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At the end of the fifth day, Li Fuchen harvested a total of five Earth Shattering Fruits and twenty four stalks of Origin Return Herbs.

If used efficiently, these five stalks of Earth Shattering Fruit could create five Earth Realm martial artists. It was a known fact that a 2 star bone frame only had a 20% chance to progress to the Earth Realm.

Of course, without the cultivation of a mystic cla.s.s technique or not reaching the peak rank of the mystic cla.s.s technique, it would be difficult to breakthrough from the 9th level of the Origin Realm to the 1st level of the Earth Realm. One would need to at least be at the peak state of the Origin Realm for the Earth Shattering Fruit to take effect.

"Father is a 1 star bone frame and Mother is a normal bone frame. Within three years, I will make them into Earth Realm martial artists."

Li Fuchen understood the importance of ability.

If Father was an Earth Realm martial artist, would the Li Clan founder dare to ignore him?

In a clan, the Patriarch needed to have absolute ability, in order to spread his influence and unite the entire clan. If not, whatever the Patriarch says has no weight behind it and would be suppressed by the elders and the founder.

On the sixth day, the five arrived at the deepest parts of the stone structures.

There was a gigantic herb garden. Just this garden was sufficient enough to cover the total combined size of all the gardens that they had found earlier.

"Is that an herb?" Chen Fanghua pointed to the center of the herb garden, unsure of what she saw.

As the group glanced over, the entire garden was empty except for the center. There was an ‘herb', it was two meters in height and had palm shaped leaves that were stacked on top of each other, supporting the fruit that was on the top. This fruit looked like a grape. There were a total of seven of them, each of them crystal clear, letting out a seven coloured glow.

It was already odd enough, but there was something even weirder, the ‘herb' seemed to be breathing. With every breath, it absorbed spirit qi in astonishing amounts. It spat out strands of black smog, as though exfoliating its impurities.

"This is an… earth cla.s.s herb?"

Xiao Libie's mouth was wide open and couldn't say a word.

Heaven, earth, mystic, and yellow, four cla.s.ses of herbs. Yellow cla.s.s herbs were normal herbs, mystic cla.s.s herbs contained some mystics, earth cla.s.s herbs contained the mysteries of the heaven and earth that was unbelievable. As for heaven cla.s.s herbs, they were rumors of legends that no one has seen before. Because heaven cla.s.s herbs would not grow in any common places. The places that it appeared at, were places that ordinary folks could never reach. Like some heaven cla.s.s hidden domains or mystical locations.

Each stalk of heaven cla.s.s herbs was grown by absorbing the essence from the heaven and earth. With such, a rule was set by the world; it was a herb that no one could hope or beg to find.

"It's the earth cla.s.s, low-tier herb, Seven Colour Glazed Grape." Li Fuchen's eyes lit up, and his breathing became erratic.

Back at the Azure Water Sect, when he had nothing much to do, he would read through some books. One of them was an herbalogy glossary, and in the final few pages, it contained the description of the Seven Colour Glazed Grape.

This type of herb could help a martial artist that had a bone frame 3 star and below to immediately be upgraded by 1 star. If a normal bone frame used it, they would become a 1 star. If a 1 star bone frame used it, then they would be upgraded to 2 star; 2 star bone frame upgraded to 3 star.

To Li Fuchen, if his bone frame could be upgraded from normal to 1 star, it would help increase his cultivation speed by quite a bit. Every one of his attributes would also get some improvement and they were all permanent effects. It's value surpa.s.sed any other herb.

"Seven Colour Glazed Grape?" Liu Wuhuang's and Yu Wen Tian's expression had a flash of disappointment.

Even though the Seven Colour Glazed Grape was an earth cla.s.s, low-tier herb, it was only useful for individuals who had a bone frame that was inferior than a 3 star. It was useless to them, even more inferior than chicken ribs.

