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Xiaofeng opened the official website ten minutes ago and Captain Bolton was nearly killed in such a short period of time. It was too dangerous! Xiaofeng hurried back to help him.

Was Captain Bolton a weak man? It was impossible. Then there was only one possibility. Preparation of the Big Lich had paid off. Captain Bolton who was alone was no match for the Big Lich and he might be killed if he was careless.

Their battle was destructive and the forests around the central lake were destroyed as if there was a windstorm. There were burn marks everywhere on the pitted ground. But Xiaofeng didn't find anyone after coming back. They might be fighting in another place because Xiaofeng could hear the noise coming from a nearby place.

Xiaofeng immediately followed them and found Captain Bolton quickly. He was still fierce and had killed many dark skeleton Bosses. There were only three of them now. Although Xiaofeng couldn't see the specific health points, he was sure that the HP of these three Bosses was nearly emptied according to the HP bar.

However, Captain Bolton was at greater risk now. He only has less than 20 percent of the health points. The original shining silver armor was torn and his forehead was bleeding. He seemed to have become furious. He was shouting and fighting with the three dark skeleton Bosses desperately. He was reducing their HP at the cost of his life.

Xiaofeng immediately realized that the Big Lich dominated this battle. It had been hiding behind the dark skeleton soldiers and throwing skills against Captain Bolton. Most of Captain Bolton's injuries were caused by it. Xiaofeng was slightly surprised and drew a conclusion. This Big Lich should be at the same level as Captain Bolton, otherwise, it couldn't cause so many points of damage to him. Luckily, it was afraid of Captain Bolton's bright attributes, otherwise, Captain Bolton might have already been killed by it!

But the Big Lich might kill Captain Bolton in a short time because his HP was nearly emptied. More importantly, the Big Lich didn't lose any health points!

At this rate, Captain Bolton was doomed to death!

Xiaofeng frowned and didn't know what to do. He shouldn't partic.i.p.ate in this battle between high-level bosses because he couldn't cause any damage. He could only find a way to drag the Big Lich off and helped Captain Bolton to run away.

However, when considering the feasibility, Xiaofeng suddenly had an idea. He quietly approached the battlefield. When he was close enough to use the skill, a Holy Light suddenly fell on Captain Bolton's head.


A green healing figure appeared on the head of Captain Bolton and its value was over two million!

Xiaofeng was happy. He didn't expect that the Holy Light skill was effective for Captain Bolton.

The healing point of the primary Holy Light skill was 10 percent of the target's health points + the strength of Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng's strength could be neglected but the health points of Captain Bolton were increased by one-tenth, which meant that Captain Bolton had more than 20 million health points!

Since the Holy Light skill was effective, Xiaofeng continued to add a Weapon Blessing and a Courage Blessing to Captain Bolton. Suddenly, Captain Bolton, who was exhausted and weak, was stunned and became strong once again!

"Good job! Brave Dad!"

Captain Bolton turned back and grinned at Xiaofeng vigorously. Then he suddenly rushed at a dark skeleton BOSS. His weapon was shining and his attack power was greatly improved.

Unfortunately, Xiaofeng couldn't check the status bar of Captain Bolton, so he didn't know how much attack power he had added.

"What? It's you again! You humble bug! You've hindered my progress! Do you still want to destroy my plan? Dark Skeleton Vanguard! Kill him!"

The Big Lich was shocked and angry, and its hatred was instantly transferred to Xiaofeng. Unfortunately, it was attacking with Captain Bolton, so it could only ask a dark skeleton BOSS to kill this humble bug!


Three dark skeleton soldiers were attacking Captain Bolton at the same time and one of them that was holding two knives in its hands suddenly jumped out. Although its HP was nearly emptied, it was still strong and rushed to Xiaofeng fiercely.

"Brave Dad! Hurry up and run away! You are no match for it! Go back to Tianlong City! Tell the High Priest and the Archbishop! Ask them to come over and help me!"

The Big Lich attacked Captain Bolton more fiercely and Captain Bolton shouted to Xiaofeng without even turning his head.

Xiaofeng couldn't leave him because he already knew that he could heal and save him. If Captain Bolton was killed, his task would also fail.

Hence, Xiaofeng didn't run away when the dark skeleton BOSS rushed to him. He first jumped backward to avoid a ranged skill that looked like the black light of the sword. Then he ran around this place to avoid the BOSS. Of course, he did not forget to tentatively give this dark skeleton BOSS a Hammer of Judgement. After all, this dark skeleton BOSS only had a few health points. If he could kill it, he could definitely get numerous experience points and great drops.

"-2! Crit!"

But he only caused two points of damage to the dark skeleton BOSS after triggering the crit. So Xiaofeng immediately abandoned this idea.

It was obvious that Xiaofeng's attack power was not great enough to break its defense. Besides, the dark skeleton BOSS may still have millions of health points despite that its HP bar was nearly emptied. Xiaofeng immediately abandoned the idea and only ran around to avoid this BOSS. At the same time, he also held the Therapeutic Scepter to constantly increase Captain Bolton's health points.

