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Published at 10th of July 2019 10:43:40 PM Chapter 86
Chapter 86 What the f.u.c.k Are You Doing?

"The second BOSS is so strong! The final BOSS will definitely seckill us . " Even War Spirit Knife felt scared . He looked at his defensive ability and said without confidence .

"Don't worry . There are 20 players and we can kill the BOSS easily . " Sword of Dynasty patted the shoulder of War Spirit Knife and tried to comfort him .

War Spirit Knife was speechless . But there was no time to feel worried . They hurried to attack the BOSS .

"Add the BUFF and attack the BOSS!"

"Be careful . The second BOSS won't move, so its hatred is not fixed . It will first attack those who are close to it . The back-row players are not safe . Please watch your step . "

"Its hatred is not fixed? Then the front-row players can get started at the same time and attack it from different directions," Lao Xu said after thinking for a while .

The front-row players nodded . Sword of Dynasty, Night Cooer, and the three front-row players of the second team followed War Spirit Knife and went forward slowly . The six players directly encircled the huge Fire Tree Magical Tentacles and started to attack it .

At the same time, Xiaofeng and other players also saw the attacking method of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles .

Its body which was as large as the roots of the tree was entangled with veins like blood vessels . At this moment, they peeled off and became the roots and lashed the front-row players like the whips .

The front-row players immediately stopped attacking and ran to escape from the whipping of the roots . The Fire Tree Magical Tentacles had the extremely high attacking force and they couldn't fight with it face to face . Even Night Cooer could only attack it occasionally when she was escaping . But the players of the second team were also shocked by her high attacking force .

"Gee! He can cause over 100 points of damages!"

"He's definitely a senior player!"

The Fire Tree Magical Tentacles had high defense and ordinary attacks could only cause 10 to 20 points of damages . The shield warriors couldn't even cause any damages at all . The wild warrior like Sword of Dynasty also had difficulty in attacking the BOSS . Immortal Fire, who had received the BUFF of Xiaofeng, could only cause 30 points of damages under the high defense of fire attributes of the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles .

Therefore, the players were motivated by the three-digit damage figures and had more confidence in completing the mission of the instance zone .

Therapeutical Paladin also stared at Night Cooer in amazement . He used to be a priest and transferred to be a paladin . He was equipped with a one-handed blunt and a one-handed shield . Besides, he had a great attacking force . He had resisted the damages of this BOSS in person and clearly knew its high defense .

He was surprised that Night Cooer could cause three-digit damages . This meant that Night Cooer's attacking ability was close to 250 points . She was under the help of the priest's BUFF, but her basic attacking force was also extremely high . Players of the a.s.sa.s.sin profession are so strong!

Xiaofeng still hid in the back row quietly . He was at leisure and had the time to browse the official forum for a while .

"Hey! Could you please be more serious?"

War Spirit Ziyi, who was standing next to him, was staring nervously at the HP of the front-row players . She immediately used the Weapon Blessing and Life Blessing on the players as soon as its cooldown time pa.s.sed . She was concentrating on the front-row players . But she suddenly found that Xiaofeng was absent-minded when she looked back once in a while . She was surprised and said with frowns .

"Don't worry . They have enough health points and will not be killed . What?"

Xiaofeng said casually . But he suddenly frowned before finishing what he was saying . He noticed that something was under his feet, so he immediately took a step back .


Xiaofeng retreated and at the same time, the roots of a tree vine suddenly broke through the soil and tried to whip Xiaofeng . But it missed him .

War Spirit Ziyi immediately became speechless . Xiaofeng could easily dodge the surprise attack of the BOSS when he was absent-minded . She immediately realized that there was a wide gap between them and they were not at the same level . So she directly ignored him and minded her own business .

"You're overqualified for this profession," War Spirit Ziyi said with bitterness even though that she had already realized Xiaofeng's actual strength .

"An ancient saint once said that a butcher becomes a Buddha the moment he drops his cleaver," Xiaofeng said intelligently and then stared at the ground .

The root that suddenly broke through the soil was as thick as his arm and it was also red . It moved backward and forward and then vanished into the ground after missing Xiaofeng .

"What are you looking at?" War Spirit Ziyi said with curiosity .

"I want to find out where the root is," Xiaofeng said flatly .

"It has vanished into the ground, how can you find it?" War Spirit Ziyi said with doubts .

"Of course, I will find it by instinct instead of by my eyes . " Xiaofeng still stared at the ground and looked for the roots .

"Stop being boastful . Do you find where it is?" War Spirit Ziyi didn't believe him .

"Well, it's under his feet . " Xiaofeng pointed at Lao Xu who was standing in front of them .

"Lao Xu? I don't believe . . . " War Spirit Ziyi was not finished and the soil under the feet of Lao Xu suddenly broke and a red root that was as thick as his arms suddenly appeared and whipped Lao Xu who was not aware of the danger .


A huge figure of damages appeared on the head of Lao Xu and he was directly seckilled before realizing what had happened . His eyes widened and he fell to the ground .

The novice clothes that Xiaofeng was wearing were fashionable dress while Lao Xu was wearing the true newbie suit . He didn't have any equipment, defense ability, or health point .