"This herb is not even worthy to be earth cla.s.s right?" Yu Wen Tian was unsatisfied. He thought it would be some other earth cla.s.s herb. No matter which other earth cla.s.s herb, it would have been beneficial to him. But this type of bone frame upgrading herb was useless for him. He already had a 5 star bone frame, and for him to upgrade it to a 6 star bone frame, he would need at least an earth cla.s.s high-tier or peak-tier herb.

Xiao Libie commented, "Don't put it like this. Although the Seven Colour Glazed Grape is nothing of use to us, it still is able to alter the bone frame of a martial artist who has a bone frame below that of 3 stars. It has the effects that defies the heavens, which is why it is worthy to be an earth cla.s.s herb."

The alteration of one's bone frame is like the changing of destiny. Even an absolute master could not achieve this feat, but a single stalk of herb could. Saying that it doesn't deserves the earth cla.s.s t.i.tle was actually quite nonsensical.

"Li shidi is a normal bone frame. This Seven Colour Glazed Grape shall be given to Li shidi then!" Chen Fanghua proposed.

"Naturally." Xiao Libie didn't even ask for the opinions of Liu Wuhuang and Yu Wen Tian.

If they actually raised a dispute here, it would mean that these two individuals had bad moral characters.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen took some steps towards the Seven Colour Glazed Grape.

"Li shidi, be careful. I heard that earth cla.s.s herbs would attack anyone who comes close." Xiao Libie notified.


Just as Xiao Libie's voice sounded, one of the palm shaped leaves on the Seven Colour Glazed Grape stretched out and tried to slap Li Fuchen.

With the seven colour glow shining bright, a seven coloured palm appeared in the air.

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen met the palm with his own Iron Smelting Hand.


Li Fuchen took three steps back.

"Such a powerful qi force." Li Fuchen was shocked.

It was just a stalk of herb, but the qi force it displayed actually surpa.s.sed his own.


Drawing the black gold sword, Li Fuchen advanced forward again.

This time, Li Fuchen easily broke the palm force from the Seven Colour Glazed Grape.

But when Li Fuchen entered the thirty steps range of the Seven Colour Glazed Grape, ten palm leaves stretched out and launched ten palm strikes at Li Fuchen.

With a single sword, Li Fuchen's combat ability was comparatively stronger. Intertwining the meteor sword intent and scarlet fire technique intent, he destroyed the ten palm strikes.

Twenty steps.

All of the palm shaped leaves sent one palm strike at Li Fuchen. The seven coloured palm strikes covered the sky, allowing no escape and nowhere to hide.

If he was an ordinary 1st level Earth Realm martial artist, just even a few dozen steps, and he would have had to die under these sky covering palm strikes.


Brandishing the black gold sword, countless meteor sword qi was sent blasting out.

For a moment, only the sound of qi force explosions could be heard.

Ten steps!


A blinding seven coloured glow shined bright, shrouding the radius of tens of meters.

Within the tens of meters radius, a huge pressure could be felt. So much, that even the surface of the ground sunk by three inches.

It was lucky that Li Fuchen's qi presence was similarly horrific, forcefully withstanding the glow of seven colours and moving onwards.

The seven coloured glow exhausted the remaining spirit qi of the Seven Colour Glazed Grape and as Li Fuchen approached the five steps range, it no longer had any movements and behaved like an ordinary herb.

"Indeed worthy to be an earth cla.s.s herb. Such mysterious wonders."

Li Fuchen harvest the Seven Colour Glazed Grape along with its roots. Only by harvesting with the roots could it be stored for a longer time. If Li Fuchen only plucked the fruits, its energy of the herb would start to dissipate after a few days.

Of course, underneath the ground were some tiny strands of roots, which after hundreds of years, may yet germinate and mature into another Seven Colour Glazed Grape.

"Li shidi, there is still time, why not consume one of the grapes to test its effects?" Xiao Libie advised.

"Alright." Li Fuchen nodded and plucked one of the grapes and put it into his mouth.

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