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Chapter 1181 - 1181 The Mausoleum

1181 The Mausoleum

“Eh? He’s here?”

Fang Heng integrated his perception into the sacred tree and through the sacred tree, he sensed the person outside the forest of the Land of Plague.

“I’m going to see him.”

Earlier, Fang Heng had deliberately returned to Hani City with a few people from the Mage a.s.sociation.


On one hand, he wanted to pretend that he had nothing to do with Tang Mingyue’s disappearance. On the other hand, it was to send a message to one of the heirs of the barbarian leader, w.a.n.gnet, to tell him that he was in the Land of Plague.

As expected, w.a.n.gnet came looking for him.

Since there was a high chance that the Empire was an enemy, the barbarian race became a side that could be roped in.

Fang Heng felt that it was necessary to communicate with w.a.n.gnet and get some information from him.

Outside the Land of Plague, looking at the dense forest in front of him, w.a.n.gnet felt a sense of threat. It was to the extent that w.a.n.gnet did not enter immediately after the trees cleared a path.

Last night, w.a.n.gnet had forced himself to enter the Tier 3 state within a short period of time, and he had paid a price.

Unless he was in a life-and-death situation, he didn’t want to continue to enter Tier 3.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

A moment later, the dense vines in front of him quickly retreated again.

“Welcome to the Land of Plague.”

Fang Heng walked out of the bushes and gestured to the Land of Plague with his chin, “Let’s go in and have a seat.”

“No need.”

w.a.n.gnet shook his head and said, “I have more important things to do. Remember, you owe me a favor last night.”

“You’re returning it so quickly?”

“The barbarian front line has begun to collapse. The Empire will soon utilize its manpower to deal with us. Now is the best opportunity.”

“What do you want to do?”

w.a.n.gnet looked at Fang Heng and said word by word, “I want to take a look inside the Imperial mausoleum of the Empire.”

Fang Heng’s pupils shrank.

In his mind, he immediately recalled the background information he had obtained from the Tianli Mercenary.

The first emperor of the Empire, Andrast.

Before she died, she built the largest mausoleum in history.

There were rumors that Andrast had made a deal with an evil force in Cesar Forest, and obtained great power from it.

Mausoleums were an evil ritual, and Andrast had long since offered his soul to the demons.

While recalling, Fang Heng was thinking with rapt attention.

When he first obtained this information, he had just entered the game and did not know many things.

Now that he thought about it, the devil that Ma Xiaowan was talking about was a demon? The founder of the Empire had also obtained the power of the demon?

Then, what was the purpose of the mausoleum?

They seemed to be very connected.

[Hint: You have triggered the main mission: the Imperial mausoleum of the Empire.]

Mission t.i.tle: The Imperial mausoleum of the Empire.

Mission difficulty: SSS

Mission description: You have received a cooperation invitation from one of the heirs of the barbarian race, w.a.n.gnet. w.a.n.gnet believes that the ancestors of the Empire have hidden a secret in the Imperial mausoleum.

Mission requirements: Follow w.a.n.gnet into the Imperial mausoleum and ensure his survival.

Mission reward: ???

Mission penalty: Reduced trial time and trial score.

[Warning: The difficulty of this mission is extremely high. Please choose carefully.]

[Hint: Rejecting this mission will cause your friendship with w.a.n.gnet to drop significantly.]

It was another SSS-level mission.

Fang Heng carefully checked the task prompts.

The good news was that the mission at least allowed him to confirm that the Imperial mausoleum of the Empire was related to the main storyline of the ‘demonic seed’.

There must be some secret hidden within.

Considering all the factors, even if he rejected the mission this time, he might still have to take the risk and enter the Imperial mausoleum to check it out.

If he accepted the mission and went over to check, he could also have a high-level ‘helper’ to cooperate with him.

There seemed to be no reason to refuse.

w.a.n.gnet stared at Fang Heng and asked, “How is it? Have you considered it?”

“Of course, I’ve always kept my word. Are you leaving now? I still have to bring a few companions with me.”

With that, Fang Heng began to communicate with the sacred tree, Abe Akaya, through spiritual communication, trying to give it instructions.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

In the center of the sacred tree, sharp spikes emerged from the ground, dragging the Lickers, fused Tyrant bodies, and a small number of zombie clones into the ground and quickly killing them.

The mission this time was extremely difficult, and they would most likely use the Lickers as combat power.

However, the vine zombies had to complete the construction and collection work, so he could not play all the cards.

Fang Heng quickly glanced at the game prompt.

Fortunately, he had the sacred tree, Abe Akaya. Otherwise, it would be a little troublesome to commit suicide and revive after fusing with the Tyrant body.


The sacred tree absorbed the nutrients from the zombies and increased its energy a little. Unfortunately, it was too little, not even one-tenth of the size of the enlightenment stone replica.

“Yes,” w.a.n.gnet nodded. “The Imperial mausoleum is in the Empire’s main city. I’ve prepared a falcon to take us there. The faster, the better.”

[Hint: Your friendship with w.a.n.gnet has increased.]

In the real world and the northern region of the Federation, the top five guilds in the Barbaric World and a few players who had reached the peak of their strength had all received invitations from the Prilla Gaming Guild, except for the Federation.

The video conference was about to begin.

Ed had brought Prilla’s Guild to the largest guild in the Barbaric World and had experienced many big events, but he still could not suppress the faint excitement in his heart.

Last night’s events were too crazy, especially at the end when Lord Fang Heng hinted to him to find a partner and promised to give him a few slots to accept the Saint’s inheritance!

Ed was overjoyed.

The only thing that made him feel a little strange was why didn’t Lord Fang Heng ask the Central Federation to do this.

The Prilla Gaming Guild was indeed very strong in the Barbaric World, but they could not compete with the powerful Central Federation.

Could this be part of the Elegy Project?

Ed tried to contact the Central Federation, but the Central Federation was still as hostile as ever.

After going offline, he did not sleep for the entire night. The entire guild was highly excited and had a meeting to discuss it. Soon, everyone reached an agreement.

They believed that Lord Fang Heng was only a part of the Elegy Project, and the Central Federation didn’t want to take the initiative to show up.

In short, they already understood what Lord Fang Heng and Her Highness Mingyue were going to do next.

After the incident with the Saint, everything had been linked together.

Declare independence and seize the Imperial power!

The Saint’s inheritance he had obtained last night was the last piece of the puzzle.

An excuse!

With the Saint’s inheritance, Her Highness Mingyue’s independence would have a reason for justice, an excuse enough to overthrow the entire royal family.

With the slogan ‘evil’, they joined forces with the barbarians and the cave-dwelling beasts to fight against the Empire!

Finally, he would deal with the demon sealed in the abyss!

The players from Prilla Gaming Guild felt more and more excited the more they thought about it, so much so that they were extremely excited the entire night, and no one could sleep at all.

Early in the morning, they lost track of Fang Heng and her Highness Mingyue.

What did they do next?

Ed was full of confidence in Fang Heng. He knew that the Central Federation and Fang Heng were playing a big chess game.

He believed that everything was within the control of Lord Fang Heng.

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