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Chapter 218

Beyond the wall

She didn’t forget to add a word here. Francia remembered everything Iana said.

“And it’s the way Sister hates.”


“I don’t care.”

Even if it was just a brief touch, it was a warm moment that will never happen again in Francia’s life.

“It is, after all, family.”

She therefore respected Iana’s choice. Even if her instinct as a rose whispers to get rid of that man and take Blue Rose’s side, she can stand it.

“Whether you or me, hiding this d.a.m.n obsession and nature is for Sister’s sake, isn’t it?”


“So I’m saying don’t take Sister and don’t make such a silly face.”

Ricdorian’s expression gradually returned to his usual calm. Francia knew how ferocious Ricdorian could be. She’s been fighting with him a few times and she had seen it firsthand.

“Enjoy the happiness of the choice that no one else can enjoy. Okay?”

The Red Rose’s nature is closer to a beast than what could have been imagined. Nevertheless, that man suppressed that wildness with his own reason and will. There must have been pain like squeezing out blood.

“It is bitter to share my sun.”

Francia removed her hand from the paladin’s face she had touched.

“Don’t forget that the enemy of the enemy is your friend. If something happens, I will take her away anytime. Me and the Yellow Rose.”

Francia was willing to take the spot next to her if given the chance, even if she had to hold hands with Lenag, she was willing. The chances of that happening are slim though. Instead, at times like this, it was very enjoyable to watch the distorted Grand Duke.

Ricdorian smiled immediately.

“No way.”

He tilted his head at an angle.

“You don’t have a place. I’m not going to let that place go.”

“Look at that. You have a bad personality.”

Francia chuckled and looked at Iana.

“How are you hiding this dark inside? Sister should know.”

Francia knew. Even if Iana saw this, she would never abandon or not love Ricdorian. So…… She was just annoyed.

‘I’m jealous.’

The moment she saw Iana, a bright smile was engraved on Francia’s face. It was an expression that came out unconsciously. Seeing this, Ricdorian felt as if he was looking in a mirror.

Is Francia herself pretending to be different inside and outside?


Ricdorian could be sure of this. Iana allowed him to put on his deepest natural look. His and her faces now, these were the most sincere expressions they could make.

“Calm down, this man.”

Francia would then run to Iana with a docile sheep’s face.

“Even a handsome man is ugly when he is jealous.”

The White Rose’s last grudge left an unexpected significant blow. Ricdorian raised his hand and rubbed his face. His face contorted slightly.

“Haa……. Is it ugly?”

That was then. Someone tapped his leg. It was Pudding that continued to stay by Ricdorian’s side till now. The little beast pushed his leg with its front paw. Then tap it

– You’re going to have a hard time, Nyan.

Pudding shook its head.

– For a human who almost became my contractor to be such an idiot, I feel sorry for myself, Nyan.

In fact, he never had a chance to tell Iana, but Ricdorian heard everything she said to Pudding. He, of course, could not hear it depending on the distance, but all of that was possible. Well, it was only natural because Pudding was a part of him and his guardian deity.

Up until now, he didn’t care whether he could hear Pudding or not, but at this moment, he couldn’t.

“…… You have no dignity at all as a guardian deity. Where did you learn that word?”

-What? Idiot? Human taught me that, Nyan!

“That’s a good word.”

When he learned that Iana had told him that, Ricdorian changed his stance without a single speck of embarra.s.sment. Seeing that, Pudding shook its head again.

– You are also seriously ill, Nyang.

But Pudding and Ricdorian were both looking at Iana in the same way.

– Of course our Human is amazing, Nyan. She’s the best, Nyan!

“Of course.”

– Ahem, Nyan!

Pudding said, as expected, she’s a great contractor for me! Ricdorian, who had been wrestling with his guardian deity for a while about Iana’s charm, suddenly raised his head.

‘Is the time coming?’

He looked up at what was the sky, but what he was looking at was the city in the distance, to be precise, the walls. The walls of Cantala. Beyond that wall, the traps created by the Chaser Louve Domulit will be scattered.

