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Taru Chapter 10: The ident.i.ty of the dwarf

『I'm sorry for borrowing your place again』(Taru)

『It's okay♪ Angel-chan is always welcome here』(George)

I am now at the Art Skill Store ☆ George.

After we came back from Misora's Forest, Yuuki and Kouya left the PT.

It seems that members of  《Hundred Demons of the Night》clan had some conflict with Yuuki and Kouya’s  《Hundred Knight of the Night》 clan’s members.

Therefore, they rushed to help and they decided to disband the PT with me.

『Angel-chan still loves to do her Alchemy as always』(George)

If you wonder why am I in this Okamsan’s shop.
It’s because there’s no other person here.

『The outside isn’t calm, I can’t concentrate on Alchemy…』(Taru)

『Well, it’s because Angel-chan is so cute, so people can’t help but look at you』(George)

Well, it might be so, but it’s impossible to concentrate on alchemy if they stare at me all the time.

That’s why I went to Art Skill Store ☆ George to do my Alchemy.

『Thank you』(Taru)

I wonder if this store is okay.
I’m not talking about me doing Alchemy.
Skill is really important, I thought this store will attract a lot of people, but even though this is the first day of service, I don’t see any customer come in.

『Ufufufu~ ♪』(George)

The biggest reason, well, it’s the shop owner’s appearance.
This Art Skill Store have the gla.s.s windows. So, you can see the inside of the store from the outside.
Even, the store is beautiful, the Okama Shop Owner is waiting to ambush the prey (♂) at the counter. That shocking pink eyeshadow can scare anyone. I think no one would want to enter.

As I looking, in a showcase where products line up, there’s something that emits green light.

Well, for now, I will do my Alchemy while considering the regrettable of this store.

『Does George-san know about 《Misora's Forest》?』(Taru)

『George is okay♪』(George)

To save time, I will《 convert》the material I got from the Misora’s ​​Forest while asking.

『Well then, … Does George know about 《Misora's Forest》?』 (Taru)

『I know, I often went hunting Mofu Rabbit there in the Beta Test period』(George)

Okay, I got 《Sewage》from failure 《Upper conversion》of 《Water》

And 《Clean Gra.s.s》from successful 《Upper conversion》of 《Weed》

『Have you ever seen a dwarf?』(Taru)

『 Was there such a monster?』(George)

While I pull out the Synthesis Pot, I continue to ask questions.

『Then, in the 《Misora's Forest》, have you ever heard of any players see the dwarf?』(Taru)

『I have never heard of it …』(George)

George is pondering my question.

『Then in the 《Misora's Forest》have any players ever found Wiseman Misora?』(Taru)

I keep asking.

『 Was there a player who found the Wiseman Misora?』(George)

『That is not it.
Well, the NPC said that Wiseman Misorsama lives in Misora's Forest, and I can't confirm that』(Taru)

Well, I see.
If the top player like George didn’t know about it, then the mystery of Misora’s forest is yet to discover.
And as well as the dwarf I saw in Misora's Forest.

I want to go to the Misora's Forest ​now and seek out whether I can meet the dwarf,
But the sky outside is still dark and the stars are illuminating.
At night, in《Misora’s Forest》, the evil (strong) monsters will appear, so I can’t go now.

I continue mixing thing in Synthesis Pot while thinking.

In the first place, I doubt whether I can defeat Mofu Rabbit that comes out during the day alone.
My Speed is barely enough to keep up with the Mofu Rabbit.
My attack power is too low, it takes too much time to defeat one monster.

: 《Pure water》 + 《Nucleus of slime》 → 《Emerald Tear》:

: 《Emerald Tear + 2》was made:

While thinking about the dwarf in the Misora ​​Forest, I made five more 《Emerald Tear》and noticed it.

My character level is raised to 3.
I forgot to a.s.sign level points to status.
If the attack power is not enough, I can increase a little attack!

After considering a little, I will carry out the distribution of the level points.


Speed and Intelligent become three digits!

In this time, I use the level points with emphasis on Speed, but as an Alchemist, I am raising my Intelligence altogether.

Raise Attack?

