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Feng Lanyi took a sip of his tea. Just as he was about to drink, he heard Chen Xiang's question and immediately put down the teacup.

"Yes sir!" Feng Lanyi nodded: "I can feel that as long as I step into World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, I can become a phoenix! How do you know about this? "

"A friend of mine told me." Chen Xiang called Peng profoundfei out.

Peng profoundfei was a great peng, and was an equally strong bird beast as well. Feng Lanyi very quickly sensed Peng profoundfei's aura, which was a type of extremely close feeling, and it made her expression become gentle all of a sudden.

"Do you want to enslave me?" Feng Lanyi snorted: "If I were to become a phoenix, there will definitely be many experts who would want to recruit me."

"I originally had a wife with pure Phoenix blood … "That's why you're thinking too much." Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said: "Xuan Fei is Bai Da Peng, and because you and her are of the same kind, she is worried that you will be in danger after you break through, so she asked me to take care of you as much as possible."

Chen Xiang had a phoenix wife, which surprised even Hua Liqing. This matter was not known even to Xiao Xianglin, so Xiao Xianglin definitely did not doubt Chen Xiang's words, because she had seen the white dragon, Long Xueyi, before.

"Alright, I believe her!" Looking at the gentle and amiable Peng profoundfei, Feng Lanyi felt that he could be trusted.

"I can provide you with enough Emotional heart Dan." Chen Xiang said: "As for the conditions, they are that you want to leave the Fire Mountain School and join us. That should not be a problem!"

"No problem, I can leave Fire Mountain School at any time." Feng Lanyi promised straightforwardly: "As long as you give me two Emotional heart Dan every month, I can do whatever it is that I can for you guys … And you can't force me to do anything that would harm the world. And you can't restrict my freedom. "

"Alright!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I will go break off all relations with the Fire Mountain School now." After Feng Lanyi finished speaking, he left in a very decisive manner.

It was not hard to understand why Feng Lanyi would cut off their relationship so easily, because she was not valued highly in the Fire Mountain School and her cultivation was not bad as well. She was always a.s.signed to do many trivial things, which made her feel extremely disgusted and petty. The most unbearable thing was that because she was a bird beast, she was discriminated against greatly in the Fire Mountain School. She could only get a slightly better pill every year.

"Sister Li Qing, will Feng Lanyi be able to help you in the future?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course, she is familiar with this place. Furthermore, she is very fast, and she is trustworthy even when she can run around. When that time comes, she will need to go around everywhere to purchase Tao-creation's divine medicines or go to other cities to sell pills."

Hua Liqing really hoped that Feng Lanyi would work together with her, but he also had other concerns, "Little brother, it will be a bit difficult for you to refine two Flaming Heart of Li in a month, right?"

"You don't have to worry about that." Chen Xiang laughed. If the Young girl Danling had successfully evolved, let alone two a month, even twenty wouldn't be a problem.

In half a day, Feng Lanyi returned. Seeing her smiling face, he knew that she had successfully left Fire Mountain School. The inner sect of Fire Mountain School had a branch family here, so she came and went very quickly.

"Did Fire Mountain School say anything?" Hua Liqing said: "Does Fire Mountain School have any other ideas?"

"Hmph, those old fellows from Fire Mountain School wanted me to get lost long ago." Feng Lanyi coldly snorted.

"Lan Yi, you're not weak. Why would Fire Mountain School treat you like this?" Hua Liqing was puzzled.

"It's mainly because I'm a bird or beast... In their eyes, birds and beasts that can fly are good mounts, and they have always wanted to do what they can, but I was not willing to do it. Furthermore, in the inner sect of Fire Mountain School, the golden flames are the most n.o.ble, and the other colored flames are lowly in the eyes of those old fellows. "

"I am born with a blue flame, so they look down on me. Moreover, my blue fire is stronger than their disciples, so they feel even more uncomfortable. They treat me like this simply because they don't like me."

Speaking of these, Feng Lanyi's stomach was full of complaints. She was overjoyed that Chen Xiang agreed to give her two Flying Dan grain s every month, so she agreed quickly and straightforwardly. Furthermore, she felt that Hua Liqing and Chen Xiang were both not bad.

Especially Chen Xiang, a young Alchemist who had mastered Flying Dan grain s.

"Fire Mountain School also planned to let me bring some people to fly into Tao-creation Ancient Place to search for the Tao-creation's Holy stone. Hmph, Tao-creation Ancient Place is so dangerous, my body is so big, flying around above is simply courting death. " Feng Lanyi brought up this matter and gnashed his teeth, "They even said that if I didn't do it, they would expel me from the Fire Mountain School … I didn't do it, so I left. "

"In Tao-creation Ancient Place, the Flying mantra is ineffective. Only birds can fly, and it can quickly enter deep into the Tao-creation Ancient Place. If you fly high in the sky, you can quickly find Tao-creation's Holy Crystals or Tao-creation's Holy stone." Hua Liqing knew of these things.

"Boss Shen, you must do what you've promised me. You can't go back on your word." Feng Lanyi said: "I can help you guys with something right now … Give me the Emotional heart Dan in one month. "

"No problem!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "I won't forget you. If you perform well, I will give you another pill."

Although the door was closed, the noise that suddenly came from outside made Chen Xiang and the others extremely curious.

"Let me find out what's going on outside. You can just stay here." Feng Lanyi immediately ran out and returned in a moment.

"The matters of the World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum! This arena is about to reopen! " Feng Lanyi explained: "The Peak of World Defying magic realm's arena is known as World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum. "Before, because the battle was too intense, the battle arena was destroyed. After a hundred years, the battle arena was already repaired, and today is the start of a war."

"The arena has been destroyed …" This is too intense. " Hua Liqing was very surprised.

"Isn't it! At that time, the outcome of the battle had yet to be decided, so a hundred years later, it was a new one. " Feng Lanyi sighed: "They are all battle maniacs."

"Are there any rewards if we win the battle?" Chen Xiang was extremely concerned about this kind of thing.

"Normally it would be a battle of ten Tao-creation Divine Crystals, where life and death are determined by the heavens, so there will often be experts falling in the arena." Feng Lanyi said: "You are a Alchemist, you aren't good at battles!"

"Fight …" "I'm not very good at it. My pill refining skills are much better than my battles." Chen Xiang laughed.

Hua Liqing had seen Chen Xiang's battles before, using Six Realms mirrors s to kill him instantly. Furthermore, it was crisp and clean, as if he was an expert no matter how he looked at it, he actually said that he wasn't very good at it.

To Chen Xiang, fighting had always been a side business, he only fought a few rounds from time to time.

"Let's go, we should also go to World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum to have a look." Hua Liqing laughed tenderly: "Since Boss Shen has come to Fighting Glorious City, does that mean you have to witness the situation of the Fighting Glorious City's battle arena?"

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