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Chapter 249.1

Until two discordant roses become an ensemble (4)

That’s how our first repatriation ended.


Five months later.

On a night when the moonlight was alone in the sky, artificial lights filled the ground in a city where the lights never go out.

A street where neon signs decorate the city like fireworks. Since it was the weekend, there were quite a lot of people.

No. The street was lined with bars, so there’s no helping it.


There was a man running with a grotesque scream into the street where many people laughed and a number of people were walking.

He didn’t just dodge people quickly, but sometimes he hit or caused people to fall.

“Kyaaak, Sister!”

“Ugh. What is this? Hey! Stop there?”

The person who fell did not hold back and spat out swear words, but the sound did not reach the perpetrator.

He had already run a long way to a place where the sound could not be heard.

I stopped running and quickly raised the fallen person.

As I used the power of the rose, it was not difficult to raise someone because my body gradually acquired more than normal physical abilities.

“Are you okay?”

Even though it was a weekday, there were many people on the street. I wondered if I left it like this, there would be a fall or a bigger misfortune.

“You must have suffered because of some strange person.”

“Ah…… thank you.”

The person who got up greeted me with a bewildered face. I smiled and waved my hand.

“You’re welcome.”

Pretending to be calm, I raised the fallen person, but in fact, my heart was already running again.

I quickly turned around and kicked the spot with my leg. When was the last time I ran like this?

No, there were a lot of things to run around for for three months. To make a comparison, I’ll have to take the as a standard before the day G.o.d made the second request.

I clenched my teeth.

‘You’ll be finely caught and punished. So why are you running away!’

I started late because I had to raise someone who had fallen, but I wasn’t worried.

Because Ricdorian, who ran first in my place, must be chasing after the possessed body. However, I still clenched my teeth. Because I’ve been chasing for a week already.

This spirit is too good at running away. As soon as he realized our ident.i.ty, he ran away and managed to avoid us.

At this point, I ended up getting angry even though I used to be indifferent to everything. As I ran, I bit my lip and muttered curses in my heart, but I heard a magnificent yet calm cry in my head.

“Yes. Thank you Whistle, I’m okay.”

As my guardian deity, Whistle, calmed me, I quickly got myself together.

“Huh, calm down. Calm.”

Looking ahead, it was full of people. I cleverly avoided people and ran to the place where Ricdorian was.

It was easy to see where Rian was. First, I instinctively knew where Ricdorian was. It was close to a sense and ability that could not be explained by logic.

And secondly.

“This way.”

The place where Ricdorian stayed was fragrant. To be precise, the strong scent of roses remained where he exerted his strength.

It’s a scent that feels very good to me, who has more senses than the average person.

It wasn’t difficult to find him with these elements.

And looking at Ricdorian’s traces, I could see that he also felt unusually angry. That’s because he used his ability quite strongly.

Well, Ricdorian’s anger seemed to lie in the fact that this loach-like creature made me angry rather than it was good at avoiding

– Human, come on, Nyan!

“I’m coming, coming.”

Soon, we entered a deserted road. As the uphill road continued, the number of people naturally decreased.

It seemed that Ricdoian had properly lured him down this path.

I finally arrived and saw a man standing tall in the dark open s.p.a.ce.

It was Rian.

“Ha, did you catch it?”

I stopped and caught my breath. In fact, I was not out of breath, but I’m trying to gather my mind.

I couldn’t calm the anger from the four-day chase, so I want to get this spirit while trying to send it back quickly.

Let’s calm down. There was nothing wrong with being cautious.

It was already the 8th spirit.

When I think of the process of the past five months, it was truly a journey that cannot be done without tears.

Yes. I can’t go and ruin it now.

I clenched my teeth one last time and straightened my expression. The more I walked, the more I felt Rian’s power.

“No. I must say you did a good job of inducing them.”


Ricdorian, who was holding the sword, turned his head. Perhaps the average person would not have seen that weapon.

A smile as innocent as the spring sun appeared on his face, which had been infinitely cold and sincere.

“You’re here.”

“You already knew I was coming.”

He must have noticed me just as I felt Ricdorian.

Rather than saying that Rean has the ability to find roses like me……. Of course, as a rose, there are also things that make him look for the Blue Rose.

Rather, it would be largely due to the mixture of his and my powers, albeit partly.

Pudding belonged to me, so I couldn’t say it wasn’t mixed.

The biggest thing is, of course, mixing our bodies.

Looking back on the night, um, day, I don’t think there was a time where it was not exaggerated It was not for nothing that his power was the equivalent of a ‘beast’.


Ricdorian tilted his head.

At this urgent moment, I couldn’t say that I was appreciating the beauty of my partner, so I quickly came to my senses.

“Sorry. You’re so handsome all over again.”

Ricdorian laughed mischievously.

“I am happy that Rose likes it. I think I should take care of it in the future.”

“You were already born with it. What do you need to care for more?”

When I gave him a thumbs up, Ricdorian’s ears were blushing.

Now, after several years of coming here, Ricdorian still had no interest in this world or society.

Could it be because of the years he has lived as a ruler? Even the people he encountered sometimes had difficulty with Ricdorian Perhaps because of his power, he seemed to cause tension in normal people, such as intimidation and pressure.

So, the only person who admired his appearance unexpectedly and innocently was the youngest daughter next door.

I threw a glance at one place while having a conversation that sounded carefree in some ways.

When I slowly turned my head, there was an old man standing there.


However, a spark like lightning flew around the old man, and a certain shape appeared on the old man’s face and then disappeared.

Like a broken hologram that appeared and disappeared repeatedly.

The appearance and disappearance of that young man was the true form of the spirit in that body.

He took turns looking at our faces, then frowned in displeasure.

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