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Chapter 893: Blood Print Team

Translator: jinzeffect

Since it was a free roam, Li Fuchen and the Stone Ax Saint Lord weren’t going to stay together. Soon after, they split up.

Subsequently, Li Fuchen encountered the misty race pinnacle saint lord, Dark Dove.

The misty race was adept that a.s.sa.s.sination. A regular peak level saint was already able to a.s.sa.s.sinate saint lords. A pinnacle saint lord of the misty race would be feared by 99% of the pinnacle saint lords.

(Note: The power levels among saint lords are getting confusing. I shall just set it as regular, elite, pinnacle saint lords)

According to what Li Fuchen knew, Dark Dove was ranked top five in the exploration team in strength. Furthermore, this was referring to frontal combat strength. If it was a.s.sa.s.sination, he wouldn’t be weaker than the vice leader, Iron Flow.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

When it was almost time to rea.s.semble, Li Fuchen heard a subtle sound of bees buzzing.

With a sweep of the spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen saw a scene of chaos.

On a piece of s.p.a.cious land, nine exploration team members were trapped together. They were surrounded by hundreds of colorful bees.

“Hundred Flower Bees?” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

The Hundred Flower Bees were one of the universe’s mystic insects. They would harvest nectar from a hundred flowers and absorb a trace of the essence. It would make their body hard like apex weapons.

In the Myriad Flower City, the Myriad Flower Lady reared a batch of Hundred Flower Bees in her Myriad Flower Garden.

It was said that ten mature Hundred Flower Bees could match a pinnacle saint lord, making it exceptionally dangerous.

Boom Boom Boom…

The battle was intense, all nine members of the exploration team fought at full strength and was barely resisting the a.s.sault from the Hundred Flower Bees.

After all, hundreds of Hundred Flower Bees were equivalent to over ten pinnacle saint lords. Among the nine team members, only six of them were pinnacle saint lords, the other three were elite saint lords.

“Power Cleave Star River!”

The Stone Ax Saint Lord was among the nine and he was wielding his giant stone ax with both hands. He leaped up high and cleaved down with his ax.


Cracks appeared in the void and the Hundred Flower Bee that was closest to the Stone Ax Saint Lord had cracks in the body. Apart from that, over two dozen Hundred Flower Bees were sent flying by the ax radiance.

It was evident that the Power Cleave Star River was the Stone Ax Saint Lord’s pinnacle kill move. Therefore, it was able to kill one Hundred Flower Bee and repel over two dozen Hundred Flower Bees.

But a pinnacle kill move required time to gather strength. The time required for the Stone Ax Saint Lord to gather strength was short, but there were too many Hundred Flower Bees. As all of them attacked in a frenzy, he had less opportunity to use the Power Cleave Star River.

Bang Boom!

There was a burst of mist and dozens of Dark Doves were formed. They then let out a decisive attack on the Hundred Flower Bees.

This attack repelled at least a hundred Hundred Flower Bees. Some even had wounds on their bodies.

In terms of frontal attack power, Dark Dove was definitely inferior to the Stone Ax Saint Lord. But in terms of overall strength, Dark Dove was much stronger than the Stone Ax Saint Lord. Dark Dove was a huge reason why the nine of them could persist until now. He was even more significant than two Stone Ax Saint Lords.

Apart from the Stone Ax Saint Lord and Dark Dove, the four other pinnacle saint lords were the werewolf Rakka, demonic beast Six Eyes Beast Sovereign, and wood spirit race Amber and Vivian.

As a pinnacle saint lord, Rakka was naturally a golden werewolf too. With extreme defenses, he would rush into the swarm of Hundred Flower Bees and scatter them. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t dare to rush in as it wasn’t a joke to be stung by the Hundred Flower Bees.

Pfff Pfff…

In the void, there was a net that was weaved with jade-green light and it was preventing the Hundred Flower Bees from approaching.

The one emitting the jade-green light was the Six Eyes Beast Sovereign.

The Dead Spirit Light Lines was his most proficient innate ability. It was a pity that there were too many Hundred Flower Bees and the Dead Spirit Light Lines weren’t able to focus on just one of the targets, making it hard to produce any severe damage.

