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Chapter 1203 - 1203 Experimental Cooperation

1203 Experimental Cooperation

“Other than the enlightenment stone, all other effects that can alleviate the backlash will affect the strength of the demonic seed, causing the body to suffer great pain at the same time. Therefore, Andrast has been searching for the enlightenment stone in the Cesar Forest.”

w.a.n.gnet gritted his teeth and asked, “What else? Is there no other information?”

“That’s all. The other book is filled with Andrast’s records of her physical condition. Ever since she received the power of the demonic seed, Andrast would record the changes in her physical condition every day. There are only very normal and regular records in there. I can’t find any clues.”

w.a.n.gnet clenched his fists and his face darkened.


He was in a terrible mood.

He had spent so much effort to come here, but the final outcome was not very ideal.

The stone ring he had found was at most a temporary remedy, to increase his control over the blackthorn’s power within him. It would not be able to buy him more time for his crumbling body!

“This ring is mine, you guys can split the rest.”

w.a.n.gnet said as he pressed on the ring.


The ring glowed with a faint light.

w.a.n.gnet tried to sense it and shook his head in dissatisfaction.

“Hey, big guy,”


“Why don’t you join my research? From my point of view, the backlash on your body is actually the virus’s transformation of your body.”

Qiu Yaokang looked at w.a.n.gnet and suggested, “Although you barbarians and humans originated from the same ‘demonic seed’ virus, the transformation of your virus is different. Give me some time to study it. I believe I have the ability to cure you.”

“Really?” w.a.n.gnet’s eyes lit up as he stared at Qiu Yaokang.

“Of course.”

Qiu Yaokang shrugged.

In his view, the demonic seed virus was just a variant of the Hila virus.

Qiu Yaokang was more interested in the demon that was sealed in the abyss.

According to the description, the abyssal demon was the most successful one who had been modified by the virus and was the closest to the origin of the ‘demonic seed’ virus.

If he could find the main body…

“Why should I believe you?”

Qiu Yaokang pointed at Fang Heng and said, “Let’s take him as a guarantee. He also has the virus in his body, which is much more powerful than the one in your body. But he’s still alive and well.”

w.a.n.gnet’s brows were tightly locked together as he shifted his gaze to Fang Heng.


Fang Heng coughed lightly when he saw that.

He was very familiar with this situation.

Qiu Yaokang was probably trying to trick w.a.n.gnet into going back to be his lab rat.

That was good too.

w.a.n.gnet had a Tier 3 demonized state and was extremely powerful.

It was necessary to tie him to his team!

“That’s true.” Fang Heng nodded immediately. “Mr. Qiu has been studying the antidote for the virus. He saved my life several times.”

Qiu Yaokang’s expression was cold. He took out the sample collector from his bag and said, “Don’t doubt it. With the records left by Andrast, I believe my research will be faster. I’ll be able to produce the preliminary results in three days. All you have to do is cooperate with me in my research. For example, right now, I need a blood sample from you.”

w.a.n.gnet lowered his head and thought for a moment.

He had been searching for the demonic seed for so long, but in the end, he still failed. If someone else told him that there was a way to obtain the preliminary results within three days and also need to draw his blood, he would most likely kill the other party with one slap.

But Qiu Yaokang?

Oh well.

He had no better choice.

He had spent too much time searching for the Empire’s Imperial mausoleum, and solving the problem of his body disintegrating was imminent. He did not have any better clues to continue his search, so he could only choose to take a gamble.

“Alright, I’ll give you three days. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

[Hint: Considering the player’s friendliness, w.a.n.gnet has accepted Qiu Yaokang’s experimental cooperation.]

“Of course, you have my promise.”

Qiu Yaokang took five live samples from w.a.n.gnet with great satisfaction. He then walked to Tang Mingyue and gestured to the sample collector.

Tang Mingyue’s face turned pale when she saw Qiu Yaokang, who looked like Frankenstein. She asked, “You also need to draw my blood? Didn’t you already draw it last time?”

“It’s different. The virus in your body had not completely fused with your body last time. Now that the virus has entered its outbreak period, the sample data will change. We can get more accurate data by extracting it again.”

As Qiu Yaokang spoke, he expressionlessly took three tubes of samples from Tang Mingyue’s body and carefully stored all the samples in a small metal box with satisfaction.

“That’s enough. Time is tight and the mission is of top priority. Leave this place as soon as possible. I need to start the research and development immediately.”


Fang Heng nodded and looked around and said, “We can’t stay here for long. Let’s retreat first. There’s still a tough battle outside.”

After making sure that they did not miss anything, the group headed back in the direction of the exit of the silver door.

Outside the central area of the Imperial mausoleum and in front of the silver door, Warren activated the alchemy magic array again.

The door slowly opened before Warren’s eyes.

“You guys are back.”

Seeing that Fang Heng and the others had returned safely, Warren’s gaze swept back and forth between them as if to confirm whether they had been corrupted by the demonic seed.

“We’re fine. There’s still quite a bit of discovery in the mausoleum. Let’s leave this place first. We’ll talk as we walk.”

As he spoke, the group of Lickers and the fusion Tyrant forms behind Fang Heng also retreated from the central area of the Imperial mausoleum.

“Okay, sure.”

Warren quickly controlled the silver alchemy door to close, and then immediately led the group toward the exit.

The bronze door at the exit opened, and a straight and deep pa.s.sage appeared in front of them.

Warren left first and led the way.

Fang Heng and the others followed behind Warren, telling him what happened in the coffins in the Imperial mausoleum.

After learning that Fang Heng and the others had discovered Andrast’s autobiography, Warren could not help but show a strange expression.

“Autobiography? And the seal of the Empire’s royal bloodline?”

Warren couldn’t help but look back at Tang Mingyue.

Only then did he know that Tang Mingyue actually had the bloodline of the Empire’s royal family.

“Yes, it’s true.”

Fang Heng gave Sandy a look, and the latter reluctantly pa.s.sed Andrast’s autobiography to Warren for him to check.

“As expected…”

Warren didn’t have the time to open the autobiography to read the specific content. Just by looking at the book, he already believed most of it.

After listening to Fang Heng’s explanation of the information he had obtained from Andrast’s autobiography, he couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

Fang Heng was pondering how to pull Warren into his camp.

The inheritor of a Saint would be a powerful force.

“Warren, we’ve already cleared out all the demonic creatures in the Imperial mausoleum. There’s no need for you to stay here any longer. We’re all inheritors of the Saints, and we’ve already made some progress on the area where the abyssal demons are sealed. We’ll need your help next.”

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