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Chapter 2 is here, but before that please read this:

So in this chapter Qin Shao Yu refers to Shen Qian Ling as 娘子(wife), 夫人(madam) and I had no idea whether to leave it as it is or to change to a non-gendered term, or use other phrases. I decided to use 'sweetheart' and 'darling' in place of 'wife', but I suspect Qin Shao Yu will probably call Shen Qian Ling some form of 'wife' forever. So let me know what you think about this - leaving as it is, or using non-gendered terms like 'spouse' or 'partner'.
I'll include a poll about this at the end of this chapter.

Second thing is that Shen Qian Fan's weapon is mentioned, but in the web novel it's not named and simply referred to using □□, so I decided to leave it as 'XX' for now. Will revise it if the name gets revealed in a later chapter.

[Chapter 2 - Don't harm the baby!] There should be applause now.

Because the situation of suddenly having a fiancé is too harsh, Shen Qian Ling fainted for quite a few hours, not showing any hints of waking up. In his unconsciousness he even dreamt; in the dream Qin Shao Yu walked towards him with a vicious expression on his face, holding rope and a mace, wanting to tie him up to bring back for marriage; the image is quite terrifying.

"Ah!" Shen Qian Ling woke up in fright, drenched in sweat.

In the room the candlelight sways; all four corners are very quiet.

Luckily it's a dream.....Shen Qian Ling let out a sigh of relief, and wiped his sweat. Just as he was planning to go have a drink, a sudden question floated from beside him: "Where is my sweetheart going?"

"Ah!" Shen Qian Ling paled and turned his head, and saw that on the inner side of the bed, Qin Shao Yu is currently lying sideways, an amused expression on his face; it's exceedingly malicious.

"Why are you on my bed?!" Shen Qian Ling is in shock, and not to mention his clothes are wide open, quickly cover your chest and shoulder.

"What a strange question." Qin Shao Yu reached out and pinched his face, "Other than my sweetheart's bed, where do you expect me to go?"

Your sweetheart?! Shen Qian Ling took a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down.

In this kind of moment he must not panic; he has to fight the enemy with the level of a best male lead.

"Look at you, cold sweat all over; do you want me to help you bathe?" Qin Shao Yu sat up.

"Don't move." Shen Qian Ling looked as if he's facing a formidable enemy, and really wanted to add on "if you dare to move I will die to show you" at the back.

"Are you seducing me on purpose?" Qin Shao Yu can't help but laugh.

Shen Qian Fan quickly considered this, just how is "don't move" seductive?

"When you and I first copulated in a mountain cave, Ling-er frowned and also begged me, saying it's painful, don't move." Qin Shao Yu pulled his hand over to him, emphasizing on the last two words.

Shen Qian Fan stared at him with his mouth wide open; blood has left his face; his whole head is full of copulatedcopulatedcopulatedcopulated.

What kind of unbelievable development is this, he's totally shocked dumb. According to Bao Dou's description, he still thought that young master Shen was a delicate, amiable white lotus youth (1) who liked to be spoiled; theoretically speaking he should blush and be embarra.s.sed of being seen in the nude by other people; how can he just run off to a cave to secretly fornicate outside; this kind of wild tendencies is simply not logical.

After his mind provided some details, Shen Qian Ling immediately felt that a certain place began to throb in dull pain; if the medical developments aren't advanced enough then they shouldn't have been so unrestrained; he can't help but want to cry.

"Sweetheart." Qin Shao Yu waved his hand in front of his eyes, "What are you thinking about?"

"This young warrior." Shen Qian Ling looked at him with difficulty, "Can you change your way of calling me?"

Qin Shao Yu, straightforwardly, "Darling."

"Why don't you use my name?" Shen Qian Ling sincerely suggested.

"Not good, it's not intimate like that." Qin Shao Yu rejected with a shake of his head, and casually dug a hole in the jade bed rail with his index finger.

Shen Qian Ling weakly got off the bed, "I'm going to the kitchen to find something to eat." The further he can get away from this kind of violent man, the better.

"Darling is so weak now, how can you go and walk around." Qin Shao Yu pulled him into his embrace in one move, and affectionately said, "Be careful of harming the baby too."

Shen Qian Ling was once again struck dumb.

"What....did you say?" His voice is feeble; it's almost as if a ghost is calling.