My main weapon Kodachi: Impure Evening has required status is Attack 1.
I do not need to increase attack to equip it!
I raise speed, push through everything with overwhelming speed, it’s a man’s romance.
With this, the measures against Mofu Rabbit are perfect.

《Kodachi: Impure Evening》Attack Power +18 (+9) Work Skill Correction G

As I carefully check my main weapon 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》

Attack power +18(+9)?
Somehow the attack power has been rising.
If my memory is right, 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》should have Attack Power +10(+1)
… Is this the influence of skill correction G?
But what is skill correction?
If you use the same weapon, you will become familiar with it or so?

I do not know well, but I’m happy if attack power increases.

All right!

It’s time to try new materials I got on this adventure.

The Mofu Rabbit’s drop: 《Red Eye stone》× 11
and 《Caterpillar》× 7 that collected in Misora's ​​Forest.
And I read through each explanation immediately.

《Red Eye Stone》【Stone made of the eyes of Mofu Rabbit which has lost its magical power】

《Caterpillar》【Nutritious caterpillar】

For the time being, I will try 《Upper Convertion》with 《Red Eye Stone》

Putting it one by one on the left tray of the copper balance scale.

Since the balance became equilibrium with 10 pieces, is the number of materials necessary for 《Upper Convertion》 10?

It’s as many as 《Water》…

From here, it will be the real deal…

『《Copper Law of Convert》!』(Taru)

: MP35 → 30:

First of all, I will raise the success rate of 《Conversion》 with Ability《 Copper law of Convert》

『《Upper Conversion》!』(Taru)

Now red jewels are sparkling!
The balance of copper dazzled, the substance on the left tray disappeared instantly.
Then, a crystal clear red and rugged stone appeared on the right dish.

:《Red Eyes Stone》× 10 → 《Crimson stone》× 1 《Upper conversion》success:

: The Result was recorded in the Recipe:

《Crimson stone》【Stone laden with red rose inflammation】

Fu ha ha ha ha ha!
Hot Alchemy Technique (jutsu)!

Next is the nutritious caterpillar!

However, since the balance didn’t become equilibrium with 7 caterpillars, the number of materials was insufficient to perform the 《Upper conversion》


But, well.

I will try synthesis from this!

I put 《Crimson Stone》in the copper synthesis Pot and try other materials steadily to know what is the suitable second material.

However, as opposed to my tension, the starry sky floating in the Synthesis Pot becomes cloudy sky with everything.

『…Synthesis canceled』(Taru)

《Crimson stone》makes a sound from the Pot *Chupon* and returns to my hand.

At the moment, there’is no material on the stock that matches 《Crimson stone》…

Since there is no choice, I change to 《Caterpillar》which couldn’t be converted into the pot.

The material that is compatible with this one is … 《Miko Fruit》
The inside of the Pot is clear starry sky.

《Miko fruit》red nutritious fruit

I picked it up in Michelangelo, it’s strange that it is compatible with something I harvest in Misora’s ​​Forest.

I put 《Miko Fruit》into Pot and start mixing the Pot.
The temperature of the Pot is at medium heat.

It seems that the color is overlapping like a whitish creamy of 《Caterpillar》and the red color of 《Miko fruit》in delicious manner.

The smell is rather bad. It feels like then rotten egg and soil.

Stickiness is surprisingly refreshing, I almost feel nothing when stirring, it’s like I’m just stirring the liquid.

If I don’t pay attention, I might raise the speed of mixing too fast

After that, there was no change in particular, and the liquid in the Pot remained blended with white and red.

Is this a failure?

After a while, the blue smoke which means success appears

: 《Caterpillar》+ 《Miko Fruit》→ 《Extreme Candy Ball》:

: 《Extreme Candy Ball》 was created:

: Recorded in synthesis recipe:

《Extreme Candy Ball》

【Candy Ball with an extreme taste of caterpillar flavor.
Attack + 10 for only 1 minute when use】


I hold the 《Extreme Candy Ball》 with red and white mixed, and I am excited.
How is it? This is alchemy.
If I don’t have strength, build strength with Alchemy!
If I want money, make money with Alchemy!


With this, I can cover the lack of attack power.

『 Does Angel-chan not want to sell Alchemy items you made?』(George)

When I am happy with it, George tells a doubtful question.
What’s it, Okamsan?

