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Chapter 1813 Advancement Completed

"I'll keep the teleportation pa.s.sage. You all can dig it yourself."

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Fang. Our company has been working with you for a long time and it's been a pleasure. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the price."

Lu Yanlong quickly adjusted his state of mind and nodded in thanks.

Even though he said that, however, the original excavation plan formulated by Starfish Company now lacked Fang Heng's support, and the efficiency of making money was greatly reduced.

It was profitable, but it was clear that the profits were far from what they had expected.

"You're welcome."

Fang Heng didn't think too much about it. He agreed and opened the game character's attribute panel, choosing to level up immediately.

A pale white light instantly enveloped him and a game notification appeared.

[Hint: The player's current level has increased to Level 40. Due to the player's innate skill, the player has obtained an additional 2,258 zombie clones.]

[Hint: The player's current number of zombie clones: 13,548.]

[Hint: The player's Level 41 leveling requirement: Tier 1 rainbow crystals*3.]

[Hint: The player's current level has reached Level 40. The player's special mission-Gu Luo's special a.s.sessment has been completed. Player, please find Mentor Gu Luo to complete the mission (Player, please pay attention to the remaining time of the mission).]

As his level increased, the ground around Fang Heng's position began to churn again. More than 2,000 zombie clones crawled out of the ground one after another.

Soon, the dense horde of zombies had occupied the teleportation point of the obelisk.

He had successfully leveled up by 40 levels, and the number of zombie clones he obtained with each level had reached over a thousand.

Fang Heng scrolled through the game notifications and frowned.

From Level 41 onwards, he would need rainbow crystals.

This was quite tough.

Previously, he and Charlene had only managed to obtain one after working together to kill a high-tier commander-level creature.

It could be said that the difficulty of the subsequent upgrades had greatly increased.

But who cares!

He would consider the future later. For now, he would focus on the remaining two talent rewards first!

So what if the difficulty of leveling up increased?

With the talent enhancement, his strength might undergo a qualitative change!

After a long period of hard work, he finally saw hope!

Fang Heng's heart was burning with excitement, and he was in a hurry to complete the mission and obtain the reward.

He closed the game notification and patted Lu Yanlong's shoulder. He then said, "I still have something urgent to attend to. I'll leave first. I'll leave the rest to you. See you later."

Lu Yanlong opened his mouth and looked around at the zombies around the teleportation obelisk. He nodded and said, "Alright."

Fang Heng was eager to return home. He directly stepped into the teleportation pa.s.sage on the obelisk and returned to the Zombie Apocalypse game world.

Without any pause, he took out the invitation letter to the Punoze world and teleported to the Punoze game world.



The Tower of Bones.

Fang Heng displayed his invitation at the entrance and was led by two necromancy attendants to the upper level of the Tower of Bones.

"Oh, Fang Heng, you're here. What trouble did you run into to find me so late at night?"

Most of the necromancy players rested during the day.

On the other hand, the high-level instructors seemed to have little reliance on sleep. They did not sleep much, but they did not receive guests at night.

Seeing Fang Heng enter, Gu Luo put down the book he was reading halfway.

He had always thought highly of Fang Heng. That was why he agreed to meet him.

Fang Heng nodded respectfully at Teacher Gu Luo and said, "Thank you. Teacher, I'm here to submit my mission."

Hearing this, Gu Luo's eyes were filled with surprise as he stared at Fang Heng.

"What did you say? Submit the mission? Have you completed your mission?"

"Yes, the mission you gave me has been completed."

Gu Luo's eyes flashed with surprise, and his expression was somewhat solemn.

He stood up from his chair, walked to Fang Heng, and gently pressed his hand on Fang Heng's wrist.

It was really completed!

Gu Luo sized Fang Heng up again and nodded in his heart.

In less than a month, Fang Heng was able to level up from Level 30 to Level 40.

It had far exceeded his expectations!

Originally, he had only wanted to give Fang Heng a goal to push him forward and give him more motivation.

He did not expect Fang Heng to actually do it!

Moreover, it was early by more than a week!

He had finally found a person among the younger generation of necromancers who had the potential to carry on his legacy.

However, this was not enough.

There was an opportunity right now...

Gu Luo hesitated.

Fang Heng had not been exposed to necromancy for too long. He was worried that doing so would make things worse.

Fang Heng saw that Teacher Gu Luo's expression was strange and that he did not speak for a long time. He could not help but feel his heart tighten. He asked carefully, "Teacher Gu Luo..." 


Gu Luo retracted his hand. The satisfaction in his eyes could no longer be hidden. He nodded and praised, "You did well. I didn't misjudge you. I will reward you according to the agreement and activate your talent potential."

As he spoke, a pale white light enveloped Fang Heng.

A game notification appeared on Fang Heng's retina.

[Hint: The player has completed the mission-Gu Luo's special a.s.sessment.]

[Hint: The player has skipped the Level 40 talent upgrade stage.]

[Hint: The player has obtained SSS-level advanced talent enhancement option 1: Life diversion (pa.s.sive, can be canceled); talent enhancement option 2: Mutant infection (pa.s.sive, can be canceled).]

Fang Heng felt a strange power flowing in his body. He could not help but close his eyes to feel it.

A moment later, the warm feeling disappeared from his body.

Fang Heng opened his eyes again and checked the game notifications.

The description of the innate skill, zombie clone, had two additional pa.s.sive enhancement skill effects.

Talent enhancement effect 1: Life diversion (pa.s.sive, can be canceled).

Effect description 1: When there are zombie clones within a range of 1,500 of the player, the final damage received by the player will be shared by all zombie clones. (This damage is a loss of life damage and cannot be reduced twice.) If the damage exceeds the upper limit of the zombie clone's HP, the zombie clone will receive the maximum damage and die. The remaining damage will be borne by the player.

Effect description 2: The player will still be affected by the negative effects of the additional damage.

Effect description 3: Pa.s.sive effect after activation. The player can choose whether to activate it.

Talent enhancement effect 2: Mutant infection (pa.s.sive, can be canceled).

Effect description 1: Your zombie clone has a mutant infection effect. After attacking the target, your zombie clone has a 50% chance of causing the enemy to enter a mutant infection state (the infection probability will fluctuate according to the level of both parties, and the minimum is not lower than 0.1%). The enemy will receive 20-100 damage per second. This state cannot be stacked and can be permanently maintained. However, it can be removed by healing items or spells with an S rating or above.

Effect description 2: When a mutant infected creature dies, the creature will be resurrected as a mutant infected body. (The number of mutant infected ent.i.ties generated is related to the strength of the infected organism. The player can choose to consume the stored energy value to double the number of mutant infected ent.i.ties.)

Skill description 3: Pa.s.sive effect after activation. The player can choose whether to activate it.

Additional description: The resurrected mutant infected body has the same attributes as the player's zombie clone (normal form), as well as pa.s.sive skills, and is controlled by the player. The mutant infected body cannot be resurrected after death.

Additional description: The mutant infected ent.i.ty has 500 energy points at the beginning. The energy points can provide the mutant infected ent.i.ty with 4-10 days of movement. After the duration ends, the player can consume energy to maintain the mutant infected ent.i.ty.

Additional description: Mutant infected ent.i.ty can also trigger the effect of the 'mutant infection' talent.

Additional description: Mutated infected ent.i.ty cannot evolve.

Additional description: Some living beings cannot be affected by mutant infection.

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