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Chapter 1695 - 1695 Large-scale Operation

1695 Large-scale Operation

Fana’s team exchanged glances, their hearts already filled with waves of shock and surprise.

The color of the protective barrier had deepened significantly, indicating a substantial increase in its defensive level.

As the vehicles gradually entered the lakeside area, the entire front line battle came into view.

The fusion Tyrant forms were shouldering heavy energy beam weapons, frantically pulling the triggers to unleash their firepower.

A large number of zombies charged in the first line, locking the mutated monsters that were pouring into the battlefield from the prisms around the island.

So, it appeared that Fang Heng had initiated an attack on the defensive barrier voluntarily?

Amidst their astonishment, Fana couldn’t help but feel more puzzled about Fang Heng’s intentions.

What did Fang Heng want to achieve?

Hadn’t they already agreed to a.s.sist in solving the defensive barrier? Why did he choose to forcibly break through it?

Besides, there were numerous towering altars lining the lakeside.

They were altars that emitted a strange smell of blood.

Vampires’ altars!

They were spread densely across almost half of the lakeside area.

Seeing this, Fana and her team dared not make any sudden moves, fearing that Fang Heng had a significant plan and not wanting to accidentally disrupt it. They parked their off-road vehicle a distance away.

Fortunately, Fang Heng noticed the arrival of the Black Castle team and waved at them from afar, signaling them to come closer.

For safety reasons, everyone got out of the car and chose to walk the last part of the way.

“Fang Heng.”

Fana nodded at Fang Heng and then turned her gaze to the nearby blood-red energy protective barrier, her eyes filled with confusion.

“Hmm, I couldn’t wait any longer. Since you weren’t here, I decided to test the barrier’s strength,” Fang Heng replied.

Test it?

And it turned into this?

Moreover, it seemed that Fang Heng’s summoned creatures were handling this situation effortlessly?

Hearing Fang Heng’s explanation, the Black Castle team behind Fana once again fell into collective silence.

Fang Heng glanced at Fana when she didn’t respond immediately and also looked at the red energy defense barrier nearby. He then asked, “What’s the maximum level the defensive barrier can reach? At this rate, could it summon higher-level creatures? Like commander-level?”

Fana was momentarily taken aback and turned to look at Fang Heng up and down.

She really wanted to know what Fang Heng was planning with this question.

The limit of the barrier…

They didn’t know either!

Usually, in such a situation, shouldn’t a normal person consider other ways to breach the barrier? After all, Black Castle had encountered the protective barrier set up by the sp.a.w.ns much earlier than Fang Heng. In situations where attacking the barrier would cause it to level up, Black Castle had chosen not to attack but instead tried other methods to temporarily halt the barrier’s operation.

Even if players were confident in their own abilities and wanted to forcefully break the barrier, they should have continuously attacked the barrier or directly used their most powerful skills to completely blast it open, right?

There wasn’t anyone like Fang Heng, though.

He would fight for a while and then take a break, giving the barrier some time to heal itself.

To Fana, it felt as if he was testing the barrier’s limits.

“World Lord Fang Heng,” she said, “we weren’t sure about the barrier’s maximum strength, and we didn’t recommend testing its limits.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Fang Heng listened to what Fana said and thought it was a pity.

It seemed that Black Castle’s understanding of the barrier wasn’t sufficient.

So, he would have to personally test the defensive barrier’s limits.

Seeing the regret on Fang Heng’s face, Fana found it even more puzzling. She tried to keep herself calm and continued, “By the way, World Lord Fang Heng, did you infiltrate the Federation camp last night?”

“Yes,” Fang Heng replied while simultaneously controlling the fusion Tyrants to focus their attacks on the elite mutant giant crocodile. “I also set fire to their warehouse and destroyed their s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. That should delay them for a while.”

It was indeed him!

Getting a definite answer from Fang Heng’s mouth, Fana felt a stir in her heart.

She really wanted to ask Fang Heng how he had accomplished it.

But the words stopped at her lips.

This was Fang Heng’s secret.

The players following alongside Fana also wore serious expressions.

Fana slightly bowed and said, “On behalf of Black Castle, we thank you for your help. Regardless of the final outcome, we owe you one.”

Fang Heng didn’t notice the change in Fana’s demeanor and casually waved his hand, saying, “It’s not that serious. It’s just cooperation, lending a hand when needed. By the way, how’s the situation on the Federation’s side now?”

“After the repairs, the Federation reestablished a Level 1 spatial teleportation pa.s.sage three hours ago. We expect it to be restored to Level 4 by tomorrow morning.”

Fang Heng made a light sound of acknowledgment.

This meant that they still had very little time left from the advantage he gained last night.

Fana grew even more concerned about the stranded team’s situation. She nodded to the members behind her and then asked Fang Heng, “World Lord Fang Heng, we haven’t been in contact with the stranded team for over four days. The situation is dire. We hope to take action as soon as possible.”


Fang Heng nodded in agreement and then asked, “You temporarily disrupted the energy defensive barrier through special abilities, right? It won’t cause any damage to the barrier, will it?”


Fana and the several Black Castle players accompanying her were a bit puzzled when they heard Fang Heng. Why did he seem concerned about the defensive barrier?

“Ahem,” Fang Heng noticed Fana’s strange expression and cleared his throat, explaining, “What I mean is, you’ve only temporarily made the barrier malfunction, and it will recover after you leave, right?”

“Indeed, with our current abilities, we can’t make the barrier disappear directly.”

“That’s good, then.”

Fang Heng thought to himself, feeling relieved. He was still planning to rely on the defensive barrier’s power to continue leveling up later. Everything else was secondary. The limit of the barrier had not been tested yet. What if it could sp.a.w.n commander-level monsters?

“Hmm?” Fana blinked and stared at Fang Heng. She wondered if she had misheard him.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Fang Heng waved his hand and continued controlling his zombie clones to deal with the remaining mutated form monsters.

Unaware of Fang Heng’s thoughts, Fana continued, “World Lord Fang Heng, we still need some time to set up spatial fluctuation disruption devices to shield the defensive barrier’s influence. It’s estimated to take two hours. What do you think?”

“No problem, go ahead and start. Please do it as quickly as possible,” Fang Heng said, nodding. He then raised his hand toward the distant water surface.

A black mutant crystal suddenly flew into Fang Heng’s hand and melded into an imprint on his palm.

[Hint: Player obtains Tier 1 mutant crystals*12992, Tier 2 mutant crystals*23]

[Hint: Player has fulfilled the conditions for upgrading to Level 3. Would you like to level up?].

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