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It is useful. May pulus man.

It is bad, Wrong. Dautan man.

Is it right to take the property Ma-ayo ba ang pagcuha sa mga of others? manggad nga dili caugalingon?

Opposite. Sa atubangan, Sa atbang.

Opposite this house. Sa atubangan ni-ining balay.

In several manners. Sa pagcalain-lain.

You have written in several Guilain-lain mo ang pagsulal ug manners, but always bad. dautan guihapon ang pagsulat mo.

I live opposite the Church. Nagapuyo aco atbang sa Singbahan.

To be born. Pagcatao.

Where were you born? Hain ca ba natao?

I was born in Tagbilaran. Natao man aco sa Tagbilaran.

Where was your sister born? Di-in ba natao ang imong igso-on nga babaye?

She was born in Bais. Natao sia sa Bais To lose sight off. Pagcauala sa mata.

The steamer is so far off, that Ingon ca halayo ang vapor, nga sa we shall soon lose sight of it. madali ma-uala sa mga mata ta.

To suspect, To guess. Pagcatahap.

I suspect what you have done. Natahap aco sa imong guibuhat.

On purpose. Tinuyo Did you beat my dog on purpose? Tinuyo (guituyo) mo ba ang paghampac sa iro co?

Towards. Dapit.

He comes towards me. Mianhi sia dapit canaco.

Exercise XXVII.

I suspected that you would be thirsty and your brother hungry; that is the reason (busa man ngani) I brought you hither--I am sorry, however, not to see your mother--Why do you not drink coffee?--If I were not sleepy I would drink it--Sometimes you are sleepy, sometimes cold, sometimes are you hungry and sometimes thirsty--A man having seen that old men used spectacles (nagasalamin) to read, went to a merchant and asked for a pair. The man then took a book, and having opened it, said the spectacles were not good. The merchant gave him another pair of the best, which he could find in his shop; but the man being still unable to read, the merchant said to him: "My friend, do you know how to read"?--If I know to read, answered the man, I should not want your spectacles.



To be naked. Paghubo It is a man naked there. Didto may usa ca tao nga nahubo-an.

I had like to have lost my money Diriot mauala ang acong salapi.

He was very near falling. Diriot maholog sia.

He was within a hair's breadth of Diriot papation sia.

being killed.

He had liked to have died. Diriot sia namatay.

Thunderbolt. Linti.

A thunderbolt struck the boat. Guilintian ang sacayan.

The flower. Ang bulac.

To blossom. Pagpamulac.

To grow. Pagtubo.

All over. Bisan asa, Bisan di-in.

Under the shade. Sa landong.

Let us sit down under the shade of Mulingcod quita sa landong that tree. niadtong cahuy.

This man pretends to sleep under Quining tao nagapacatolog diha sa the shade of this table. landong ni-ining lamesa.

Alone. Da, Lamang.

I was there alone. Didto aco rang usa.

One person only. Usa ra ca persona.

One G.o.d and three persons. Usa ra ca Dios ug totolo ca personas.

G.o.d alone can do this. Ang Dios lamang ang macabuhat ni-ini.

He arrived poor, grew rich in a Sa pagabut nia, mahangul man sia, short time, and lost all in a nacasalapi sia sa macariot ug sa shorter time. macariot pa nauala cania ang ngatanan.

Any thing to be over. Human, Hurut.

And now: what are you going to do? Ug caron: onsay bubuhaton mo?

Now I will say: "It is over". Caron muingon aco: "Tapus na, Human na".

Exercise XXVIII.

Being one day hunting the Emperor Charles V. lost his way in the forest, and having arrived to a house he went in, in order to rest himself. There were there four men, who affect to sleep. One of them got up, and approaching to the Emperor told him he had dreamed he should take his watch, and took it. Then another rose and said that he had dreamed his overcoat fitted him well, and took it. The third took his purse. At last, the four came up and said: "I hope you will not take it ill if I search you" and in doing it saw around the Emperor's neck a golden chain to which a whistle was tied, which he wishes to rob him of; but the Emperor said: "my good friend, before depriving me of this jewel (hias) I must teach you its virtue, and saying this, he whistled. His attendants who were seeking him, hastened to the house and were astonished of seeing his majesty in such a state. But the Emperor seeing himself out of danger (gaoas sa calisud) said: "behold, these men who have dreamed all that they like. I wish in my turn to dream" and after a short musing, he said: "I have dreamed that you all four deserve to be hanged" which was not sooner spoken than executed before the house.




Na-a ba canimo ang pan? Oo, ania canaco ang pan. Na-a ba canimo ang imong pan? Ania canaco ang acong pan. Na-a ba canimo ang asin? Ania canaco ang asin. Na-a ba canimo ang acong asin? Ania canaco ang imong asin. Na-a ba canimo ang sabon? Ania canaco ang sabon. Onsa nga sabon ang ana-a canimo? Ania canaco ang imong sabon. Onsa nga sinina ang na-a canimo? Ania canaco ang acong sinina. Daghan ba ang imong salapi? Daghan man ang acong salapi. Hain ba ang imong igso-on nga babae? Tua didto sa tanaman sa mga bulac. Hain ba ang imong amahan? Ania dinhi.


Ma-ayong buntag canimo: comusta ca? Ma-ayo man aco calo-oy sa Dios. Taga di-in ca ba? Taga Espana man aco. Taga di-in ca nga longsod? Taga Cornago. Hain ba ang acong libro? Ania canaco. Quinsa ba canang dalaga? Sia man si Catalina. Hain ba ang acong caban? Tua sa bata. Na-a ba canimo ang acong mga vaso nga matahum? Ania canaco. Na-a ba canimo ang mga matahum nga cabayo sa acong mga silingan? Uala canaco. Quinsa ca ba? Aco man si Juan. Icao ba ang Amahan ni Pedro? Aco man.


Hain ba ang acong libro? Sa ilalom sa silla. Hain ba ang acong calo? Tua sa ibabao sa lamesa. Tua ba ang calo co sa ibabao sa lamesa? Uala: tua sa ibabao sa higda-an. Guibasa mo ba ang libro? Uala co basaba. Pila ca libro ang guisulat mo? Guisulat co usa. Sa nacapila ba icao nagbasa sa sulat? Sa nacadaghan na. Sa nacapila ba icao naghilac? Sa nacalima. Tagpila ang sohol canimo ang adlao? Tagudha ca peseta, ang adlao. Pila ba ca tuig ang imong edad? Caluha-an ug pito ca tuig ang acong edad. Pila ba ca tuig ang iyang edad? Uala pa sia ug caluha-an ca tuig. Napaso ca ba? Tagsa ca tao, tagsa ca gugma. Nahigugma ca ba matolog? Dili: nahigugma aco magsulti. Nahadluc ca ba ni-ining tao? Dili aco mahadluc cania. Onsa nga oras ang imong paghigda? Nagahigda aco sa pagsalup sa adlao ug mibangon aco sa pagsubang sa adlao.


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