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Chapter 734: River Province’s Tong Clan

“Extremity of sword dao!”

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor felt as though lightning pa.s.sed through his entire body.

If the Sword Rain Great Emperor and Li Fuchen’s duel was merely having powerful attacks, he wouldn’t have such a feeling.

He had such a feeling because the duo’s understanding towards martial dao had already reached a higher level and it was far beyond what he could reach.

Heaven cla.s.s martial arts had a huge difference with each tier.

Heaven cla.s.s high-tier martial arts were the requirements to become a great emperor. However, heaven cla.s.s high-tier martial arts had their own differences too, and that decided the strength difference between great emperors.

A powerful great emperor could kill a weak great emperor instantly in a single move. Because the powerful great emperor had moved closer to the extremity of martial dao.

What was the extremity of martial dao? It naturally meant heaven cla.s.s peak-tier martial arts.

That’s right, once martial arts reached heaven cla.s.s peak-tier, it was already at the extremity.

Once at the extremity of martial arts, it meant that the heaven dao’s revolution and the secrets of the universe were involved.

During the early levels of martial arts, a difference in one tier wouldn’t have a significance in strength. But from heaven cla.s.s high-tier onwards, the difference would be a hundred times or even a thousand times.

Of course, the duo had yet to truly reach the extremity of sword dao, but their sword arts were definitely very close to heaven cla.s.s peak-tier sword arts and close to the extremity of sword dao.

Finally, the duo’s swords clashed.


The Sword Rain Great Emperor’s shoulder burst out with a blood arrow while his throat also had a trace of blood.

Immediately after, blood spurted out from his cheeks.

The Sword Rain Great Emperor retreated with rapid speed that was unbelievably fast.

Due to the overwhelming speed in his retreat, it gave off an illusion as though he wasn’t in this world.

Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up. The Sword Rain Great Emperor was certainly the most formidable great emperor he had encountered until now. When facing his Void Heaven Sword World, the Sword Rain Great Emperor was actually able to escape in time.


The Void Heaven Sword World couldn’t be evaded just by retreating.

The Void Heaven Sword World contained void law and the Sword Rain Great Emperor might look as though he had escaped, but he was still within the attack range.

Blood constantly spurted out from the Sword Rain Great Emperor’s body. At that moment, the scene was stunning and also strange.

All of a sudden, countless blood burst out from the Sword Rain Great Emperor’s body and there was a bloodied figure that shifted away.

“The Sword Rain Great Emperor is indeed formidable.”

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase. The Sword Rain Great Emperor’s burst of speed at the final moment was way beyond Li Fuchen’s speed. The Sword Rain Great Emperor must have activated his innate potential with some secret technique.

This duel allowed Li Fuchen to recognize his sword dao strength.

When facing great emperors at the top few hundred rankings, he could only defeat them and couldn’t kill them.

In fact, if the opponent was a great emperor in the top 100 rankings, Li Fuchen might be defeated.

After all, the Sword Rain Great Emperor was only ranked 283rd.

That might be the case, but the rankings weren’t always accurate. Perhaps the Sword Rain Great Emperor had a breakthrough in strength and was actually top 200 or even top 100. However, the probability of such things were small. Moreover, when one improved, the others might also have their own breakthroughs.

The duel was too intense and too short, the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor and the others couldn’t even react and the Sword Rain Great Emperor had already retreated.

“What?!” The group of emperors that followed the Sword Rain Great Emperor here were flabbergasted.

They a.s.sumed that the Sword Rain Great Emperor would only need one sword move to obtain victory, who would have expected for Li Fuchen to be much stronger than they imagined and was actually evenly matched. However, they weren’t worried as each of the higher ranked great emperors had their own kill moves. The kill moves would be enough for their strength to increase by several times. But they never imagined Li Fuchen had his own kill move too, and it was stronger than the Sword Rain Great Emperor. It was even more horrifying as a single move was enough to defeat the Sword Rain Great Emperor.

From the looks of the situation earlier, if the Sword Rain Great Emperor had been slower by a little, he might have died under Li Fuchen’s sword.


One of the emperors actually wanted to take the peak-grade silver airship away but was immediately turned into a blood of mist by Li Fuchen’s sword. The rest of the people couldn’t be bothered with the peak-grade silver airship and fled frenetically.

“You defeated the Sword Rain Great Emperor?” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor was in disbelief.

“The Sword Rain Great Emperor is indeed formidable, but he is still not a match for me.”

Li Fuchen thought about Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu’s Black Saber – Seek Dao was extremely powerful too. But her cultivation had yet to reach the pinnacle and she didn’t condense the dao heart like Li Fuchen, therefore, she only had the strength of an ordinary great emperor.

