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"Adventurer, I believe you will become a qualified pet breeder. I'll give this pet to you as a reward."

After finishing a series of tasks, Xiaofeng only got a pet egg from the farm administrator as a reward, in addition to the capture skill.

But his face immediately darkened when he saw the name of the pet egg in his backpack.

Pet egg (Cooing Chicken)

This was the d.a.m.ned chicken! Xiaofeng almost threw it away.

"Excellent pets can greatly enhance the master's attacking ability, but it's also difficult to get them. The more powerful the creature, the harder it is to capture. Only when they are dying will there be the slightest chance. It will become a pet egg after you catch it successfully."

"The chances of success are also related to the proficiency of your capture skill. The weaker the creature, the easier it is to capture. And you can absolutely capture the unhatched eggs like the pet eggs. Besides, some animal-shaped creeps will directly drop pet eggs when they are killed. If you're lucky, you can also find the unhatched pet eggs in the lairs of the monsters."

After leaving the farm, Xiaofeng checked the time. He had finished many tasks and it was almost noon. So he found a random place and went offline.

He had issued an advertis.e.m.e.nt online for a nurse, but there wasn't any reply. Xiaofeng put on his clothes and went out to do a lot of shopping. After coming back, he put on the ap.r.o.n and walked into the kitchen.

"Xiao Ling, why didn't you go to school?"

Xiaofeng made a noise and Xiao Ling was woken by it. She wore a nightdress and walked out of her room. She was also rubbing her beautiful sleepy eyes.

"Hey! Today is the weekend. Stupid brother, you're so annoying."

Xiao Ling walked into the bathroom with anger and Xiaofeng was speechless. He was too busy playing the game these days and even forgot the date.

Xiaofeng put the dishes on the dining table and asked her whether she wanted to go out to play at the weekend. But Xiao Ling said that she'd rather stay at home. Xiaofeng couldn't do anything about her.

At the same time, he felt a little guilty. Xiao Ling had become more and more autistic since Xia Guangwei's death. Her stepmother was like a stranger to her. She wouldn't abuse Xiao Ling, but she also wouldn't care about her.

Xiaofeng didn't kill Xia Guangwei but he committed suicide because of Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng had been tortured in a place called "Heaven". When he came back, he almost lost all humanity. He was awakened by the affectionate tears of Xia Guangwei.

He was a middle-aged man with grey hair. He beseeched Xiaofeng not to hurt his only daughter. This is his only relative. Then he jumped from the top floor of the Midsummer Group building without hesitation...

"Bang bang bang!"

They were about to have lunch when the door of their apartment was smashed. The person standing outside didn't knock at it as if he/she was not in a bad mood.

"Who is it?"

Xiaofeng frowned slightly and walked over to open the door. Both he and Xiao Ling did not like to be disturbed.

"It's you! Why do you come here?"

But Xiaofeng didn't expect that the person outside the door was Night Cooer. Her real name was Si Yejing and she looked beautiful and was fashionably dressed.

It was a hot summer. Si Yejing was wearing a goose yellow T-shirt and denim shorts. She was tall and slender and her white and thin legs were almost as long as half her height. Her legs looked delicate and white and Xiaofeng was bewitched by them.

"I come here for you, of course. What happened between my cousin and you? I asked her but she refused to tell me the truth. Please tell me and I may help you to solve the problems... It smells delicious!"

Si Yejing suddenly stopped talking to Xiaofeng. Her pretty nose moved and she stood on tiptoe to look inside the room. She was wearing transparent sandals and was fair and beautiful. She saw the dining table behind Xiaofeng and swallowed saliva.

"You're eating Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs today!"

"Yes." Xiaofeng remained unmoved and stood in the doorway without asking her in for lunch.

"What a coincidence! I haven't had lunch yet." Si Yejing swallowed once again.

"Yeah." Xiaofeng still remained unmoved and didn't say anything.

"Hey! You're so dull and sluggish! Do you know that there are numerous men in Chenghai City who want to invite me to dinner?"

Si Yejing gnashed her teeth in anger and rolled her eyes and said to Xiaofeng.

"We didn't prepare your food."

Xiaofeng said simply. But this was the truth. He didn't expect that someone else might have lunch with them, so the food was just enough for he and Xiao Ling.

"You're a man! Can you eat less and share your food with me? I'm not a big eater!"

Si Yejing continued to roll her eyes. But Xiaofeng just neglected her. She looked tall and slender and was in good shape. But she had learned the martial arts and must eat a lot.

"Get out of the way! Otherwise, I'll scream and tell others that you try to hara.s.s me! Your neighbor might come out and watch you."

Si Yejing crossed her arms over her chest and made her inconspicuous chest look a little bigger. Then she said shamelessly.

Xiaofeng's face darkened. He remembered that she had done the same thing at the entrance of Xia University. She was an extremely charming woman.

Xiaofeng could do nothing but open the door of the apartment. With a smug look, Si Yejing walked past him into their apartment. Xiaofeng could smell the faint fragrance from her.

"Sister Xiao Ling, can I touch your beautiful hair?"

