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Chapter 1020 - 1020 In-depth Investigation

1020 In-depth Investigation

Seeing the carts that Fang Heng asked for coming over, many cast a puzzled look at him.

The zombie clones walked to the boxes and took out the ropes and nails.

What were they trying to do?

What the h.e.l.l?!


To everyone’s surprise, the zombies started to gather firewood and even used wooden-handle stone axes to cut down the trees nearby!

This was crazy!

Could zombie creatures even do such a thing?

Ma Xiaowan was shocked.

She was no longer in the mood to watch the team attack the dragon mosquitoes. All her attention was on the zombies.

Looking at those zombies’ weird actions, a terrifying thought suddenly flashed across her mind.

Could it be… Could it be that the zombies wanted to build a bridge?

When she saw a zombie step into the stream and nail a wooden stake to the bottom of the river, Ma Xiaowan couldn’t help but open her mouth in shock.

Had she really guessed it right?

The river was less than a meter deep and two meters wide.

Ignoring the crazy dragon mosquito swarm on the other side, it was actually quite easy to build a wooden bridge that connected the two banks of the river.

But zombies?

The rest of the mercenaries were dumbfounded as well as they watched the clumsy zombies build a wooden bridge to the other side.


As a matter of fact, a high-tier mage could easily freeze the surface of the lake, making it easy for people to cross the river bank as if they were walking on flat ground. At the same time, many earth-type spells could fill up the river.

However, it was simply unheard of for one to use undead creatures to build a wooden bridge to cross the river just like Fang Heng was doing!

No! Not just a wooden bridge!

Ma Xiaowan was surprised to find that a few zombies were making a cart!

Using rope, nails, and wood, they had successfully made a simple cart.

Although the cart didn’t look very convenient, it was indeed a cart!

To think undead lifeforms could complete such a detailed production?

They could even work together like this?

Ma Xiaowan watched as the wooden bridge and the carts were completed in the hands of the zombies.

The zombie clones were still as wobbly as ever, dragging their heavy bodies and pushing the carts across the river.

They moved the dragon mosquito corpses that had fallen on the river bank onto the carts and transported them to this side of the river, repeating the process.

With the tools and the bridge, the zombie clones’ transportation efficiency was greatly improved!

Soon, Fang Heng was surrounded by a small mountain of corpses.

Wei Yu, who had been staring at Fang Heng, couldn’t help but clench his teeth and curse in his heart, “d.a.m.n, it’s gotten even eerier!”

Everything that had happened tonight was beyond the knowledge of Ma Xiaowan and most of the mercenaries.

Ma Xiaowan turned around and looked at Fang Heng, at a loss for words for a long time.

She suddenly had a strange thought, “This is strange. Why didn’t the necromancy mages unify the continent?”

Ignoring everyone’s gazes, Fang Heng, who was almost buried in the mountain of corpses nearby, let out a deep breath.

“I’m finally done!”

Fang Heng stretched out his hand and pressed on the magic array on the altar.

[Hint: You have completed the blood altar. The current altar is at LV1.]

The newly built altar was at its low initial level. As long as it slowly absorbed blood, it could be leveled up to level 30.

The higher the level, the faster the altar could refine and purify the blood.

The zombie clones waiting on the side began to move. They threw the corpses of the dragon mosquitoes into the blood pool.

Fang Heng closed his eyes and poured his mental strength into the altar’s magic array.

The blood altar immediately emitted a faint dark red light.

“Whoosh!” A dark blue flame suddenly rose from the pit of corpses!

The dragon mosquitoes’ corpses in the pit started to burn. The fire burned the impurities in the pit, leaving only pure blood.

Looking at Fang Heng, who was holding an evil ritual, the surrounding mercenary groups cast fearful sidelong glances at him from time to time.

[Hint: Your zombie clones have replenished the blood pool with a blood mixture.]

[Hint: The blood pool is condensing and purifying the blood…]

[Hint: The altar has absorbed the blood. The current altar has been raised to LV2.]

Very good!

Fang Heng nodded in his heart.

The blood in the dragon mosquitoes only accounted for about 30% of their body weight. However, just as Mo Jiawei had said, the blood power contained in their blood was unexpectedly strong. The purified blood reached level 3!

The strength of their blood was much better than the creatures in the low-tier game worlds!

Continue! Blood purification!

Fang Heng was in high spirits.

The monster-killing operation lasted for a full five hours.

By two in the morning, the buzzing sound on the other side of the river had completely turned into the whimpers of the undead.

After a night, the number of dragon mosquitoes had become extremely spa.r.s.e.

With Ma Xiaowan’s order, Tianli Mercenary led the team across the river to kill the remaining dragon mosquitoes.

After the blood altar was leveled-up to LV5, Fang Heng stopped and controlled the zombie clones to pack the refined high-level blood and the materials collected from the dragon mosquitoes into the carts. He was planning to bring them back to the camp.

In just one night, he had obtained more than 1200 Tier-1 mutation crystals!

This was not even including the cartloads of high-level blood and materials.

Fang Heng roughly calculated his gains and felt that his harvest was great this time.

Just as he was about to return to the camp, new game hints appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player has cleared the mission, annoying dragon mosquitoes. The player’s trial team has received an additional two hours of trial time.]

[Hint: The player can return to the village to ask for the remaining related material rewards from the merchant.]

[Hint: The player has triggered the next stage of the side mission, in-depth investigation.]

[Mission name: In-depth investigation]

[Mission description: You have cleared out the dragon mosquitoes at the entrance of the Cesar Forest. However, there seems to be something fishy about the existence of these dragon mosquitoes. Please try to investigate the reason for the gathering of the dragon mosquitoes.]

[Mission reward: An additional 10 hours of trial time.]

[Additional Description: There will be no punishment for abandoning this mission.]

Hmm? There was a follow-up to the mission?

Rather, the reward for the follow-up mission was much more generous than the first stage. The reward was an extra ten hours!

Fang Heng had to admit that he was quite tempted.

It’s just a simple investigation, should he just finish it? Would it be too rushed?

While Fang Heng was pondering, he saw Ma Xiaowan walking toward him.

“Mr. Fang, we’ve cleaned up the dragon mosquitoes on the other side of the river. Thank you for your help to the Chambers of Commerce. We’ll report your contribution, and you can receive the commission reward at any of the Chambers of Commerce’s shops.”

“You’re welcome. We’re just helping each other.”

Fang Heng looked at the depths of the Cesar Forest on the riverbank and asked, “The dragon mosquitoes here are very strange. Aren’t you going to go in and investigate?”?r??????????.c૦m

Hearing Fang Heng’s question, Ma Xiaowan’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, we’ve noticed it too. In fact, we’ve received a commission for an investigation. After clearing out the dragon mosquitoes, we’ll go deep into the Cesar Forest area for a general investigation.”

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