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As Lin Xii and Xiao Qiang was about to head back to the village, he suddenly noticed something……did one of the deinonychus left behind a huge chunk of meat after dying?

The t.i.tans in Pearl City and the monster in Grand Flores all turned into particles of light after they died, at most they would leave behind various items and equipments. Whereas now a dinosaur is dropping meat? This was just too strange.

Xiao Qiang wondered too, but as he saw the slab of meat he couldn't help but swallowed.

There's no helping it, even though evolutionaries have their storage but they couldn't store much food in it. Xiao Qiang have a family to feed, he had only eaten some coa.r.s.e flour bread, biscuits, or thin porridge after leaving Pearl City; he was hungry for some meat ever since.

For evolutionaries, the need for food was originally huge to begin with. This was due to the amount of energy they spend during battle.

If it wasn't for his stored chocolate and sweets, Lin Xii couldn't even activate his ukaku in battle, not to mention his battle skills.

"I wonder is it edible, lets bring it back to let those military experts a.n.a.lyze."

After heading back to the village, they reported to Elder Lee about the deinonychus and gave the meat for them to a.n.a.lyze. The results were shocking! Not only the meat was edible, it also contains a special substance in it that allowed wounds to heal much faster!

Several severely injured soldiers are able to immediately get up from their sick bed after ingesting the meat.

This was akin to those potion in games!

The fact that killing these dinosaur will dropped meat with healing properties made everyone excited. But for now, heading to the ration supply base was more important. After all, there's fifty thousand people to feed and there's barely any food left.

"Since there's monsters nearby, there must be someone in the village to stay guard at all times. Other than that, we need a few evolutionaries to come with some of my soldiers and head to the supply base. The mission is to head there and check for remaining ration." Elder Lee spoke out.

To find the supply base, Lin Xii that could fly was obviously needed. Qing stayed behind to look after the girls, whereas Mai wanted to follow him and go for a spin outside. Other than him, Xiao Qiang, Zhen Tian, w.a.n.g Wei and Xiao Wan too joined the expedition team.

With Wu Yan and the others staying guard at the village, adding the Hammerhead and other pets it should be enough to repelled any attack by the dinosaurs even if there's one.

For the expedition team, other than the evolutionaries there's also 30 soldiers following. They were lead by Commander Liu.

The 30 or so people squeezed into a bus and head out, reaching nearby the area in half an hour. They did saw a fair amount of dinosaurs throughout the trip, there was even a few pterosaurs flying and circling the bus; they left only after one of them was blasted by a RPG.

The bus stopped at a construction site, because it was a supply base that was meant to be used during war times it was not built on the surface. Instead it was built like a rabbit hole, having several large storage compartment underground.

Also, there were a number of small village that were built on top of the base.

Commander Liu and 20 of his soldiers stayed at the bus for lookout, while the evolutionaries and 10 soldiers head towards the underground base.

If the ration supply in it was still there and if the surrounding is safe, they will head back to inform the others. The military will send their trucks here and pick the ration up.

"There's something not right here." w.a.n.g Wei said nervously as he looked around him.

"No s.h.i.t." Zhen Tian rolled his eyes, taking his flaming wooden stick and holding it in his hand. "This is supposed to be a small village, of course there's something wrong when there's no one here right now."

"I can somehow feel that, there's someone or something watching us right now. Maybe through the surveillance, or through binoculars."

Lin Xii closed his eyes and try to sense for something——even though his ice powers still needs another day or two to manifest, but his sensory ranged was still increased through the ice seed.

"Mai-chan, prepare for battle."

Mai that was in her black robe raised her finger and flicked his forehead, "It's Mai-nee."

w.a.n.g Wei and Zhen Tian looked at their intimate actions with envy.

"A grocery store! Let's go in, maybe there's something to eat in there."

As they saw a grocery store, everyone stopped. No matter the evolutionaries or the soldiers, they did not ate well during these couple of days. As they saw the grocery store of course they would want to head inside and take a look, even though most likely it was already empty.

When they head inside, what they saw lit their eyes up. The store was two storeys tall, most of the racks still had items on it; some of them even noticed a large amount of food on one of the racks.


Zhen Tian shouted as he immediately rushed towards the food. The speed that he was rushing at was disproportionate to his large size.

"Ah, there's food!"

w.a.n.g Wei activated his 'ki' and overtake the fatty as wind rushed from his feet. He took a box of roasted chicken and ripped it open immediately, stuffing it into his mouth as soon as he took of his arm guard. (TLN: It's a vacuum 'box' of chicken, it's quite common in china.)

"s.h.i.t, you f.u.c.king p.r.i.c.k!"

Looking at w.a.n.g Wei's action, Zhen Tian's face was turning green. Luckily, there's still quite an amount of food on the racks. He too grabbed a box and started inhaling it, bones and all.