Si Yejing felt free and entered the kitchen. She took a set of tableware and sat next to Xiao Ling. Looking at Xiao Ling's golden hair, she smiled and wanted to touch it.

"Why do you come here again? Get your dirty hands off me! I don't want to be polluted by you!"

Xiao Ling gave her a blunt refusal and tried hard to move her chair to stay away from Si Yejing.

But Si Yejing didn't care about it. Her target was lunch, so she immediately ate the food eagerly.

"By the way... b.i.t.c.h, what have you done to my cousin? Did you s.e.xually hara.s.s her? Why does she... Oh! It's so delicious!"

Obviously, Si Yejing didn't forget her purpose. She ate and asked him indistinctly.

But Xiao Ling, who was eating rice immediately raised her head and stared at Xiaofeng's face suspiciously.

"It's none of your business. Just finish your lunch and leave my home."

Xiaofeng didn't answer her question at all and drove her out of their house after she had finished her lunch.

"Hey! b.i.t.c.h! You can't be so rude to a beautiful girl! You'll never find a girlfriend! You can only be with your sister and be a psychopath!"

Si Yejing pounded at the door but there was no response. So she left after kicking it with anger.

Xiaofeng also went online after giving a brief explanation to Xiao Ling. He hurried to drive Si Yejing out because he was afraid that she might make a slip of the tongue. He would be in trouble if she mentioned Midsummer in front of Xiao Ling.

Five hours had pa.s.sed and Xiaofeng went straight to the Tianlong City branch. There were already some players in Tianlong City. But all of them looked hurried and were running across the city to finish the task. None of them wandered around this place. They all wanted to finish more tasks before most of the players transferred their professions.

"Brave Dad! You come at the right moment! My strength has been restored. Please show me to the filthy land where the Big Lich appeared. I will purify it on behalf of the light!"

As soon as he arrived at the hall of the branch, Xiaofeng saw mighty Captain Bolton striding forward towards him. His silver armor was shining and he was full of energy.

"Captain, are you alone?" Xiaofeng found that there were no other knights following behind Captain Bolton, so he asked with doubts.

"Captain Bolton is the most powerful light knight in the branch of Tianlong City. His strength is close to the mythological level. It is easy for him to purify a Big Lich." The high priest came over and said with a smile.

Xiaofeng was slightly surprised. He didn't expect that Captain Bolton was a BOSS of the mythical level. It was awesome!

"Let's go!"

Xiaofeng nodded without hesitation. With the help of Captain Bolton, he could easily wipe out all the dark forces in the Muguang Forest.

It was not allowed to ride in the city. But Captain Bolton summoned a tall white unicorn with wings after leaving the branch. He completely ignored the city guards pa.s.sing by and those NPC city guards looked at Captain Bolton respectfully. Obviously, they dared not stop him.

Xiaofeng became bold and summoned his black horse. And the NPC city guards on patrol also didn't bother him after finding that he was walking in front of Captain Bolton.

But his black horse looked cheap compared with the holy light unicorn.

But when he arrived at the Muguang Forest once again, Xiaofeng's eyes widened. There was no error in the marking of the system map, but Xiaofeng thought that they made a mistake and came to the wrong place.

"Hey! You've found the contaminated Muguang Forest."

The Muguang Forest in front of them was not as bright as before. It was shrouded by the decaying taste!

The whole forest was cold and dark. The trees had withered and become dark black. The branches without leaves looked threatening and there were also lines of a human face on the trunk.

The holy and peaceful Muguang Forest looked eerie at this moment. A Muguang Goblin appeared in front of them, but it also changed.

Dark Goblin

Level: 12

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 260

INT: 45

Defense: 20

Skill: Expulsion Light

Introduction: the guardian of the Muguang Forest and they repelled all creatures close to the Muguang Forest. They become brutal and aggressive after the Muguang Forest is contaminated.

Features: it has high INT. Be careful and not attract too many of them, otherwise, you will be in danger.

It looked like the zombie version of the Muguang Goblin. The Muguang Goblin was kind of cute while the Dark Goblin was scary. Their wings became broken but their attributes were stronger.

"It seems that the Muguang Forest has been contaminated, but fortunately, it's not too late to fix this problem. Let's go, brave Dad, we must hurry to find the Big Lich and kill it to stop the contamination from expanding."

Captain Bolton frowned and urged Xiaofeng to get started. Xiaofeng led Captain Bolton to the lake in the center of the Muguang Forest without any delay.

"Hey! Light of Judgment!"

A large group of Dark Goblins rushed at them. Captain Bolton used a skill that looked like light rings and killed all of them before Xiaofeng took any action.

"Captain Bolton, let's form a team!"

Xiaofeng became anxious and didn't want to waste these experience points. He suddenly had an idea and tried to send a team application to Captain Bolton. But he didn't expect that he would succeed.

"Alright, the Muguang Forest is full of crises now. Please keep close to me and I can protect you and keep you safe."

Xiaofeng heard the system prompt and found that they had successfully formed a team. He looked at the team interface and opened the teammate panel to check some of Captain Bolton's attributes. After checking, Xiaofeng opened his mouth in astonishment.

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