『How do you sell it?』(Taru)

『My~ my~ my~, let this Onee-san teach you♪』(George)

It was the afore mention 《Prize and Auction》
A lot of players gather there, it's a market.
Before going there, I made 6 other 《Extreme Candy Ball 》, it’s 7 in total.
And then I was guided by the Okamsan to sell my 《Emerald Tear》

《Prize and Auction》was placed in the square, there are a number of posters on a wooden board called the quest board, and the contents written on the paper are quests.

It’s a place to look for orders, search for so-called quests.

Because it’s night time now, there’s a bonfire in front of the quest board.
And players are like a flock of moths, flies that gathering in the light.

『As usual, It’s lively』(George)

The quest board seems to be also installed in a building called a bar,
《Prize and Auction》 has aboard with abundant of quest’s note sticking on it
And 《Prize and Auction》 has another function, the Auction which sells items.

It seems that players can put items and equipment in the auction.
However, if players sell products by Auction, we will need to pay a fixed rate with the number of sales.

The tax rate seems to be different depending on the city.

To escape tax, you can sell goods at your own store like George.

『The material is cheap today』(George)

George murmurs while checking the Auction.

The Auction is managed by NPCs, there are small tags with item’s name, number, and price written on huge boards.

『Since this is the first day so there’s no other choice…
Well, even if we sell the materials we get here, most of the money is exploited by taxes…』(George)

The price written on this board is different depending on how players want.
In other words, George and I may sell the same product at different prices.

If you open the menu before the auction and search the products you care about, the price for that item will list in the huge board.

『The price of potion is…』(Taru)

As soon as well I try to tap the kind of the item, choosing recovery system etc. from item category, potion item.

And then the Auction boards tags begin to change the display.

Portion 【Recover 120 HP in one minute】  · · · 380 Eso, exhibitor Elric

Portion 【Recover 120 HP in one minute】 · · · 400 Esos exhibitor Molernado

Potion +1 【Recover 180 HP in one minute】 · · ·

Potion + 2 【Recover 240 HP in one minute】  · · ·

It was trading at a very high price.

But in the end, all players seem to buy potions from NPC shop item stores, and the stocks seem to be limited.

There are many potions listing.

(+) is some sort of the high-value and rare, players sell it at a really high price.

My 《Emerald Tear + 2》has the HP recovery amount 220 slightly less than 《Potion + 2》which has HP recovery amount 240 and traded at 860 Eso.

However, compared to the specification where the potion gradually recovers HP, this is an instant recovery.

In other words, if I list in the market here with 860 Eso, it should be hard to sell.

『George, how much is Michelangelo’s tax rate?』(Taru)

『Item system and others are 5%』(George)

5% of 860 … 43 Eso. Is the profit 817 eso or so?
It’s quite delicious for me.

Well, If I make potions from 1000 necessary materials 《Water》 to 《Pure water》 like George said.
Even 860 Eso won’t be worth the labor spending.

Compet.i.tors are player selling the same potion? Is it from NPC item store?
The item shop sells potions that will gradually recover HP 120 = 30 Eso…
But player put it on Auction with the least price 380 Eso.

For now, I placed my 《Emerald Tear》x 3 at the auction.
The price is 300 Eso cheaper than 《potion +2》, 560 Eso.
There's no other player selling 《Emerald Tear》so I have no choice but to decide on pricing.

At the same time, when I confirmed the price of 《Extreme Candy Ball》, it was trading at 30 Eso each.
Because it isn’t a great price, I plan to use《Extreme Candy Ball》 myself without selling it.

『Okay … George, thank you for the guide』(Taru)

『It’s alright.
I was watching Angel-chan so that strange insects don’t attach to Angel-chan ♪』(George)

When Okamsan said so, he glanced at the surroundings,
Is it just my imaging that several players diverted their line of sight?

The face of George suddenly glows.

It’s Sunrise.

『Please do not make such a scary face.
It will be it a mess of the beautiful woman?』(Taru)

『~Unmo~o~u ~☆ Angel-chan …』(George)

Okamsan is happy with my lip service.

『Well, I’ll go.』(Taru)

『Oh, where are you going?』(George)

『To reach a higher height』(Taru)

It is time to depart.

