwin-kun's element is water? that's surprising, I never thought siblings could have a different element for magic, this is pretty rare to see"

"Eh, ah... yeah..., it's pretty complicated, hahaha"

"Then, Erwin-kun, could you show me what magic you can use?"

"I usually use ic--"

"Erwin, come here for a second, I need to tell you something"

Ilynee suddenly called me and pulled my body towards her and whisper to my ear.

"Can you keep your ice ability from Elis-san? she believes your element is water, and if she saw you use ice magic at your age, she surely will be freaked out"

I just nod and follow her words, I don't really understand what concerned her, but, if Ilynee said so, then I just need to obey it and keep my ice attribute a secret from Elis-nee.

"What are you guys whispering about?"

Elis-nee furrowed her eyebrows, she may look a bit confused because Ilynee suddenly pulled my clothes and whispers to me.

"Ah, nothing, I just told Erwin to use magic he learns with me before"

"Oh, then show me what you got Erwin-kun"

Elis-nee steps aside and then give a hand sign, maybe she's giving me a sign to stand on where she stands on just now, so I walk closer to her and follow her request, I stand near Elis-nee but then she just walks back and now she is standing behind me.

"Alright Erwin-kun, can you hit those planks using your magic?"

Elis-nee is pointing at the scarecrow-shaped wood planks that stick on the ground, I stare at it for a while before casting my magic. What spell I should show next, I haven't used water magic that often since I was able to use ice-based magic and always use it every day.

"Can I use anything?"

"Hm? sure thing, why not?"

Alright, I can freely use any magic I want, let's remember, what water magic I learned before, I need to remember something, alright, something basic first is something I need to do, right?

I take a position and start to focus, I lock my view to the planks on the very right.

"That one..."

I point out my forefinger and raise my thumb, I deeply exhale and hold my breath to focus on the target before using my magic, I place my left hand below my right hand before I release my magic.

[ Water Cannon ]

I bring up the magic circle on top of my right forefinger and release a water ball towards the wooden planks.


Oh no, I think I put on too much magic into it that it ended up breaking the wooden plank, it even made a hole in the chest and make the wooden plank just separated into two pieces, the top part and the bottom part with a curve shape mark on the edge

"Woah... I never saw a [ Water Cannon ] would have such strength like that, that was awesome Erwin-kun..."


I'm happy to be praised for my success, I scratch my head and let the proud feeling won over myself.

"Ah, there they are, Ilynee... Elis-san..."

Suddenly a soft voice I recognize shout at Ilynee and Elis-nee, she didn't call out my name for some reason and it makes me a bit sad.

"Ah Yuikchan, Aurchan, what is it? did you two got a good night sleep?"

"Yeah, thankfully the bed was big enough for us to sleep together, even though I want to sleep with Ilynee instead"

"Well you two need to know each other better and befriend, I believe Erwin also wanted you two to be a good friend"

"Well if that's what Erwin wanted..."

I look at them from the distance, I can't really look at their expression or anything, I can barely their conversation from here at this point, I will let them finish talking and practice a bit more, and since Elis-nee is still behind me, I think of showing her one more water magic spell.

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