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Chapter 2193  Coordinates

Fang Heng immediately opened the blueprint of the tree spirit race's Prayer Temple to examine it.

At that moment, the map showed several changes.

A large number of coordinates became clear and visible.

[Hint: The player received the coordinates of the Prayer Temple.]

Fang Heng roughly glanced at the marked locations of the Prayer Temple on the map.

A total of nineteen Prayer Temples were marked on the map.

One of them was highlighted with a special symbol.

It was the largest of all the Prayer Temples in the Elder's Council of the tree spirit race.

He was now far from the position of the Prayer Temple in the Elder's Council.

The nearest one...

Fang Heng did a rough estimate.

Using the bat form, he should be able to reach there within three hours.

Should he first go and check out the nearest Prayer Temple?

After some thought, Fang Heng quickly made a decision.

Let's go!

Time was limited, and proceeding step by step would be too time-consuming.

He would go to the Prayer Temple and make contact with the tree spirit race in the Inner World!

"Everyone, the strength of the tree spirit tribe has greatly increased. We might already be seen as invaders in their eyes, so we need to be extra cautious," Ji Haiting nodded deeply in agreement.

"Let's split up. I obtained a map of the tree spirit tribe's Prayer Temple from them before. I'll follow the map and try to make contact with the tree spirit tribe to see if we can discover anything."

"Okay, we'll establish a temporary camp here, Fang Heng, you must be careful,"


"Brother Fang Heng."

Cleriway stepped forward, timidly handing over a leaf-shaped crystal. She said, "Take this with you. In case of danger, we can use it for emergency communication."

Fang Heng took the leaf-shaped crystal, puzzled, "What is this?"

"It's a tool for remote spiritual linkage used by the elves. It can facilitate remote mirror communication. Previously, it was suppressed in the outside world, but in the Inner World, where the natural aura is richer, its effectiveness is enhanced."

Cleriway explained, "The energy stored in the leaf crystal needs to be constantly replenished, and there isn't much energy left. It can be used for emergency communication."

"Mm, okay."

Fang Heng put away the leaf crystal.

  In an emergency, both parties could finally have a channel of communication.

After some discussion, Gu Qingzhu stayed behind to protect everyone and oversee the teleportation pa.s.sage, while conducting small-scale exploration in the vicinity to a.s.sist Ji Haiting in building the camp.

In addition, Abe Akaya would disperse within a certain range in the outside world to quickly regain strength.

Although fluctuations in strength would not be detected by the spiritual domain blockade network, the rapid growth of a large number of trees would attract the attention of the Federation.

Ji Haiting would try to find excuses to erase the traces of Abe Akaya's dispersal as much as possible to stabilize the Federation.

After all, Fang Heng didn't want to be hostile to the outside world and the Federation.

It was agreed that they would meet every four hours underground to exchange information.

After agreeing on some details, Fang Heng immediately transformed into bat form and flew towards the nearest Prayer Temple in the distance..


Tree spirit tribe.

Leaf tribe.

As the branches of the sacred tree slowly revived from witheredness, the teleportation magic array once again emitted a sparkling green light.

The tree spirit tribe, kneeling in a circle around it, showed unprecedented piety on their faces.

The tree spirit tribe was unaware that they had broken through the seal of the spiritual domain with the help of Fang Heng.

They believed that all of this resulted from the tree spirit tribe's struggle.

It was the blessing of the G.o.ds of nature.

Vannes, the G.o.d, looked excitedly at Senzo, the Great Elder, and said, "Great Elder."


After thousands of years of waiting, the tree spirit tribe finally saw this day.

Senzo looked ahead, took a deep breath, and said, "Let's begin."

"Activate the teleportation!"

The ritual commenced.

The Tree Spirit tribe collectively infused energy into the magic array.

The teleportation pa.s.sage condensed at the center of the ritual magic array.

Senzo led the way into the teleportation pa.s.sage.

Returning to the Inner World.

A world dominated by giant tree cl.u.s.ters.

The air was filled with the scent of nature.

"Great Elder, is this our home?"

Many tree spirit tribe members had been in the Outer World since birth and had never entered the Inner World before, so they couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed at this moment.


Senzo looked at the lush forests in front of him, his eyes flashing with a hint of nostalgia for the past.

After a moment, Senzo's gaze hardened.

"If I remember correctly, there should be a teleportation pa.s.sage nearby. Follow me to report back to the Elders Council at the tree spirit elders' hall."


Vannes followed behind Senzo, feeling somewhat skeptical.

Report back to the Elders Council?

What command had the Great Elder received from the Elders Council?

At this moment, not only the Leaf tribe, but also various clans of the tree spirit tribe, with the lifting of the spiritual domain network blockade, became aware that the suppression seals on their bodies had been lifted. Through their respective means, they returned to the Inner World.

Almost all tribes' primary objective was to return to the Elders Council for reporting.

An hour later, Vannes followed Elder Senzo as they arrived before a towering tree.

A towering tower constructed entirely of wood, reaching into the sky.

The Tower of the Trees.

A special building of the tree spirit tribe, it combined functions such as teleportation pa.s.sages, outposts, area protection, and emergency message delivery.

However, at present, the exterior wood of the tower had turned yellow and rotten, covered with dense climbing vines.

A group of tree spirit clans followed Elder Senzo to the entrance area of the Tower of the Trees, casting searching looks at Elder Senzo.

"The Tower of the Trees..."

Elder Senzuo muttered to himself.

The Tower of the Trees hadn't been tended to for a long time.

The tree spirit guards at the entrance were also nowhere to be seen.

The situation didn't look good.

After such a long time without any contact with the Inner World, Elder Senzo actually had a bad premonition in his heart.

At present, this sense of unease grew stronger.

"Let's go inside and take a look."

Senzo said as he stepped forward.

The wooden door slowly opened before them.


The inside of the Tower of the Trees was clean, but there were no signs of activity.

Elder Senzo remained silent as he led the tree spirit tribe slowly up the stairs on the right side.

They arrived at the entrance to the top floor.

As time pa.s.sed, the wooden guards who should have been stationed on the upper floors of the tower, gazing outward, had now decayed into two piles of rotting wood.

On the decaying wood, new vines had already spread.

Seeing this, everyone fell into silence.

"Great Elder, this..."

Senzo remained silent, walking past the guards and entering the teleportation hall. He glanced at the situation inside the hall and shook his head lightly.

"The teleportation pa.s.sage is completely unusable."

The central control of the entire tree spirit tribe's teleportation network in the Inner World had ceased to respond altogether.

This meant that all teleportation pa.s.sages constructed by the tree spirit tribe in the Inner World were unusable.

"It seems this place has been abandoned for a long time. The main domain of the teleportation pa.s.sage no longer has any energy feedback. Let's go. We'll head directly to the Elders Council as soon as possible."


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