If it is night, Misora’s Forest is dangerous, but right now the sun already rises, I should be fine now.

『Oh my, you are full of enthusiasm but don’t do anything impossible, okay?』(George)

George has a worried smile when he said so, but I answered with a full smile.

『Because I want to make a better item, worthy of placing in the fine shop of George』(Taru)

The thing that I saw at George’s shop before.
It is a newly displayed item.

『Oh my … angel-chan, I love you, u-ho』(George)

It is a potion that shines the green light.
I gave him 《Emerald Tear》, it was settled in the merchandise display case of George’s shop.
The item tag was written 《Angel’s Potion》and the price was a hundred million Eso.

『I still can’t take the (♂) part』(Taru)

What’s with that price?

I’m happy that he treasures the Alchemy item which I made for the first time very carefully, maybe he sets that price to tell people that it not for sale.

When I felt shy that George put it with such value, I left Michelangelo.

To Misora’s Forest, look for the dwarf.



In less than 10 minutes after I broke up with George, I arrived at Misora’s Forest.

I encounter a few slimes along the way, after defeating them I got 3 more 《Nuclei of Slime》

It seems that it was because the offensive power of my Kodachi gone up, I was able to kill the slime with a single shot, I could feel the level up.


I check the stock of items that are likely to be used.

《Emerald Tear》x 2 and 《Extreme Candy Ball》x 7

I will depend on these items to defeat Mofu Rabbit and aiming the place where I saw the dwarf before.

Because this time, I’m going solo, I go through the forest while keep watching the surrounding and evading instead of collecting.

And then I discover Mofu Rabbit a few meters away.

It looks like it has not noticed me yet.

The number is one.

Can I…?

I take out 《Extreme Candy Ball》from item storage and put it in my mouths.

The bitter taste spreads inside the mouth make me frown.

… This is a caterpillar flavor.


First of all, I checked my status, the Attack Power had increased to 11.
The attack power strengthening is completed, and preparation is also completed.
The remaining time for the buff is 55 seconds.

And I ran toward the Mofu Rabbit at full speed.

『Pyon?』(Mofu Rabbit)

The Mofu Rabbit noticed me approaching and looked backward, but it was already late.

I hit the Mofu Rabbit with my Kodachi and knocked it backward.

I felt a sense of solid attack, unlike before that it didn’t even flick

『Pyon~ pyon~ …』(Mofu Rabbit)

Is this a cry when Mofu Rabbit casts magic?

『…Pyon!』(Mofu Rabbit)

As I saw the flame is triggering, I instantly jump to the right side of the Mofu Rabbit.
The fireball flew in vain to the empty place I was a while ago.

Is this the benefit of raising the status Speed?

Unlike last time, I’m confident that I have the speed that can react and avoid any attacks of the Mofu Rabbit.

And then I use the Kodachi to attack the Mofu Rabbit as it’s still standing there.

『Pyon~…』(Mofu Rabbit)

Mofu Rabbit once again cried, I can feel the flame is triggering.

『…Pyon~ Pyon~!』(Mofu Rabbit)

I roll down on the ground to avoid the fireball flying over my head and attack the Mofu Rabbit again

『Take this』(Taru)

This time it can jump to avoid, but with my speed, I can move to the Mofu Rabbit’s landing point to attack it.

And then after repeat it three more times. The Mofu Rabbit disappeared.

『… If I use 《Extreme Candy Ball》 I can defeat Mofu Rabbit. Which means I can defeat 6 more Mofu Rabbits?』(Taru)

While being happy that I can defeat Mofu Rabbit alone, I further advanced to the back of the forest.

I encountered a few Mofu Rabbit from that, but I succeeded in defeating it intact and I reached a familiar point.

Well, how can I meet the dwarf again?

I already have a rough estimated place.

For the time being, take out the 《stone》picked up in Michelangelo or the forest from the item storage and throw them into the sky appropriately.

Yes, I’m planning to throw a stone to the sky around the place where the dwarf comes out to see the reaction.

But 《stone》drawn a parabola, fell somewhere and disappeared.


With my current status, stones can not reach the height at which the dwarf has appeared…

The way to earn some height…

As I look around, there are only trees, trees, trees, and trees.