As for Amber and Vivian, the duo were controlling large numbers of vines to lash at the Hundred Flower Bees. Occasionally, they would also control the vines to protect others. In terms of usefulness, they were just inferior to Dark Dove.


There was a miserable shout as werewolf Rakka’s expression was distorted.

Just earlier, he had been stung by the Hundred Flower Bees.

Even with thick flesh and skin, he couldn’t endure the pain as his body froze.

“Come back.” Amber controlled a vine to pull Rakka back.

But just at this moment, a few hundred Hundred Flower Bees rushed into the team formation through the opening.

Dark Dove’s reaction was fast and took just a few breaths to chase the Hundred Flower Bees out of their formation. But the entire team’s rhythm had been messed up and there were plenty of flaws.


Right at the crucial moment, a sword light flew over and sent a huge swarm of Hundred Flower Bees flying.

“It’s the Sword Saint Lord!” Everyone let out a sigh.

They had yet to see Li Fuchen’s skills, but if there were only a few that were Gulisha invited to the team.

There was a glaring sword light that circulated around the nine.


All of the Hundred Flower Bees were sent flying.

In terms of attack power, none of the members here were comparable with Li Fuchen.

“Such strength!” Amber and Vivian took a deep cold breath.

Not even Dark Dove could repel so many Hundred Flower Bees in a single attack, but Li Fuchen could achieve it.

“The Hundred Flower Bees are truly incredible!” Li Fuchen’s arm was numb and he nearly lost grip of his sword.

The recoil force to repel so many Hundred Flower Bees was truly overwhelming.

If it wasn’t for the Star Immortal Body, and the sword dao bone frame which gave a huge boost in sword dao strength, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have been able to achieve this feat.

With Li Fuchen’s entry, everyone’s pressure was greatly relieved. In fact, they didn’t have any pressure. The only problem was the difficulty in killing the Hundred Flower Bees. Even if the Stone Ax Saint Lord used his pinnacle kill move, he could only kill one Hundred Flower Bee with every attack. Li Fuchen didn’t expose the Joint-Heaven Sword and could only kill one bee with one sword too. However, Li Fuchen had a much easier time than the Stone Ax Saint Lord. As for the others, they couldn’t even kill one Hundred Flower Bee with one attack.

It was fine if they could kill slowly, as the numbers of the Hundred Flower Bees would be reduced to zero after a period of time.

But after every period of time, more Hundred Flower Bees would be attracted. As such, the number of Hundred Flower Bees actually increased, instead of slowly reducing.

It was fortunate that other team members were able to rush over as the battle extended.

Gulisha’s dull yellow awl had great power. The vice leader, Iron Flow’s defenses were even superior to the werewolf Rakka. As for the team leader, Night Devil, he would be able to kill two to three Hundred Flower Bees with each attack. His efficiency was far beyond anyone else.


When the number of Hundred Flower Bees were left with just over 200, the rest of the Hundred Flower Bees scattered. It was obvious that they had a certain level of intelligence.

“Let’s go then!” The long-haired Night Devil waved his hand and the sail ship appeared.

After boarding the sail ship, it rose up to the sky and left this void flower bed.

Subsequently, the team visited several void flower beds. Sometimes the rewards were good, but sometimes there were no rewards at all. Instead, they would be chased after by Hundred Flower Bees and Void Rats. It was fortunate that all the dangers were within tolerable range and no one perished.

A colorful star was shining at the front as the sail ship was flying at a constant speed.

“Look, there is a blood-red ship ahead!” At the bow of the ship, Vivian shouted out.

“Blood-red ship?” Everyone’s attention was gathered at the bow of the ship as they looked far ahead.

When exploring, the true dangers were always from other explorers.

“It is the Blood Print Team’s ship.” Gulisha’s face turned dark.

“Blood Print Team?”

Anyone that mixed around in the Ancient Stone Star Domain would know the name of the Blood Print Team. All of the members had a change in expression.

The Blood Print Team was a notorious exploration team. They would appear in all sorts of ruins and hunt the weak exploration teams or solo explorers.

It was said that the Blood Print Team was filled with pinnacle saint lords and their numbers were even larger than the Night Devil Team.

“No need to be afraid, our Night Devil Team isn’t a pushover.” The Night Devil had a calm expression.

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