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Chapter 1188 - 1188 Mutated Dark Snake

1188 Mutated Dark Snake

“Sandy, what’s wrong?”

When the others heard the question, they all stopped and turned back to look at Sandy.

Sandy stopped in front of the broken stone step and said with a frown, “This broken stone step should be a trap, but it has already been triggered by someone.”



Fang Heng walked back after hearing that. He squatted down in front of the broken stone step and checked.

The broken stone step was only half a meter long. As long as ordinary people could overcome their fear, they could easily jump over it.

Just as Sandy had said, the cut was neat, it was obviously a trap left behind by the designer.

Sandy then pointed to the holes on the rock wall on the right, “Also, look, there are some holes here. I think they are also traps that were set up in advance, but someone came here before us and triggered or solved the traps before us.”

“Are you trying to tell us that the Imperial mausoleum has already been invaded?”

Sandy nodded and replied, “Yes.”

w.a.n.gnet shook his head and said, “Alright, let’s not worry about that. It doesn’t matter if anyone has been here. We’ll know when we get in.”

“Let’s go deeper and take a look.”

The group didn’t say anything more and continued moving forward. They continued down the stone steps.

After walking forward for about ten minutes, Sandy could not help but shiver.

“Hey, I say, don’t you guys feel that the temperature is getting lower and lower?”

All of a sudden, Fang Heng raised his hand and signaled everyone to stop.

“Hey, listen?”

Chi Chi…

Everyone quickly turned their heads and looked in the direction of the sound.

On the right, several black shadows were climbing up the stone steps!

“Buzz Buzz…”

A large snake-like creature with grayish-black skin and dark yellow rings on its tail appeared.

Its dark brown pupils and sharp fangs indicated that it was not easy to deal with.

“Be careful! It’s the dark serpent!”

Tang Mingyue had done her homework and recognized this creature at a glance.

The dark serpent moved like lightning, leaping up and slithering toward w.a.n.gnet.


The sharp, rhomboid spike in w.a.n.gnet’s hand pierced through it.


w.a.n.gnet let out a cry of surprise.

The black spike pierced into the dark serpent’s body, but it didn’t cause a second explosion.


The dark serpent had a strong life force. It did not die even after being pierced by the blackthorn. It opened its mouth, revealing its sharp fangs as it went toward w.a.n.gnet.


w.a.n.gnet reached out with one hand and grabbed the dark serpent’s neck at an even faster speed, crushing it and then throwing it to the right.


The dark serpent’s body slammed heavily into the wall. After landing on the ground, it twisted and struggled a few times before slithering toward Fang Heng, who was the closest to it.

It actually didn’t die?

Fang Heng’s expression changed. He then raised the bone spear in his hand and thrust it at the dark serpent.


The bone spear pierced through the dark serpent’s body and nailed it to the wall.

The dark serpent struggled a few times before finally losing its breath.

[Hint: You have dealt 1,139 points of damage to the mutated dark serpent.]

[Hint: You have killed the mutated dark serpent. You have received a Tier 2 mutation crystal*1.]


A Tier 2 mutation crystal?!

It’s actually a high-level life form?

And from the name, it didn’t look like an ordinary dark serpent. It was a mutated dark serpent?

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat and several thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

Two more hisses came from the right.

Two other dark serpents pounced at Fang Heng.


Fang Heng teleported and disappeared from where he was.

w.a.n.gnet followed up, waving his blackthorn and sweeping the two dark serpents into the abyss.

“Chi Chi… Chi Chi Chi…”

The death of its companion triggered the dark serpent’s ferocity, and more and more frequent hissing sounds came from below.

Everyone had a bad feeling.

However, the light provided by the flashlight was limited, and the range of vision was very short. They had no idea how many dark serpents were lurking in the area below.

In just a dozen seconds, more and more strange dark serpents slithered up the stone walls and the stone steps to surround the group.

“Retreat first.”

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Fang Heng shouted at once and guided everyone to go back along the stone steps.


w.a.n.gnet snorted heavily and used his blackthorn to cover the group’s retreat.

However, there were too many dark serpents. The dense group of dark serpents climbed up the stone steps in large groups, and their speed was not slow at all.

After running for less than two minutes, Sandy’s physical strength was already exhausted. He gritted his teeth and continued on.

“Tang Mingyue, use the flash bomb! Put it under your feet!”

In the chaos, Tang Mingyue heard Qiu Yaokang’s voice. Without thinking much, she took out a flash bomb from her backpack and threw it at her feet. Then, she quickly closed her eyes.


A piercing blue light instantly shone.

At the same time, the surrounding dark serpents seemed to be greatly frightened and quickly retreated in all directions.

The eye-piercing light dispersed and when Sandy opened his eyes again, the dark serpents that had swarmed over earlier had already disappeared.

Seeing that the crisis was temporarily resolved, Sandy, who was sweating profusely, sat on the stone steps and wiped the sweat off his forehead, panting heavily.

“Genius Qiu, if you had such a good idea, you should have told me earlier.”

“I was just guessing. I’m not sure if it’ll work.”

Qiu Yaokang’s breathing was steady, and he had even put on a pair of medical anti-infection gloves.

He walked past Sandy and went forward to pick up a piece of the dark serpent’s corpse left behind. He placed it in his hand and examined it carefully.

“I noticed that the dark serpents’ vision seems to have deteriorated, and they can identify directions through sound. The Valles Corporation’s flash bomb can release high-frequency sound waves, so I think it might have a special effect on them.”

Sandy gave Qiu Yaokang a thumbs up and mimicked Mo Jiawei’s tone of praise, “Genius Qiu, you’re awesome! You’re awesome!”

Qiu Yaokang did not mind Sandy’s compliments. He shook his head and said, “It’s a pity. If Victor was here, with some usable parts, he should be able to create a machine that can release sound waves for a long time to drive away the dark serpent swarm.”

“Uh…” Sandy blinked his eyes and suggested, “Why don’t we go back and find Victor?”

“We don’t have enough time.”

Fang Heng turned to Tang Mingyue and asked, “How many flashbangs do we have left?”

Tang Mingyue pursed her lips and replied, “Four shots.”

Entering the trial, almost all supplies required the consumption of points. Tang Mingyue was not stingy when she prepared the supplies. The entire team only brought 10 flash bombs, which were strategic materials.

Fang Heng looked down.

“Are there any flares?”


Tang Mingyue had resupplied herself before she came. She took out a flare from her backpack and threw it down.


The dazzling blue light illuminated the area below.

Looking down, everyone couldn’t help but reveal a strange expression.

Below them was a large area of black!

The dark serpents had actually built nests all over the rock walls. Large patches of black snake eggs were attached to the rock walls, and the cracks in the rocks were filled with the shadows of the dark serpents.


The blue light gradually faded away and soon disappeared from sight, completely swallowed by the darkness.

The cave was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen.

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