Therapeutic Scepter could reduce 10 percent of the cooldown time of healing skills. As a result, the cooldown time of the Holy Light skill became 27 seconds. Within minutes, Captain Bolton, whose HP bar was nearly emptied, had a full HP once again.

Xiaofeng was also slightly relieved. The system would not issue the mission impossible, especially the storyline tasks. For example, he may finish this task by constantly increasing Captain Bolton's health points.

However, the difficulty was also very obvious. The battlefield aftermath was dangerous and a dark skeleton BOSS was attacking him. He was at risk and would definitely be killed if he didn't have certain skills to deal with the dark skeleton BOSS.


Soon, after one of the dark skeleton BOSS had been pulled away by Xiaofeng, the left two bosses were no match for Captain Bolton, who had full HP and was vigorous. Even the Big Lich was attacking and suppressing Captain Bolton, the two dark skeleton bosses were also killed by Captain Bolton one by one.

But they just turned into black smoke and disappeared after their HP bar was emptied. Xiaofeng didn't hear any system prompts after killing them and there was also no experience reward, which made him disappointed.

"Brave Dad! I'm deeply impressed by your ability! Wait for me! I'm coming to help you!"

Captain Bolton was about to come over and help Xiaofeng after killing the two dark skeleton bosses. But Xiaofeng quickly stopped him.

"Stop! I can still resist its damage! Please continue to attack the Big Lich! It's about run away."

Xiaofeng was right. After these dark skeleton bosses were killed by Captain Bolton, the Big Lich immediately wanted to run away. It clearly knew that it would definitely be killed by them if it stayed any longer. The high-level BOSS all had high IQ and they would run away when they were reduced to absolute inferiority.

"You're just a human ritualist and you're as weak as the ant! How dare you destroy my plan! d.a.m.n it! I will not spare you!"

Big Lich's hatred remained fixed on Xiaofeng. But Captain Bolton was rushing to it, so it could do nothing but run away.

"I will let you go this time. The next time I will resurrect your body into skeletons! The Emperor of the Devil has already awakened! The d.a.m.n Temple of Light can never stop our Dark Army! The Dark Army will conquer the Land of G.o.d and the Tianlong City will become your graveyard!"

The Big Lich was floating in mid-air. It was threatening them with a cold and hoa.r.s.e voice while fleeing in the direction of the central lake.

"Hurry up and catch it! Don't let it run away!"

Xiaofeng was standing on the ground and shouting anxiously. The Big Lich was a high-level BOSS. If Captain Bolton could kill it and give Xiaofeng a small piece of the experience points, Xiaofeng could definitely reach higher levels!

But it seemed that the wings of his Holy Light Unicorn were injured. Although it could carry him and fly, it couldn't catch up with the Big Lich. Xiaofeng could do nothing and the Big Lich returned to the center of the lake that had turned into a swamp. And then the calm muddy surface shone, and a huge magical array emerged.

"I nearly fulfilled my plan! But it was destroyed by you... I'm not reconciled to my defeat!"

The magic array became more and more dazzling, and then it became a ball and covered the Big Lich. The Big Lich disappeared after the light dispersed.

Captain Bolton suddenly stopped as he arrived outside the magic array. He looked dignified and stared at the giant magic array covering the entire lake in front of him. He shouted in astonishment.

"This... this is a transmission array? Why did they build such a huge transmission array in a place so close to Tianlong City?!"

Xiaofeng just arrived. Captain Bolton was stunned and standing still and he couldn't find the Big Lich. Then he asked Captain Bolton with resignation.

"Did it run away?"


Captain Bolton was stunned and answered his question unconsciously. But he immediately realized that something was wrong. He turned back and looked at Xiaofeng anxiously.

"Brave Dad, I have important information to report to the Temple of Light! I must return immediately! You can find me later in the branch of the Temple of Light in Tianlong City!"

Captain Bolton was in a hurry. He did not give Xiaofeng the chance to say something. A small transmission array emerged at his feet, and he disappeared instantly.

"f.u.c.k you!"

Captain Bolton disappeared in an instant and Xiaofeng directly swore at him. He didn't expect that Captain Bolton was so unreliable. Xiaofeng was being chased by a dark skeleton BOSS now!


There was a rat-tat behind him and Xiaofeng realized that the huge dark skeleton BOSS caught him up once again. It was very fast and Xiaofeng couldn't get rid of its hatred. His face darkened and he turned around and ran away immediately.

"What the f.u.c.k are you doing?! Please kill this BOSS before leaving!"

Fortunately, the dark skeleton BOSS didn't chase him for too long. After a few minutes, its dark skeleton body suddenly exploded and turned into black smoke and disappeared.

But Xiaofeng still stayed in the forest. He sneaked back to the area around the central lake and looked around vigilantly. Then he approached the central lake that looked like a muddy swamp.

The Big Lich fled in a hurry, and Captain Bolton also left in a hurry. Xiaofeng didn't know what the Big Lich was doing in this central lake. But the central lake couldn't change into a swamp for no reason. Xiaofeng was sure that there must be something in the central lake. Besides, it was very likely that it had not been taken away by the Big Lich.

Xiaofeng didn't want to work hard to do such a difficult task but got nothing. He hoped that he could find something and got a reward.

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