War Spirit Ziyi stared blankly at Lao Xu and realized what had happened after a while . She opened her mouth in amazement and asked Xiaofeng, "Why didn't you remind him?"

"I thought that he could antic.i.p.ate and then escaped from the attacks . " Xiaofeng also felt strange and surprised .

"He's not the combat player and he doesn't know how to antic.i.p.ate and escape from the attacks!" War Spirit Ziyi said with resignation .

"Ah! Lao Xu is seckilled!"

The players standing nearby also noticed that Lao Xu fell to the ground and became the corpse . They immediately exclaimed .

"Don't worry . I can still give instructions . The back-row players must be careful . The hatred of the BOSS is not fixed . The front-row players can't attract all its hatred and the BOSS will attack the back-row players randomly . Be careful and escape its attacks in time . "

Lao Xu didn't choose to return to the entrance of the instance zone to come back to life, instead, he lied on the ground and continued to give instructions . It seemed that he had got used to giving instructions as a corpse .

Most of the players of this team of 20 were back-row players . After hearing what Lao Xu had said, they immediately looked at the ground under their feet with vigilance . The players of ranged DPS, including the mage and archer, had rich experience in attacking the BOSS . But all the priests were female players, except for Xiaofeng . They were scared and terrified at this moment .

"Why are you looking at me?"

17-Year-Old Archer was giving DPS and looking vigilantly at the ground under his feet and the surrounding environment . Suddenly he realized that Xiaofeng was staring at him . His innocent face immediately darkened and he said with dissatisfaction .

But he realized that something was under his feet as he stopped speaking . Then a root suddenly broke through the soil and tried to whip him .

17-Year-Old Archer was shocked . But he lived up to his reputation as the master player . He had amazing reflexes . He jumped backward in an instant and the root glanced off his body .

17-Year-Old Archer was still in a state of shock . He stared at Xiaofeng with anger and thought that Xiaofeng distracted him by staring at him . But he found that Xiaofeng was looking at someone else when he turned around .

This was a mage of the second team and he had ice attributes and could cause great damages on the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles . He was also puzzled after finding that Xiaofeng was staring at him .


Not surprisingly, the ground under his feet also cracked and the roots appeared and then whipped him .

This mage player was also responsive . He backed up quickly but the roots still touched him . His HP bar was nearly emptied . But luckily, Xiaofeng waved his therapeutic scepter and a huge green figure appeared on his head and his HP became full once again .

But at this moment, no one was surprised by Xiaofeng's three-digit healing figures . They stared at Xiaofeng and looked astonished and frightened .

The back-row players were standing close to each other and everyone was attracted to this series of attacks . They noticed that the player would definitely be attacked by the BOSS if Xiaofeng stared at him . This couldn't be a coincidence .

Midsummer Rose suddenly became surprised because she found that Xiaofeng was staring at her once again . She frowned and realized that the BOSS was going to attack her, so she immediately fell back .

However, perhaps she fell back so abruptly that she sank down on the ground when she took a step back . But she also escaped from the surprise attack of the roots and the roots that broke through the soil under her feet missed the target once again .

Everyone suddenly stared at Xiaofeng strangely . The player who was being watched by him would definitely be attacked by the BOSS . He was the G.o.d of plague!

"Don't look at me!"

The female priest players were scared stiff . They looked at Xiaofeng with fear and were afraid that Xiaofeng might stare at them .

But Xiaofeng was not interested in them . He looked away from them and then stared at War Spirit Ziyi who was standing next to him .

"What? Why are you looking at me . . . " War Spirit Ziyi immediately realized that something was wrong . Xiaofeng's glances were destructive and she immediately ran away after finding that Xiaofeng was staring at her .


Not surprisingly, the roots appeared behind her and War Spirit Ziyi was speechless with astonishment .

The roots were very close to Xiaofeng this time . Xiaofeng immediately came forward and hit the roots with his therapeutic scepter .


A three-digit huge damage figure appeared on the roots and the thick roots immediately crumpled as if it leaked air . It fell to the ground and didn't move anymore .


Xiaofeng looked back at the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles with surprise and found that the same damage figure also appeared on the head of the BOSS .

"We can attack the roots and they don't have any defensive ability . "

Xiaofeng touched his chin and said . He attacked the roots with his therapeutic scepter and didn't add the Weapon Blessing to himself . Therefore, the damages were not high . But anyway, he still caused over 100 points of damages on the roots .

"What? Are you sure?"

All the back-row players who were staring at Xiaofeng were shocked and then said with delight . They didn't expect that players could cause the same damages to the BOSS by attacking the roots . Besides, the roots had no defensive ability, which meant that they could kill the BOSS easily and efficiently by attacking its roots .

"Master Healer is awesome!"

"Master Healer, where's the next root?"

All the players of ranged DPS were eagerly looking at Xiaofeng .

The front-row players who had been neglected by them were furious .

"What the f.u.c.k are you doing? Are you dead?"

They heard the angry voice of Therapeutical Paladin . It seemed that the Fire Tree Magical Tentacles had used the skill and countless roots were madly whipping their faces . But all the back-row players had stopped giving DPS and no priest increased their HP .

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