The soldiers' eyes were gleaming too, as Commander Liu's at the bus and the evolutionary weren't strict at all. They too rushed for the racks and find for food to stuff their face in.

"It's not right…….something's not right."

Lin Xii, Mai, Xiao Qiang and Xiao Wan did not moved for the racks. Suddenly, Xiao Qiang's face changed and shouted, "Careful!"

As his warning rang out, their surrounding started trembling and quaking.

The tremble propagated from the soles of their feet into their heart, resonating it. At the very next instant, a rack of goods fell and ten or so shadows rushed out from it.

It was fifteen square-ish fat men that looked like sumos, they ducked their heads and rushed at them like a freight train!

One of the soldiers that was swallowing an egg was slammed head on by a fatty, he flew like a baseball being batted and hit the wall. The soldier died silently as his bones snapped like firecrackers.

Most of the other soldiers were of the same fate. As they were slammed flying away, their bones just snapped under the immense force; blood burst from all seven orifices in their face.

w.a.n.g Wei was half-kneeling, eating his chicken. The very moment he saw the fatties, he instinctively reached for his arm guard but it was too late.

He was slammed, sending him into a rack nearby. He bounced back, dropping on the ground while vomiting blood.

As he struggled to get up, the fatty that slammed into him leaped into the air and was about to sit onto w.a.n.g Wei's head with his huge a.s.s.

But w.a.n.g Wei's a evolutionary that had awoken his 'ki' after all, he immediately rolled over and avoided the fate of being squashed by an a.s.s. He did avoided being killed, but unfortunately his leg was still in the range of the fatty's a.s.s so it was squashed. His leg snapped bit by bit, flatten like a pancake.

"Rising Dragon Fist!"

Under the intense pain w.a.n.g Wei shouted, a white mist surrounded his fist and shaped into a blur dragon head. His entire being followed the dragon as the misty dragon opened its jaw and bite towards the fatty's chin.

The fatty ducked backwards, dodging the blow to his chin. But it still slammed onto his nose, his entire face looked like it was slammed in by a ram; the fatty's face was sunk in, he shuffled backwards awkwardly, seemingly drunk and most likely died from having his brain turning into mush with the force of the blow.

w.a.n.g Wei flown into the air by 2 to 3 meters due to his battle skill, as he dropped back down and landed on his leg, shattered bones jutted out from his battered leg as it couldn't support his body.

Xiao Wan and Zhen Tian was slightly better off from the ambush, one of them is a fatty too and another have iron as her skin. They just bleed slightly from the corner of their mouth after getting slammed.

Towards the fatties that's rushing towards him, Lin Xii did not took any action. Instead, Mai grabbed onto her Blood Rose Staff.

The staff comes with a 'master in staff' skill, one will be able to use the staff as if they practiced using it their whole life. Mai activated her 'Tenki' and bashed the fatty to a side, after that she threw her b.u.t.terfly fan towards the fatty and it exploded like a grenade; the fatty was dead before he landed on the ground.

Xiao Qiang dealt with a fatty much more easily, he braced himself and hugged onto the oncoming fatty.

Following the movement of the rushing force, he bent backwards and did a German Suplex! The force from the running fatty and the suplex turned the head of the fatty into a mushy pile of grey matter.

A cold light flashed by.

Mai tilted her head, using her teeth and bite onto a flying knife that was aimed for her throat. At the same time, all of the soldiers and the rest of the evolutionaries was. .h.i.t by a wave of flying knives too.

All of the soldiers was. .h.i.t with a knife in their throat and they died.

Another few more racks fell down, showing a large amount of shadowy silhouette.

"Thugs? Fat Men? Knife users?" Lin Xii looked surprised, "I see, it isn't Jura.s.sic park. These people are from 'Cadillacs and Dinosaurs'" (TLN: It's an 80's arcade game and there's a comic book and TV series. So old, took me quite some while to find the english name for this series. D:)

They are the antagonist from 'Cadillacs and Dinosaurs' that used the genes from dinosaurs and implanted them into human.

The thugs wears an orange red leather pants, a black leather jacket and a pair of fingerless gloves. They immediately went into a boxing stance and shuffled forward; The knife users wears a pair of blue jeans, yellow jacket and styled their hair into a mohawk. A knife twirling expertly in their hands.

The fat men all wear green pants and white shirt, they were huge. They looked like a wine barrels, at a rough estimate they weigh about above 175 kg!

(TLN: took me a loong while to find this site, the images of the)

Lin Xii and the rest were surrounded by 30 or 40 of these people.

"Vroom, Vrooooom……"

Sounds of a bike rang out nearby them. Suddenly, the wall of the grocery store was knocked down, an extremely muscular man came riding in, wearing silvery leather jacket and pants with his blonde hair blowing in the wind!

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