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Chapter 706: He is her master

Chu Shao Yang knew what he had.  Just based on his face, he could make any girl in the capital mesmerized, but no one knew that he had a body that was even more beautiful than his face.

He walked over with his long legs and laid down beside her again, looking at her with a playful smile.

Her eyes were tightly closed, but those two rows of long and dense lashes continued to trembled.  It was clear that she wanted to look and was afraid to look, it was truly cute!

It made him want to tease her more and more.

He knew that his actions were shameless and despicable.  He had drugged a girl and then took off his clothes to lure her…..

But so what!

He never considered himself a good person, he just did what he wanted to do, not caring about what other people thought or saw.  He liked using these shameless and despicable methods to obtain her

Since he couldn't obtain her love, then he would make her hate him.  The more she hated him the better. It would be best if her hatred filled her heart, so she never forgot him.

He knew that she was proud and filled with self respect.  Even if he obtained her body, he would not obtain her heart.  He had tied up her limbs, but he could not keep her locked up for her entire life.  The only way to keep her was have her lower her pride and beg him. As long as he broke her pride and self respect, she would know that he was her sky.  She would know that he was her master and she would be at his mercy!

This was the best method he had to tame her!

Chu Shao Yang had a well thought plan.  He was like an experienced hunter, watching the prey that had fallen into his net.  He carefully made arrangements for the little prey he worked hard to trap. He was not in a rush to eat her and couldn't bear to take a bit.  He would slowly…..play with her.

"Ning'er, open your eyes and look at me.  You are the first woman to see this king's body, even Chen Bi Yun hasn't seen it before."  He said in a low voice in her ear, with an evil charm to his voice.

She was charmed into opening her eyes as her blank eyes fell onto his body.  His body was very perfect, long years of martial arts had made his muscles tense and elastic.  His skin was smooth and firm, without a single scar, just like smooth silk satin.

He was satisfied seeing her looking at his body.  Although he knew that she couldn't control herself because of the drugs, he was still satisfied.

No matter what, her eyes finally had him in them.

"This body belongs to you, do you want to have a feel?"  His lips curled into an evil smile as he continued seducing her.

His fingertips trembled, as if she couldn't help but reach out to touch that silky, smooth skin.

A demon was in her heart and her reasoning was slowly being swallowed by that demon.

He sat down beside her and looked down at her charming and delicate face.  Her black hair was like a waterfall and her eyes were like stars. Seeing her reasoning disappearing, his heart was filled with happiness.

"I….I….."  Her throat was dry and cracked, making the sound she let out sound hoa.r.s.e.

Her mind was dizzy and the flame inside her continued to scream as it tried to rush out of her body.  She already could not think and she almost submitted to the desires of her body.

But there was a small trace of clarity left in her mind.

"No….."  She forced herself to spit out this word.  Her teeth almost shattered from gritting them.

"Truly a stubborn little thing, but I like that."

His smile became more and more happy.

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