"I said not to hurt the baby." Qin Shao Yu pressed his index finger on his lips, asking him to keep silent, "Only the two of us know about this, you mustn't disclose it."

"Y-y-you, m-m-me, baby?" A blender activated in Shen Qian Ling's mind.

"Yes, you forgot?" Qin Shao Yu placed his right hand on his belly, full of fatherly love in his eyes, "There's our child inside here."

Shen Qian Ling's vision faded, and almost fainted again.

However this time Qin Shao Yu squeezed a pill into his mouth in time; it's refreshing, sweet and sour, causing the mind to become more awake and alert, and so Shen Qian Ling did not manage to faint, but was forced to accept the cruel reality.

"So when will you be marrying me?" Qin Shao Yu ran his fingers through his hair, "A few more months, and your belly will become bigger and bigger."

Shen Qian Ling is in a mess, "I'm a man." How can a man give birth, this is too unusual!

"That's why I want to marry and bring you back to my home." Qin Shao Yu said affectionately, "I also never expected that you, in order to let the Qin family have descendants, will go and find Qi Men Hu Xian (2) secretly, and became pregnant with my child with the use of pills. What you did for me, I, as the husband, will never forget it."

"You are definitely lying to me." Shen Qian Ling forced himself to be calm.

Qin Shao Yu laughed bitterly, "Even if I lied to the whole world, I will not lie to you."

What kind of world is this.

Shen Qian Ling's hands and feet are ice-cold, and his tears started falling.

In the previous world he cried very rarely, and he didn't feel sad for long, even after he mysteriously traveled through time; but no matter how strong he is, the shock of this is simply too great. There's even mystical things such as a fox immortal; once he thought that there's a child inside his belly, Shen Qian Ling cried almost to the point of blindness.

"Good, Ling-er, be good." Qin Shao Yu patted his back lightly, "Don't cry, don't cry."

"Is there any way to let the fox immortal change me back?" Shen Qian Ling looked at him tearfully.

"There's no way." Qin Shao Yu sighed, "The inner core of the fox immortal has already been consumed by you, it's just a normal fox now, what use will there be to look for it?"

How can there be such a generous fox immortal; Shen Qian Ling is utterly in despair.

Qin Shao Yu let him lie down properly, and gently said, "You must remember not to talk about this to anyone, or else you will be seen as an abnormal person."

Shen Qian Ling stared at him dazedly.

"Don't worry, I will bring you far away." Qin Shao Yu lightly kissed on his forehead, "Afterwards we can find an island in the seas to let the child be born, and tell others that you are simply recuperating."

Shen Qian Ling continued to have a bleak expression.

"I'm going to get you some food." Qin Shao Yu tucked him in, and left the room.

And then he held on to the railing, laughing till his stomach hurts.

He actually believed it.

"Oh, young master, you are awake?" Bao Dou carefully stuck his head in, "I just saw sect leader Qin go out; he's going to prepare dinner for you?"

Shen Qian Ling turned his head stiffly to face him.

"Bullied again?" Bao Dou, shocked by his red eyes, quickly went to help him up.

"It's nothing." Shen Qian Ling's voice is hoa.r.s.e.

"How can it be nothing when you're already like this!" Bao Dou is angry and frustrated, "How can sect leader be like this; always liking to make young master cry!"

"Help me pour a cup of water." Shen Qian Ling frowned, closing his eyes.

Bao Dou hastily served him a cup of lukewarm tea; Shen Qian Ling's hand was trembling, and almost spilled the tea on the blanket.

"Young master, don't be scared." Bao Dou helped him to wipe his sweat, "Otherwise I can tell first young master, and get him to accompany you?"

"No need." Shen Qian Ling waved his hand, "I'll be fine after I rest a bit."

Since he insisted, Bao Dou also didn't force him anymore; only sitting by the side and helping him to ma.s.sage his thighs.

Shen Qian Ling started and stopped again and again, but in the end he couldn't bear it and asked, "Before I lost my memories, was I close to Qin Shao Yu?"

"Young master rarely speaks with me about sect leader Qin, and even if he's brought up it's with indifference." Bao Dou said, "But you used to go out with him frequently, sometimes even overnight."

Indifferent yet spending time together overnight; the more you hide the more you reveal. Shen Qian Ling's mind started throbbing again; he has the same name and same face, why is it that his actions and character are so different?