That’s it, throw a stone from the tree after climbing.


I make use of my small body, choose a tree that is easy to climb with as many branches as possible and try climbing.
However, this body has short arms and legs, it’s difficult to climb trees.
And then, it was when I about to give up as if it was impossible.

There was a strangely soft tree.

When I grabbed its stem, it had a resilience like Bunitto rubber and it felt like I could grab it in my hands.

『There is a strange tree, too …』(Taru)

I confirmed that I didn’t slip when I grabbed it and I climb up on that strange tree.


I arrived up to a proper branch appropriately, while paying attention so as not to fall, ride on the branch, again take out 《stone》from item storage.


Throwing 《stone》to the sky around where a dwarf appeared with a shout…
Ripples were born in the sky, stones were sucked into the sky.
The sky of this 《Misora's Forest》has not changed constantly, it’s fine day and night.
In other words, the sky drawn in this sky must be a temporary sky created by someone.

『The stones… they didn’t come back. Were the stones caught by the dwarf and didn’t come out again?』(Taru)

There is a possibility that I will not be able to return if I go over there.
However, what I learned is I could come to the dwarf world (provisional) if I could reach up to that height?

And I tried throwing stones many times again to count the height and place which ripple was created.

If the stone can’t reach that height or place, it will drop to the ground normally in accordance with the gravity.

『Well, how do I go to that height …』(Taru)

I think about it while sitting on the tree branch.

Pinching the small branches in front of me and release them repeatedly and thinking while looking at the trembling branch.

『Even so, this tree is a strange elasticity tree』(Taru)

As I say that, I realize it myself.

I try jumping lightly on the spot, the branch gently dropped down, pushed me up according to its elasticity, and my body was pushed up about 1 meter.


Because I didn’t expect it, I lose my balance and desperately cling to the branch.

『Dangerous, dangerous』(Taru)

However, this may be useful.

I decided, I moved near the tip of the branch and tried jumping again.

Thanks to its elasticity when landing on a branch, the whole branch bends down and then it bounces up and throws me up to the sky.


Because my alt.i.tude was higher than my normal jump, when I landed on the branch again, the branches bent more than before and threw me up higher in the sky.

Ah, not good.

I lost my balance.

If I misstep on the branch from this height, I will surely die.

But different from what I expected, what awaiting me after rising to such a high alt.i.tude isn’t fell down. 《Misora's Forest》

My face makes a sound like touching the water’s edge.

It was like dive on the surface of the water with the face first, followed by the upper body, waist, thighs, legs.

What came into my eyes after went into the sky is the ground.
As if crawling out of the ground, no, the foot part is still buried in the ground, it was my body that grew from the ground from the ripple.
The sky became the ground.

Was the invisible surface of the sky connected to the ground of the dwarf land (temporary)?

Anyway, I pulled my feet off the ground and looked around.

This is…
Plants like crystal sparkling, It was a forest of crystal
The trees are brown and transparent, and the leaves are green but clear.
Only the ground was just soil, and all the other plants were beautiful as if they were all made of crystals.
Blooming flowers also consist of crystals of various colors, red, yellow, blue, purple, pink and brilliant.


When I am impressed with the scene, I suddenly hear a voice from behind.

『Ah, it's a human!』(Fairy)

I was surprised by a shrill voice, and when I turned around, there was a dwarf with the feather wings on her back, she was smiling while floating in the air.

『Oh, are you the dwarf?』(Taru)

I asked her so.

『Mmm, a dwarf? That's wrong, I am… we are fairies』(Fairy)

The fairy said so and spread both hands while flapping her swing.

『『『Yes, that's it, we are fairies』』』(Fairies)

As if the introduction of the first fairy was a signal, fairies appeared all at once from the shade of trees and plants.

I found it, the Fairy’s Forest

『Welcome to Crystalier, a forest that produces jewels』(Fairy)

I also smile happily as if to respond to the smiles of the innocent fairies. Who never encounter any dark feelings.

『Nice to meet you, fairies』(Taru)


It seems that I can collect amazing materials here.



t.i.tle: Elder Loli

Triple Skill point acquisition amount at level up.

Skill: 《Alchemy》Lv 10


*《 The Copper law of Convert》

*《Failure is the royal road of success》


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