But once her cultivation reached the pinnacle, even if her strength wasn’t at the level of the Sword Rain Great Emperor, it wouldn’t be far off.

Apart from that, the weapon also played an important part.

Back then, Yan Qingwu’s weapon was only a heaven cla.s.s low-tier artifact saber and it restricted her strength.

Li Fuchen reckoned that Yan Qingwu should probably be top 1000 on the Great Emperor Rankings in her previous life.

As for Qu Qingyan, her strength was far inferior and should be ranked at the bottom part of the rankings.

The Soul Emperor and Celestial Eye Emperor had strength that was comparable with Qu Qingyan. However, the Soul Emperor’s soul dao was too tricky and hard to defend. It wasn’t possible to calculate his strength normally. If the enemy couldn’t kill him within an instant, the enemy might have to suffer a great loss.

“After reaching the Saint Spirit Continent, her cultivation should be almost at the pinnacle…” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

After refining the peak-grade silver airship, Li Fuchen kept his own silver airship.

Originally, they required a few more months before reaching the Tong Clan in the River Province, but now, they would be able to reach in less than a month.

On the airship, the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor and the others were still in shock.

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor said, “The Wu Clan is a swordsmen clan. Right now, the no.1 expert is Wu Chengkang’s blood brother, Sword Extinct, Wu Chengjue. He is ranked 98th on the Great Emperor Rankings. But according to what I know, even if Wu Chengjue wishes to defeat the Sword Rain Great Emperor, it isn’t that easy. However, when the duo fought, they didn’t use any kill moves.”

“Ranked 98th huh?” Li Fuchen nodded.

Defeating the Sword Rain Great Emperor without the use of kill moves meant that the Sword Extinct, Wu Chengjue’s sword dao strength was even superior to Li Fuchen. As to who was superior, one could only know after they fought.

Of course, even if they fought all out with sword dao strength, Li Fuchen was confident that he would be the final victor.

His Star Immortal Body wasn’t just for show.

In the skies, a bloodied figure stopped.

The Sword Rain Great Emperor’s qi presence was withered and he was obviously severely injured.

He had a rather gloomy expression.

Li Fuchen’s kill move was too powerful. The Barbaric Great Emperor didn’t know that he actually fought with Sword Extinct, Wu Chengjue with kill moves. However, the Sword Rain Great Emperor knew clearly that Wu Chengjue’s kill move was inferior to Li Fuchen. In terms of mystical aspects, it was far inferior.

However, Wu Chengjue’s kill move had greater destructive power. In a true battle, Wu Chengjue would certainly be injured, but Li Fuchen would also be injured and would have a more serious injury as compared to Wu Chengjue.

“The power of Bleak Wind Icy Rain isn’t enough. The next time we meet, I will certainly kill you.”

The Sword Rain Great Emperor took a deep breath and rushed for the Wu Clan.

Azure River City, River Province’s no.1 major city.

In the surroundings of the Azure River City, there were plenty of clans and sects.

The Tong Clan was certainly one of the most famous clans.

Similar to the Wu Clan, the Tong Clan’s ancestry had saints too and there was more than one. In terms of clan foundation, the Tong Clan was superior to the Wu Clan.

After reaching the Azure River City, the group booked a private room in a restaurant. The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor used the communication token to send a message to Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo’s paternal aunt.

Half a day later, a beautiful married woman arrived in a hurry.


Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo had met the beautiful married woman many times and were able to recognize her. She was none other than the aunt, Wu Feiyan.

“Wu Xi, Wu Zhuo.” Wu Feiyan’s eyes lit up as she carried Wu Zhuo and held Wu Xi’s hand.

After finding out the information about the Wu Clan from the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor, Wu Feiyan had a cold expression. “How dare that Wu Chengkang.”

Her father was missing, her brother and sister-in-law were killed. Right now, the siblings were being pursued. Wu Feiyan was so enraged that she wished she could return to the Wu Clan immediately and kill Wu Chengkang.

But when thinking about the Tong Clan’s situation, Wu Feiyan’s expression turned dull again.

She alone wasn’t enough to deal with Wu Chengkang. After all, she was just a married woman of the Tong Clan.

“Wu Feiyan, I am thinking why are you in such a hurry. So it seems like your little boyfriend is here.”

Outside the private room, there was a voice that sounded exasperated.

When hearing the voice, Wu Feiyan’s face changed. Tong Qianshan actually followed her.

Li Fuchen frowned. He originally thought he could leave after escorting the siblings to the Tong Clan. But it seemed like the Tong Clan weren’t that reliable either.

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