‘I said I was going to kill him.’

Ricdorian knew himself well. He knew he wouldn’t get blood on his hands. It’s not that he can’t kill Chaser, it’s that he doesn’t want to hold Iana’s hand with his blood-stained hands.

Because her hand should hold only clean and good things.

More than anything…… The power of Chaser Louve Domulit is ‘attraction’. That is, brainwashing ability. Whatever may be beyond that wall, it will never be easy. Even more so as the roles he and Francia will play is suppression. At the same time, Ricdorian felt the end approaching.

– …… you, Nyan.

At that moment, Ricdorian coughed violently. An unusually harsh coughing sound resounded one after another. Instead of panicking, Ricdorian skillfully turned his back and entered a blind spot.

“…… Don’t say anything.”

Ricdorian interrupted Pudding’s words.

– You have been taking it easy, your body has been pushed this way, Nyan!

“It never really listened.”

– Your body is slowly not listening, Nyan! What are you doing without knowing what it means to be short of life as a rose!

“Be quiet.”

But nevertheless, Pudding finally spit out with a growling voice.

– When are you going to tell her, Nyan?

This guardian deity has signed a contract with Iana, and although its connection with him has been estranged, Ricdorian has been able to exert some influence on Pudding nonetheless. For example, to prevent this beast from saying anything it wants to say to Iana.

– Your life is worn out faster than you think, so there is not much time left.


Pudding’s voice was ferocious, but on the other hand, it didn’t know what to do.

– If you don’t go fast, you’ll die.

Ricdorian smiled and closed his eyes.

“Even if you don’t say that, this fight will be over soon.”

The truth that no one could tell.

This battle was a battle of time.


The next morning, the bells rang in the Cathedral of Cantala, just like any other day. I already felt how loud that bell was while I was staying near this city. It was indeed a huge bell. A grand and heavy sound as if welcoming me to this place.

The gates of Cantala were wide open. The streets were also clean and empty, as if they had not been touched until we came to the cathedral. Even though it was not a small city, the empty square gave me gooseb.u.mps.

I felt the vibration of the wall and lifted my head. A faint cry overlaps between the gigantic bells. As if recognizing that I was listening, the crying grew louder.

‘Here you are.’

I knew that the guardian deity of the Blue Rose was here. And finally I put my hand on the door.

“…… Good luck, Ricdorian. And I look forward to your cooperation, Francia.”

There are two doors in the cathedral. The door that Chaser spoke of was the front door. But it wasn’t the front door that I was holding onto. I held my breath and turned my head. There was no one near the back door.

It was strangely quiet.

I could see people from afar, but they were just moving around the area as if they were on patrol. Even if they were close, they wouldn’t have seen me. Because I was using powerful invisibility magic. More than ten wizards worked together for this purpose.

Then as I stepped inside the back door.

“Welcome, Iana.”

A sweet voice rang in my ear as if seducing me.

“What’s the matter? Not coming in. I have been waiting for you.”

I swallowed a gulp, looking at my empty front. Even though Chaser, the owner of the voice, was not here, gooseb.u.mps rose on my back as if I had seen him.

It was a given. The words I am hearing now were transmitted through a magic tool, and Ricdorian and Francia, who must have met Chaser by now must have heard it too. Perhaps he said it while looking at Francia, who dressed up as me and covered up with illusion magic.

I hastened my steps.

The words I had said came to mind.

Because he has to take me.

As I was walking, I heard a faint voice in my ear. It was a sharp voice.

“But it’s strange, Iana.”

Chaser’s smile seemed to pa.s.s by.

“Why won’t you see me?”

The illusion magic was something that will quickly come to light. It wasn’t my goal to completely deceive him from the start. I rubbed my face and hastened my feet. I came here to pursue my guardian deity’s presence that has since grown bigger.

There was no time. Fortunately, I felt the energy of my guardian deity spreading throughout this cathedral. It wasn’t difficult to find because it was calling me.


I bit my lip.

The more I walked, the louder the singing voice called me.

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