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Chapter 1183 - 1183 Slack off

1183 Slack off

Sandy suddenly smacked his head as he thought of something and said hurriedly, “Oh, I remember now. I read in a book that the royal family of the Empire comes to the Imperial mausoleum every year to pay their respects. There are also rumors circulating outside that the ancestors of the Empire have never died and have been living in the Imperial mausoleum for eternity.”

w.a.n.gnet snorted, “Hmph, eternity is not to be believed. It’s all nonsense.”

Fang Heng was a.n.a.lyzing the information in his mind.

He was different from the NPCs like w.a.n.gnet. He was looking at the mission from the perspective of going back and confirming that there must be clues related to the ‘demonic seed’ in the Imperial mausoleum.


Furthermore, the Imperial mausoleum was filled with danger. Even with w.a.n.gnet in Tier 3 demonized state, the mission difficulty was still SSS-level.

Fang Heng raised his head and looked at Qiu Yaokang, who was silent, and asked, “After hearing so much, what do you think?”


Qiu Yaokang had just finished his research on the enlightenment stone. He was very interested after hearing about the Imperial mausoleum, so he came to investigate with them.

“I can’t understand the spiritual energy you’re talking about, but according to my previous research, I found that the enlightenment stone is a mixture of energy bodies.”

“This mixture has a positive effect on the currently discovered virus. It promotes the growth and reproduction of the virus and allows the virus to better integrate with the host. In addition, this energy can be quickly absorbed by most living things.”

“As for the Imperial mausoleum, I think it’s not a bad idea to investigate it. If Andrast is the first host of the ‘demonic seed’ virus, I want to get a blood sample from her. It will be very useful for our research.”


Sandy chuckled, “There should be pretty good funerary objects in the Imperial mausoleum, right?”

The Imperial mausoleum was bound to be fraught with danger.

The Empire’s Imperial mausoleum was built on a mountain range outside the capital, Atama.

The falcon circled a few times in the air before slowly landing in a forest at the foot of the mountain.

Fang Heng raised his telescope and looked in the direction of the Imperial mausoleum. The Imperial mausoleum was located on the ground and covered a large area. From the outside, it looked like a palace, standing in the clouds.

The Imperial mausoleum was originally guarded by a large number of royal guards. However, due to the recent barbarian invasion, a large number of the royal guards had been transferred to the front line to deal with the enemies.

The current guards of the Imperial mausoleum were very lax.

After observing for a moment, Fang Heng put down the telescope and asked, “How do we get in?”

It was easy to avoid the guards outside the Imperial mausoleum, but there were still a large number of guards at the main entrance.

It was difficult to enter from the main entrance without a fight.

If they fought, it would most likely attract the attention of the Empire. When the Empire’s army and the royal guards came together, they would not be able to resist them.

Besides, he was not clear about the internal situation of the Imperial mausoleum. In addition, it was an SSS-level mission, so Fang Heng did not dare to barge in recklessly.

w.a.n.gnet looked up at the sun to determine the time and said, “There’s no hurry. I’ve already arranged everything. They’ll be here soon.”


Fang Heng was puzzled.

Everyone waited for a moment.

Not long after, he saw a long line of people from the Chamber of Commerce coming from the other end of the pa.s.sage.

w.a.n.gnet led the group out of the forest and blocked the middle of the road, looking at the person who had come.

Seeing w.a.n.gnet, the head of the Chamber of Commerce who was in charge of the trip walked up and smiled, “Mr. w.a.n.g, please don’t make too much of a commotion. If we’re discovered, please don’t tell anyone that you did it through our Chamber of Commerce…”

“Don’t talk nonsense,”

w.a.n.gnet’s face was frosty as he asked, “Is everything ready?”

The head of the Chamber of Commerce was helpless. He was used to w.a.n.gnet’s att.i.tude, so he turned around and waved at his men.

The Chamber of Commerce’s subordinates pulled the cart over and opened the few empty boxes on the cart.

“The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for transporting food and supplies into the Imperial mausoleum at regular intervals. In addition, they are also responsible for cleaning the Imperial mausoleum area. We can take this opportunity to sneak in.”

w.a.n.gnet stepped forward first and walked into an empty box.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been here a few times. The guards are very lax, they won’t check.”


Fang Heng listened to w.a.n.gnet’s explanation and nodded. He followed the others and hid in the box.

The manager of the Chamber of Commerce saw everyone hiding in the box and couldn’t help but sigh. He motioned for everyone to disguise themselves and continue moving forward.

The Chamber of Commerce’s retinue immediately stepped forward and piled some miscellaneous items on the box, covering it.

The Yu Cheng Chamber of Commerce was a medium-sized merchant in the Empire. They had been colluding with the barbarian race and had been doing some business in the border area between the human and barbarian race.

He had no choice but to help because w.a.n.gnet had a hold on him and he was constantly threatened.

Fang Heng hid in the box and used his perception to check the situation outside.

The Chamber of Commerce staggered along the way and successfully pa.s.sed the interrogation.

After about half an hour, Fang Heng felt that the box was being moved by someone and placed on the ground.

After a while, there was no more movement outside.

w.a.n.gnet’s voice was heard.

“We’re here. You can all come out now.”

Fang Heng opened the lid of the box, came out of the box, and looked around.

They had already arrived at the inner area of the Imperial mausoleum.

They were now in a stone room that temporarily stored materials.

The entire Imperial mausoleum was a building built with large stones, and the overall architectural style was rather rough.

Tang Mingyue and the others also came out of the box and looked around.

“Follow me.”

After w.a.n.gnet made sure everyone was safe, he got up and left the room.

“Let’s follow them. Be careful.”

Fang Heng nodded to the others and told them to be careful before following them quickly.

It was obvious that the Empire was very lax in guarding the Imperial mausoleum. w.a.n.gnet was also very familiar with the area and was able to lead the way. He led the group to avoid the guards along the way and quickly entered another large stone chamber.

It seemed to be a stone chamber used for sacrificial offerings.

Offerings were placed on both sides of the stone chamber, and an ancient stone statue stood in the middle.

Fang Heng was observing the layout of the stone chamber when he saw w.a.n.gnet walking straight to the right corner of the room and knocking on a fixed position on the wall.


The mechanism was activated, and a stone on the wall moved to the right, revealing the entrance to the pa.s.sage behind.

Eh? It was actually a secret door?

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

w.a.n.gnet was the first to step through the secret door. He said, “Quick, follow us. Let’s go.”

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