"And not long ago when sect leader Qin was hurt by the demonic sect, young master specially went to do the difficult task of getting the fox immortal from the mountains to do some rites, and fell sick because of that too." Bao Dou said earnestly, not knowing that he has threw a handful of salt into Shen Qian Ling's heart again.

There's really a fox immortal.

These two words are simply too impactful.

And so Shen Qian Ling fainted once again.

Falling into unconsciousness again and again; this kind of situation really suits the temperament of a frail, beautiful youth.

"Men!" Bao Dou went out with tears in his eyes again, "Young master has fainted again!"

A moment later, everyone in the Shen family appeared again in the front hall; this time there's also Qin Shao Yu.

"My poor Ling-er!" Doleful cries started one again; second master Shen calmly covered his ears. Sect leader Shen sighed, "I too don't know when Ling-er's condition can improve."

"Sect leader doesn't have to worry too much." Qin Shao Yu said, "After Ling-er recovers a bit, I wish to bring him to the south sea to find my teacher to cure his illness."

"If your highly respected teacher can help, it's naturally excellent, but...." Sect leader Shen has a difficult expression on his face.

Everyone knows, previously whenever Zhui Yin sect was brought up, Shen Qian Ling will start to cry and seek death; no matter how he's humored he won't relent. Although now that he has lost his memories, he is still their most treasured youngest son, they can't bear to wrong him.

"Rest a.s.sured sect leader, I will persuade Ling-er." Qin Shao Yu knows his manners very well.

"Then we'll be troubling you sect leader Qin." Old sect leader Shen evidently has placed greater trust in him.

"It's simply what I should do." Qin Shao Yu glanced at the inner room, "Moreover Ling-er will be marrying into my Zhui Yin sect; of course I will take good care of him."

The sleeping Shen Qian Ling heard this in his semi-conscious state, and immediately fell into a deeper sleep; if he could chose, he's willing to continue sleeping like this till the world ends.

But reality is ruthlessly cruel; on the morning of the second day, Shen Qian Ling still woke up on time; the sun shining onto his face, warm and comfortable.

And then he grimly found out, that his belly really has a little b.u.mp!

And after Qin Shao Yu's lyrical words yesterday, Shen Qian Ling completely did not think about the possibility of "eating too much so there's a small belly", and idiotically began to think about the situation of a man giving birth. Although he knows in his heart that this is extremely illogical, but who can say that travelling through is logical too?

He forced himself to calm down, and to a.n.a.lyze the situation he's in now.

No matter whether the child in his belly is real or fake, he will be able to look and find out after a while; and the most urgent thing to do now is to find someone that he can depend on, so that when needed, he can contend with Qin Shao Yu.

And so after eating breakfast, Shen Qian Ling couldn't care less about his weak body, and brought Bao Dou along to find his first target Shen Qian Ling.

In the sect there is an empty field; it's Shen Qian Fan daily training grounds; before Shen Qian Ling can get near, he saw that someone is currently practicing their martial arts, flipping around; their speed is so fast there's almost a double image.

This is truly a non-scientific world....Shen Qian Ling is in even more despair.

Shen Qian Fan's usual weapon is XX, glinting in the light and looks very powerful. After a period of stabbing and piercing, a section of the wooden pole already has thousands of holes; a press of a hand will cause pieces to fall. The XX in his right hand accurately flew into the metal rack; Shen Qian Fan made a few steps, and slowly landed on the ground.

A gust of wind billowed out his green coat; there's truly an aura of a great warrior.

Shen Qian Ling immediately started clapping with a smile, and used his elbow to tap Bao Dou — what are you standing there for, there should be applause now.

But Bao Dou didn't react at all, "Young master?"

You should be clapping! Shen Qian Ling is unsatisfied; if he wants to rely on someone then he must first do some bootlicking, does he not even know this?

So idiotic till he should die.

(1) white lotus youth: 白莲花少年 - has two opposite meanings. 1. to describe someone as kind, harmless, innocent, pure. 2. to describe someone who appears to be 1 but is scheming and black hearted deep inside. In this context it means 1.

(2) Qi Men Hu Xian: 奇门狐仙 - lit. strange door fox immortal. A fox which has cultivated into an immortal, able to take the shape of a human. 门 (door) can mean a place or sect.

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